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A full ERP system designed by A-Systems.

About A-Systems JobView

A-Systems JobView is PC-based, job cost accounting software. It is a true Windows program, written as 32-bit architecture software. It is based on the powerful and easy to use functions in the mature DOS program A-Systems developed in 1978.

A-Systems’ software is used by construction companies coast to coast, in all lines of construction, at all levels of accounting and computer expertise.

The philosophy behind the software is to create a program that gives an entry level bookkeeper the ability to handle all of the internal accounting and create quality reports that even a CPA would be proud to present to the Board of Directors. Each function (G/L, A/P, A/R, Payroll, etc. is fully integrated into the Job Costing process. After a Job is set up with a Budget, the daily processes of running payroll and accounts payable, create the kind of job costing information necessary to succeed in construction.

New customers are trained in a number of ways, but the favorite is one-one-one tutorial by a trained accountant. The software has over 40-sessions of multimedia training included with the software. Some use the multimedia training as their only training. Most use the multimedia training as a refresher or to bring new people up to speed on the software.

As an optional part of a new sale, A-Systems provides a data conversion service, entering lists of Employees, Vendors, Subcontractors, Customers, Cost Codes, Chart of Accounts, and formatting Financial Statements. This service expedites the implementation of the new software and considerably lessens the burden and time involved in changing software.

Accounts Payable

Adding an Accounts Payable Invoice is a simple process in A-Systems JobView. It is very much like the processes in the other modules in A-Systems JobView.

Accounts Receivable

Adding an Accounts Receivable Invoice is a simple process in A-Systems JobView. It is very much like the processes in the other modules in A-Systems JobView.

Cash Management

A-Systems JobView allows you to view and track Cash transactions and balances generated by Job Costing, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. The Management Overview (shown above) gives you instant access to your Cash Balances in all of your accounts.

Custom Report Writer

A-Systems JobView has literally billions of reports built into it. Most people use a dozen or so, their favorites, in the formats they prefer. The reports were designed to fit the wants and needs of thousands of companies. Built-in reports are easy to print. Just select one and print it. If you want to further define a report that more precisely meets your needs on a given day, you can save your definition and run it again anytime you want. It’s that easy.

Electronic Data Import

Sometimes it may be useful to import data from an outside source. This may be QuickBooks or just a spreadsheet. Whatever it is, with the optional Electronic Data Import feature, importing data is easy.

Equipment Costing

Equipment costing is simple. As hours are logged on a job, it is just a matter of assigning those hours (and thereby the cost) to that job. It’s that easy.

General Ledger

Adding a General Ledger transaction is simple. A-Systems JobView keeps track of the running difference between Debits and Credits. Entries may be made to the General Ledger or directly to Jobs through the General Ledger. It is quick and easy.


Managing inventory is simple. Inventory may be tracked FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost, Standard Cost or with Serialized Inventory.

Job Costing

Setting up a job is simple. There are nine small pages of information that may be entered, depending on how much detail you want to track. Once a job is set up, the ordinary processes of doing payrolls and payables accumulates actual costs. Print whatever reports you want or need to see variances, monitor costs, and pinpoint the need for Change Orders.


If Payroll is late, you’re in deep trouble. Employees don’t care about accounting issues, they just want their paychecks–on time and right!!! Anything less and there’s trouble.

Whether you have an electronic time clock, use PDAs (Palm-Pilot like handheld devices), or your employees fill out paper timesheets, A-Systems JobView can handle it, quickly and easily.

Purchase Order

If you use Purchase Orders, you need A-Systems JobView. If you need to know what your ýCommitted Costsý are, you need Purchase Orders. Entering a Purchase order is simple.


Critical Path Scheduling is built into A-Systems JobView. Not everyone uses it, but it can be a powerful tool.

Subcontract Management

Subcontract Management can be a headache. Not with A-Systems JobView. How much has been billed? Any Change Orders? What about Retention? Were there any Backcharges? This is all at your fingertips with A-Systems JobView.

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