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A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by Business Matters.
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Cashé is a new approach to financial forecasting and business modeling for people who make decisions that impact the overall financial position of their organizations. Cashé gives you a disciplined way of capturing and modifying your business assumptions so that financial forecasts can easily be reviewed, updated and compared. Cashé’s power comes from its built-in content and knowledge which allows you to accurately forecast your business’ financial performance without having to worry about formulas or accounting rules.

Working on the business information you provide, Cashé’s self-adjusting model ensures accuracy by automatically reflecting any changes you make throughout the entire model. Cashé provides both breadth and depth, allowing you to create integrated and comprehensive models and to make better decisions through its built-in analysis. Cashé is not intended to replace your spreadsheet but to work with it, allowing you to import and export all your financial models. Because Cashé is more than a spreadsheet template the mundane tasks are automated and it’s easier to be thorough. The results is that with Cashé you forecast more accurately, more comprehensively and more often.

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