TOTAL Planning System

A multi-module management system designed by Money Tree Software for finance & insurance companies.

About TOTAL Planning System

Retirement planning for your clients can be a difficult task, as no two clients have the same financial needs or goals. There was previously no single planning software that satisfactorily met the planning needs of all your clients, until the TOTAL Planning System. This product has a full spectrum of planning tools to satisfy any customer type. TOTAL is built around an ýIntegrated Database and Inputý method that will save you hours, increasing your ability to provide cost effective planning solutions to your clients. Enter data one time into the TPS data collection forms, and you can then pick the right reporting tool for each client engagement. All report systems include an easy-to-understand Monte Carlo simulation report. This product consists of three modules to provide you with a wide array of solutions. Some of the features you will receive with the TOTAL Planning Suite are:

  • Quick Entry Wizard - Allows for quick and easy client data entry, with the ability to reuse data.
  • Age Change Event Tables - Gives you the ability to modify expenses, incomes, etc. as often as needed.
  • Third Party Connectivity - Ability to import contact/asset information from Albridge Solutions, Microsoft Outlook, and Silver Financial Planner. Ability to export data to Microsoft Outlook and LaserApp.
  • Access to your TOTAL Planning Suite Database from the web utilizing the TOTAL Planning Suite Server.

Easy Money

Easy Money is the comprehensive planning module of TOTAL Planning System; it covers all aspects of a financial plan, allowing you to show clients the best way to meet their objectives. Easy Money also allows you to adjust retirement age, earnings, and financial goals to show your clients what changes can do to their ultimate financial goals. In addition, you are given the ability to:

  • Determine retirement needs
  • Show multiple solutions to retirement shortfall
  • Analyze life insurance, disability, and LTC needs
  • Project education funding requirements
  • Calculate net worth and cash-flows
  • Decide on optimal asset allocations
  • Display ýAudit Trailý for validating report numbers
  • Track client portfolios and much more

Furthermore, with Easy Money you are given the following features:

  • Assisted Data Entry - Easy Money has many features to assist with your data entry in a consistent, accurate manner. The assisted operations include: automatic capitalization, automatic entry of specific dates, values and amounts preset by the user, displaying warning messages when dates are questionable, inserting commas and decimal points in number fields, etc. Additionally, drop-down menus throughout the input screens provide specific choices for speeding up data entry.
  • Database Structure - All client information you enter into Easy Money is saved in a common database. This database will allow you to enable global updating, searching, and sorting based on client characteristics you specify
  • Net Worth Statement - Illustration of a client’s financial situation; with amount of assets, savings, investments, retirement accounts, and personal assets minus liabilities.
  • Estate Taxes - A graphical representation of your client’s exposure to income tax and estate taxes.
  • Education funding - This report shows your clients the options they have for paying for their child’s education.

Golden Years

Golden Years is made for your clients who demand detailed and highly accurate yearly tax analysis. This cash-flow-based application focuses on asset growth, income, expenses, and taxes. This product is designed to help your clients plan their later years with unparallel accuracy and completeness. This product will allow you to:

  • View comprehensive before and after tax cash-flows
  • Model irregular income and expense cash-flows
  • Models plans around life events
  • Perform Monte Carlo simulations
  • Perform required minimum distribution calculations
  • Show capital accumulation and draw down
  • Utilize the unique ýAudit Trailý feature, for fast verification of calculations

Golden Years has the flexibility to perform nearly unlimited scenarios allowing you to change inflation rates, expenses, earnings, pension proceeds, etc. This flexible scenario planning feature allows you to show your client any and all alternatives. Additionally, this program allows you change investment mixes with age; and even specify what percentage of surplus income is reinvested and (reinvested) in what. Finally this product includes many reports some of which are:

  • Cash Flow - This report provides you with a graphical illustration of your clients annual income and expenses, including: personal living expenses, life insurance and other premiums, mortgage and debt repayment, taxes, planned deposits to investments and retirement accounts, and other miscellaneous expense items. This report will automatically calculate earned income, pension plans, social security, and other sources of income.
  • Retirement Projection - A graphical analysis of your clients capital and how long it will last over the rest of their life.
  • Sources of Funds - This report provides a graphical picture of your clients sources of income, their future cash flow, and at which age income sources will begin/end.
  • Dozens of other customizable reports

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions is the base module of the TOTAL Planning System, and is included with your purchase of the TOTAL Planning System. Strategic Solutions focuses on providing quick analysis for specific questions; and allow you to quickly enter the data on a specific problem, get the answers, and present the solution in a clear and concise report. You can use this module to calculate:

  • Required minimum distribution strategies
  • 72(t) distributions for early IRA withdrawals
  • Compare taxable account to deductible retirement plan
  • Lump sum versus five-year distribution or IRAs
  • Single-life or joint pension distribution
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Taxes during retirement
  • Costs of delayed start to savings

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