A Corporate Performance Management software designed by Dynac.

About Dynac CPM

Imagine your Income Statement integrating with your Balance Sheet and generating up-to-date Cash Flow Statements as often as you need them. Now add rolling dynamic forecasts with “What if” scenarios that let you see the effects of business decisions before you implement them.

How much easier would it be to run your business with these tools at your fingertips?

Dynac CPM is the only budgeting software application that lets you easily integrate financial statements, generate proformas and forecast endless scenarios–all without writing a single formula or manually creating links in Excel.

If you are an adamant Excel user and don’t want to lose the power of Excel, you need to learn more about Dynac and how it has reimagined doing budgeting, forecasting, scenario planning, consolidation and financial reporting to support pre-revenue start-ups and publicly traded entities. Now you can review the past, understand the present, and simulate the future to make faster, smarter decisions. The software can integrate with any ERP!

How does Dynac CPM make budgeting easier, faster and smarter?

  • Quality Financial Reporting used by Publicly Traded Entities
  • Flexible Management Reporting
  • Unlimited Historical Data from any ERP System
  • Built-In Dynamic Budgeting
  • Actual Rolling Forecast
  • What-If Scenario Planning
  • Allows Multiple Users, Regions, Units
  • Improves Cash Flow Accuracy
  • Manages Payroll Systematically
  • Guaranteed Integral with any ERP
  • Multi-entity consolidation and CTA Integration
  • Integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

Product Overview

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Finance & Insurance
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  • Health Care (6%)
  • Real Estate (6%)
  • Distribution (5%)

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User Reviews of Dynac CPM

Submitted on November 8th, 2017 by Tracey from Howell Pipe and Supply

Just use it for financial reporting. For my needs, it has been very suitable. We do not have very complex financial reporting needs. We have 3 branches and it accommodates that type of reporting. We definitely do not use it to it’s full potential.

The Good…

It seems very powerful in terms of creating reports and filtering information. The support is excellent and I appreciate the way they on-boarded me and integrating our existing ERP.

The Bad…

We seldom have problems. Only every now and again, but they always respond very quickly.

Submitted on September 27th, 2017 by an anonymous Dynac CPM user.

Dynac does a great job of budgeting and allocating costs in a user-friendly and understandable way.

We utilize Dynac primarily as our cost-allocation software. The Excel-based software is easy to use and understand for users with basic Excel knowledge.