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A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by Up Your Cash Flow Software.
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Jump start your forecasting process with SmartStart, our cost-effective version of Up Your Cash Flow. SmartStart works exactly like our more advanced XT2, minus some of the more powerful and sophisticated forecasting features.

Ideal for:

  • Smaller companies and startups
  • Entrepreneurial managers
  • Beginners in forecasting techniques
  • Those seeking SBA, bank, or other loans

This Windows based software allows importing of data directly from your present bookkeeping software to create an entire set of reports.

A great first step for leaving your spreadsheets behind. Perfect for anyalyzing results.Includes all the features of The One Hour PLUS:


  • Calculate annual sales by month plus collections

Plus 14 additional reports:

  • P&L: monthly, quarterly, year to date
  • Cash flow: monthly, quarterly, year to date, indirect and direct methods
  • Term loans report
  • Notes receivable report
  • Notes and assumptions automatic
  • Graphics

Management Reports:

  • Comparative P&L (actual vs forecast)
  • Comparative cash flow (actual vs forecast)
  • Monthly ratios with exceptions
  • Break-even analysis
  • Ratio analysis

3 methods of calculating sales collections:

  • Percentage of sales -Developed pattern (so much collected in following month etc.)
  • Collections computed based on days sales in accounts receivable.


  • Up to 250 expenses
  • 4 expense departments
  • 6 methods to calculate an expense
  • Percent of sales
  • Fixed expense
  • Percent of another expense
  • As you wish
  • When you know the expected amount
  • Adjust prior years expenses +/-

Other Items:

  • Amortization of prepaid expenses
  • Edit the payment assumption to be applied to an expense
  • Multiple year forecasting up to 5 years or more
  • Have up to 99 forecasts online
  • Sales tax payment and collection
  • Interest on cash balances
  • Dividends: charge equity or show as an expense
  • Loans to/from affiliates and much more!

Getting Started:

  • Import trial balance, months P&L, months balance sheet
  • Key in a financial statement and in minutes 90% complete.

Key in data or import from QuickBooks, Peachtree, GreatPlains, Excel or any accounting software

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