R&D Manage

A web-based multi-module management system designed by R&D Logic for health care & social services and manufacturing companies.

About R&D Manage

R&D Manage is a budgeting, forecasting, and tracking and allocating both direct and indirect expenses for your life sciences organization. You are able to perform detailed reporting and analysis by project, account, and organization. R&D Manage provides you with one set of financial data, allowing you to construct strategic and operational financial plans spanning multiple time horizons, as well as the ability to perform ýwhat ifý analysis. R&D Manage will allow you to budget and forecast organization and research project revenue and expenses; and then track your organization’s and project actuals. Additional features of this product are:

  • Analyze, organize, and project financial performance
  • Collect, consolidate, and distribute project information
  • Create an electronic bridge between various transactional systems that contain financial data
  • Create a central repository of financial information that can be securely accessed over the Internet

Ask R&D Logic

The Ask R&D Logic module allows employee’s of yours (who are not registered R&D users) to view certain information. The need to duplicate information kept in R&D Manage that is of general interest. A typical example is to provide live access for the extended team to view the latest list of active R&D projects in various portfolios.

R&D Access

R&D Access provides comprehensive functionality that allows you to set-up and maintain access to functions and data.

R&D Interface

The R&D Interface module gives you the ability to manage the bridging the gap between R&D Manage and your company’s already existing information systems. This module consists of pre-configured Web connectors that funnel information to and from transactional systems (e.g., General Ledger, Payroll, Clinical Trials, etc.) and R&D Manage. Extensive validation and reconciliation is embedded in each connector, ensuring all data is accurately and effectively transferred.

R&D Plan

R&D Plan gives you the ability to budget and forecast expenses by organization or by R&D project. This product will allow your staff to easily:

  • Prepare project budgets & forecasts, expenses, and resource allocations
  • Prepare organization budgets & forecasts
  • Facilitate resource requirements
  • Provide detailed employee and non-employee expense planning
  • Perform top down and/or bottom up budgeting
  • Create rolling forecasts and define flexible plan time lines
  • Project or activity-based budgeting
  • Project allocations, sub-account level detail
  • Create unlimited budget versions

R&D Structure

The R&D Structure module allows you to define the structure of your corporate data. This module gives you the ability to setup:

  • Multiple companies, departments, controller areas
  • Projects, project areas, project references
  • Chart of accounts
  • Rollups of departments, accounts and projects
  • Multiple currencies and exchange rates

R&D Track

R&D Track provides you with a comparison of actuals and budgeted amounts. Detailed reporting and analysis can be done by R&D project and by organization. Actual resource utilization by project can be input and based on it R&D Track allocates indirect ledger expenses to projects. This provides you with a complete view of project expenses is created.

Product Overview

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