A purchase order system designed by Point Systems.

About Point Purchasing

Point Purchasing is an intranet-based system designed to track and control spending, increasing procurement efficiency from requisition to receipt. Point Purchase helps simplify the process of corporate buying, allowing users throughout a computer network to place purchase requisitions. In doing so, Point Purchasing handles authorization routing, purchasing agent modifications, account coding, and receiving.

Costs are reduced through centralized purchasing efficiencies, integrated ordering, accounting integration and elimination of paper based transactions.

Capable of Business to Business Transactions:

  • Order products directly from supplier sites
  • Leverage supplier product search technologies
  • Reduce data input redundancy and errors
  • Place integrated (electronic) orders with suppliers
  • Reduce phone calls by monitoring order confirmations
  • Increase order accuracy, reduce invoice disputes and improve matching
  • Improve forecasting as a result of order accuracy

Other Key Features:

  • Improved Integration - Integrate with your accounting application
  • Handle multi-level authorizations online
  • Blanket PO’s - Create blanket PO’s with spending and time limits
  • Budget - Input and track budgets
  • Automatic Email notifications at all key steps
  • Multilevel reporting by: Cost Center, Project, Supplier and more
  • Track inventory and returns (asset tagging)
  • Maintain internal vendor catalogs or stockrooms
  • Process for returning items
  • Flexible, fully-definable admin section
  • Live phone support, online help section


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User Reviews of Point Purchasing

Submitted on June 18th, 2019 by Cheri Curry

By integrating our chemical inventory, user directory, and accounting systems, we’ve saved time in administrative overhead. Our accuracy and accountability increased greatly after implementing.

Submitted on June 18th, 2019 by Michael Jessing

Point Purchasing has many of the same features of solutions that cost ten times as much. It is very easy to integrate. I recommend Point Purchasing for purchasing, requisitioning, and receiving.