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RealINSIGHT is a powerful modeling tool for developing spreadsheet-based enterprise business models. Common uses include budgeting, forecasting, due diligence, business performance analysis, investor reporting, etc. If you are currently struggling with spreadsheets, but don’t want a solution that eliminates them…RealINSIGHT is the answer! RealINSIGHT eliminates the need for copied and linked spreadsheets and automates portfolio rollups and model deployment over the internet. And, unlike other modeling tools, RealINSIGHT uses spreadsheet templates that you design – yet it requires no programming or database knowledge.

RealINSIGHT creates external data interfaces, integrates with any accounting system, auto-replicates master-templates, consolidates data and more, while leaving control of the rollup hierarchy and template calculations in the hands of your users and analysts.

With RealINSIGHT you can: increase model efficiency and integrity; rapidly change models; create workgroup and Internet-enabled models; build spreadsheets as reusable master-templates; map data between templates and the database and more.

RealINSIGHT delivers:

  • Flexibility: Keep using your current spreadsheet models
  • Power: Start using database for data storage and rollup
  • Control: You don’t have to turn processes over to someone else

Budgeting & Forecasting

RealINSIGHT can be used to design, develop and deploy spreadsheet-based, enterprise budgeting or forecasting systems. RealINSIGHT uses your own spreadsheets as master templates, integrates with its own centralized database and your corporate systems (GL, Operations, etc) and deploys your models over LAN or Internet.

RealINSIGHT is built for the company that wants an enterprise-level application but wants their financial analysts (not programmers) to be able to build and manage it.

RB Developer

The RB Developer is the model development platform environment that allows the financial analyst to develop an enterprise-level, spreadsheet-based application - without any programming.

The RealINSIGHT platform provides the tools to automate master-template replication, support dynamic entity hierarchy management and consolidation, internet deployment and integration with for corporate databases.

RealINSIGHT supports any type of spreadsheet-based business model - budgeting, forecasting, due diligence, business performance analysis.


This extension to the RealINSIGHT platform allows the models developed in RealINSIGHT to deploy over the internet - without any programming.

SyncUP for RealINSIGHT

SyncUp for RealINSIGHT is data integration middleware tool that allows data from external systems (such as accounting systems, sales management, inventory, etc) to automatically incorporate into RealINSIGHT models.

SyncUp can connect to any open data source and can be set to run unattended (scheduled) or on demand.

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