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About PowerExcel

PowerExcel enables organizations to significantly streamline and speed up their Planning/Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting processes within Excel–any number of users can reach cloud-base financial models that serve as the central repository for data, business rules, and KPIs (calculated measures).

PowerExcel ensures accuracy of reports, plans, and forecasts; provides consistency of business rule/KPI definitions across all business units, and; guarantees the immediacy of all relevant business data.

Working from Excel on a shared, cloud-based model fosters real-time user collaboration, eliminating the need to email spreadsheets back and forth and avoiding the limitations of co-authoring a single (typically ever-expanding) spreadsheet model.

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PowerExcel Features

Feature Description
100% native Excel PowerExcel works with an Excel Add-in, transforming spreadsheets into an interface to multi-user PowerExcel financial models in the cloud.
Financial modeling capabilities Users connect to shared multidimensional financial models in the cloud that store data, business rules, and KPIs (calculated measures).
Hierarchy management PowerExcel’s Dimension Editor enables users to define and manage roll-ups (aggregations) within dimensions such as Entities, Accounts, Cost Centers, Reporting Periods, etc.
Automatic aggregation of hierarchies Data is automatically aggregated based on an organization’s hierarchy definitions. This eliminates issues commonly associated with spreadsheet formulas, e.g., sum(), sumif(), other formula errors, overtyping formulas, linked workbooks, etc.
Scenario modeling Organizations can have multiple versions/scenarios of their data to represent Actuals, Plan, Budget, Forecast 1, Forecast 2, etc.
Driver-based planning PowerExcel comes with spreading functions that allow users to enter a variable that calculates values for succeeding periods. Specific entries are still allowed.
Dynamic and real-time connectivity Spreadsheets are dynamically connected to the PowerExcel financial model, which means data entered by one user is immediately stored in the model and becomes available to other users in real-time.
Ability to connect to source data systems PowerExcel can pull data from existing databases, ERPs, accounting systems, and other source systems. (This may require consulting support.)
Ability to connect to Power BI and other dashboarding tools Organizations can connect their dashboards to PowerExcel, ensuring accurate and consistent numbers regardless of platform. (This may require consulting support.)

PowerExcel Benefits

  1. Unprecedented gains in productivity and accuracy
    • Significantly reduces repetitive task of ticking and tying numbers
    • Eliminates manual errors
    • Eliminates problems encountered when someone overtypes a formula
    • Reduces the number of formula errors related to sum(), sumif(), sumtotal()
  2. Promotes collaboration among teams
    • Eliminates the need to send and receive workbooks every reporting period
    • Eliminates the need for users to manually consolidate workbooks
  3. Data governance
    • Data – One source of data for actuals, plans, and forecasts ensures consistent numbers across multiple reports
    • KPIs – Apply organization-defined formulas for calculated measures
    • Definitions – Implement organization-wide definitions to avoid communication errors, e.g., net earnings or net profit
    • Hierarchies – Define how is the company organized
  4. Better performance out of limited staff
  5. Experience quick return on investment
  6. Avoid additional hires to maintain the Excel beast
  7. Better, more reliable decision support
  8. Reduce end-user dependence on IT to get data

PowerExcel Pricing

The cost of PowerExcel starts at $375/month for 5 users. The software is priced per user per month. There is a free trial available. There is a free version available.

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