A web-based software system designed by Rocket Software.

About CorPlanning

Budgeting and planning through spreadsheets can be time-consuming, error-prone and inflexible to change. Automate, simplify and control your enterprise-wide planning and budgeting process while tying it to your organization’s strategic plans. CorPlanning provides one version of the truth, and is entirely web-based and web-administered, making it extremely easy to deploy and use.

Use Your Planning Method.

It doesn’t matter what budget or planning method you use–zero-based budgeting, beyond budgeting, “what-if” scenario modeling, activity based management, or any other method out there–CorPlanning will work for you.

Create Personalized Planning Templates.

CorPlanning offers you the ability to develop templates for sales, cost of goods sold, eliminations, R&D, capital planning, payroll and budget.

Simplify Data Collection and Consolidation.

CorPlanning enables access to data from disparate corporate data sources. Periodic data can be automatically loaded from other corporate information systems, submitted via email, or manually entered via web forms.

Enable True Communication and Collaboration.

CorPlanning provides one version of the truth through secure and consistent electronic communication for all budget-related content throughout the organization. Commentary on worksheets, accounts, organizational units, and actions can be shared with relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, links to supporting documents, hyperlinks, personal notes, and drill-down to transaction-level detail enable an in-depth understanding of budgeting data.

Automate Your Workflow.

CorPlanning eliminates the manual update process while automating data-update reminders and escalations. With CorPlanning, submissions, approvals, and authorizations are controlled, making data sound and accurate.

Establish Accountability.

Finger-pointing becomes obsolete with CorPlanning. Every object is owned and maintained by a specified individual, and all budgeting and planning information is controlled in a secure, integrated environment which can be fully audited.

User Reviews of CorPlanning

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