CRW Social Allowance System

A multi-module management system designed by CRW Systems for health care & social services companies.

About CRW Social Allowance System

Social Allowance Management and Reporting system that provides social allowance registration, issuance and reporting that is compliant with the requirements of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).


  • Individuals with little or no computer background can now translate applications and updates into Budget and Decision reports, INAC Summaries, and Cheque Runs. This puts the monitoring tools in the hands of the people who manage the basic operation.
  • This system automatically interfaces with CRW’s APC Financials to automatically generate both Receivable and Payable entries to the G/L.
  • APC system provides Budgeting, Monthly Balance Sheet and Expense Reporting.


Advances can be handled creating either Merchandise Vouchers or Cheques. The number of deductions can be requested. The vouchers are viewable in the Accounts Payable posting so that the vendor payments can be verified prior to creating the vendor cheques.

Applicant Entitlements

The application information is entered into this screen, and the family members ages etc are used to calculate the basic entitlement. All the unearned/property income and employment income are entered here as well.

Applicant List and Rate Table

The system contains all community members. When creating an application or updating a family, this list is used to eliminate keying. The other tables are used to attach the current approved rates for all Non-Variable items.


The following _Non-Variables Reports_ are available: Guardian Report, Disability Report, Infant Formula Report, Diabetic Report, Shelter Allowance Report, User Fees Report, Cablevision Report, NCB report, and the Recovery Report.

The following **_Variables Reports _**are available: Hydro Report, Oil Report, Cord Wood Report, Fuel Woods Report, Propane Report, Septic Report, Special Needs Report, Burial Report, and the Exceptions Report.

The following Control Reports are Available: The Review List, and the Cheques Sign-off Sheet. Prior to creating the cheques, Budget and Decision forms can be computer automatically created for only those applicants whose amounts changed.

_Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)Reporting _

This management report can be run at issue time for local management review and faxed to INAC (as per their requirements). This includes The Budget and Decision Report, The Detailed Summary Report and The Social Services Header Report.

Updating of Allowances

For each issue, the Non-Variable and variable assistance can be updated with the appropriate dollar amounts changing automatically. The system updates age categories and basic rates automatically based on date of birth.

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