A METRC compliant seed to sale software.

About StashStock

StashStock is a seed to sale inventory management solution specializing in RFID with an emphasis on compliance. The value provided to growers is reducing costs and speeding up processes. Everything is modular so one can pick and choose what solutions fit their needs.

StashStock offers their RFID CannaScanner, their Metrc Integrated CannaScale and their Advanced Reporting Suite. The RFID CannaScanner can scan plants 40 times faster than a barcode scanner and can find missing plants in seconds. The Metrc Integrated CannaScale audits your plants along the way to ensure your harvest is compliant. The Advanced Reporting suite offers a wide range of information including harvest data and test data.

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StashStock Features

The products highlighted by StashStock include:


CannaScanner is StashStock’s Metrc Integrated RFID seed to sale cultivation compliance solution for all plant management functions. Compliance managers don’t need to spend hours looking for missing plants and fighting through mesh to barcode. StashStock’s RFID compliance solution speeds up plant management processes by 90%. CannaScaners RFID capabilities give cannabis growers more time to focus on growing. Manage everything in real time in the palm of your hands.

Using CannaScanners RFID functionality mitigates risk of contamination by reducing plant interaction. CannaScanner RFID naturally fits compliance in the cultivation workflow. Utilizing RFID can correct mistakes quickly and get plants back in order to ensure you are always compliant.


StashStock’s best in class cannabis compliance scale, CannaScale, organically fits into growers’ workflow, ensuring compliance standards are met. Wet plant weight is recorded in natural drying position and ready for the dry room. Fresh Frozen cannabis can be labeled as it goes into the freezer as well.

Safety and security features make sure that compliance and organization is fast and easy. CannaScale keeps a local copy of data so you can start where you left off if you encounter any interruptions. Strains are always properly batched together with no duplicate tags. CannaScale allows users to pick from a primary harvest and manicure harvest.

Before submitting harvest data directly into Metrc, The CannaScale application audits the harvest to make sure every plant is accounted for. Once a harvest is complete, simply submit and upload data directly into Metrc.

Advanced Reporting Suite

StashStock’s cannabis analytics are more than just canned reporting. Easy to view and use interactive dashboards, gives growers / cultivators massive insight and drives better decision making. StashStock’s cannabis business intelligence platform and key performance indicators (KPIs) will guide your operation in the right direction.

  • Strain Data: Using StashStock data, cultivators can better see which strains grow best in their environment, average yield per stain, days per phase, overall turn time, and moisture loss. Maximize your business with data leading the way.
  • Test Data: StashStocks Cultivation reporting dives into cannabis test data for growers. By having testing data layered over your cannabis strain data, growers have more analysis insight to their environment. Know about potential toxins and elements in your cannabis products and by what margins you are passing testing.
  • Harvest Data: Harvest data compares past harvest data to show trends in strains by month and year. Understand deltas in wet weight compared to final packaged weight. Knowing the percentage of moisture loss per strain helps growers better understand their pipeline for future sales.

StashStock Target Market

StashStock’s wide variety of services can benefit most who work in cannabis cultivation. Compliance Managers and Master growers benefit from using the CannaScanner and CannaScale, while those on the business side can utilize the advanced data and metrics from the Reorting Suite.

StashStock’s tools are best fitted for those who grow and manage over 500 plants at one time.

StashStock Pricing

The cost of StashStock starts at $100/month. The software is priced per user per month. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

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User Reviews of StashStock

Submitted on April 13th, 2021 by David Frankfater

StashStock has been a key part of our cultivation success.

Submitted on April 13th, 2021 by Ryan Hansinger

From day 1, StashStock made a huge difference. - Using the CannaScale and its associated applications has taken 4 days out of every harvest cycle without missing a beat on compliance.

Submitted on April 13th, 2021 by Michael Krefman

Their systems and reporting are intuitive, dynamic, and best-in-class across not only the cannabis industry but other manufacturing and vertical operations.