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About Dryrun

True Cash Flow Visibility for Your Business. Model scenarios to manage volatile cash flow, revenue and growth. Leverage Industry leading Accounting platforms QBO, Xero, and Sage Intacct’s API to quickly capture and organize data in seconds and get on with making well informed business decisions.

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Dryrun Features

Dryrun Leverages the API for QBO, Xero, and Sage Intacct for quick use, organization, planning, and decision making. Dryrun is for operational management of Near term A/P and A/R organization, sales forecasting, and What-If modeling to ensure the user stays cash flow positive.

Dryrun can accept multiple QBO, Xero, and Sage Intacct company files into the same forecast and then consolidated, allowing users to merge scenarios to view complex or multi-entity what-ifs. Multi-national companies with entities on a couple of continents can use Dryrun to consolidate financial information across currencies into one or multiples of their choice.

This information is shareable with stakeholders, investors, and financial institutions via the multi-user platform or beautiful exports to excel.

Dryrun’s Forecasts are viewable in any period. Look five years forward or Five years back. Scenarios can be displayed and transitioned between your choice of quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily with a click of a button.

Dryrun’s most powerful feature is the ability to refresh all data with a click of a button to receive the most current information in your accounting system available so you can spend time making good decisions vs hours of copying and pasting to a spreadsheet.

Dryrun Target Market

Dryrun is used by Accounting Pros to CFOs and CEOs. They have over 4000 users in 86 countries.

Annual Revenue of their business clients is usually 1 Million to 20 Million per year. They have too many transactions for mental math and value time. They can’t justify having thier team spend 6-12 hours per week working in a spreadsheet.

Many businesses will come to them at a point in time of distress looking for a quick fix. Dryrun can help provide insight and allow people to start planning thier way out of less desirable situations. Habitual users of Dryrun are able to Identify shortfalls before they hit so that you have time to react, make a plan and take control of their circumstances. With this, naturally, a business will shortly experience money on hand, which then leads to the need to model the most effective use of capital to grow your business further. In summary, committed, successful, process-driven people who care about thier business, and the people they employ are users of Dryrun.

Dryrun Pricing

The cost of Dryrun starts at $99/month for the Essentials package which includes 2 users. There are three price points based on the number of users and increased functionality. There is a free trial available. There is a free version available.

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