A multi-module management system designed by ABIS for large enterprises.

About Adjutant

Adjutant’s enterprise solution for the metal construction industry was designed in collaboration with our partnering customers who are both industry veterans and experts.

Several industry-specific modules help to automate daily operations and provide important information that routinely allows managers to make better decisions.

Our commitment to creating a collaborative business experience with our customers will continue to foster the development and improvement of what is already the best available solution for the metal construction industry.

Address Book

Adjutant Address Book is a comprehensive module that manages your sales prospects, customers, vendors, inventory owners, contacts, employees, and everyone else affecting your business. The Address Book is a foundational module in Adjutant; it is integrated with all other modules and supplies the organization and contact information for the entire system. Every contact is either an Organization or a Person. Attach notes, documents, pictures, etc to any person or organization. Wide-ranging and in-depth drill-down tools make finding information on any organization a simple task.

Asset Management

Adjutant Asset Management provides detailed tracking of all assets and serialized items in an organization. The true benefit and power behind Asset Management is its seamless integration with other Adjutant modules. In the distribution channel, when you receive a purchase order for a serialized item, Adjutant will automatically create an asset in the tracking system and designate its location, serial number, and receipt date. If the item is sold to a client, its owner and location is automatically updated and all work performed on the asset is tracked through integration with the Work Order Management module.

In manufacturing, the asset tracking system contains the Bill of Material of all serialized items made and the serial numbers of components used for that item. As in distribution, this links to Work Order Management to track all work performed on that item. Asset Management is also used to track pieces of equipment used as a resource in the organization. For example, a bulldozer may be purchased on a purchase order, received, and then used as a resource on tasks that require that piece of equipment. Asset Tracking tracks all of it and allows you to schedule preventive maintenance items for an asset that will keep it in tip-top shape (i.e. oil changes, inspections).


Adjutant AutoAlert is a sophisticated alerts system that automates the notification of employees, clients, and others of critical events as they happen. It provides valuable information the instant you need it and enables you to focus on important events as defined by you. AutoAlert enables companies to meet deadlines and service level agreements by keeping your clients and employees informed with necessary real-time information. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server and has the ability to deliver alerts to your mobile workforce on a PDA or cell phone.

Bill of Lading

Adjutant Bill of Lading produces an industry standard, short-form Straight Bill of Lading. It tracks and prints bills of lading for sales order transactions shipped using an inside or outside carrier as well as warehouse transfers of stock material. Summary B/L and Loading Schedule reports provide added insight into your shipping processes.

Bill of Material

Adjutant Bill of Material defines the relationship between a manufactured or processed item and all of its component materials or tasks required to assemble it. It has the ability to maintain unlimited levels of breakdown and works equally well for manufacturing and process industries. The Bill of Material allows both physical items and standard tasks to be components in the production process.

Catch-Unit Items

Adjutant catch-unit functionality provides the ability to maintain a true dual units of measure system for items that may require it. You can set a static ratio with the catch unit or maintain a single-issue variance with each new item. All conversions for purchasing, order entry, inventory, and billing are performed on the fly because of the seamless integration throughout the system.

Coil Processing

The Coil Processing module allows users to accomplish several tasks related to coil processing in one screen. You can associate several costs back to one or several coils, Slit and Crop, create new coil tags, transfer coils from one warehouse to another, and perform all other processing functions in one screen. Coil Processing is fully integrated with Coil Tracking, Purchasing, Sales, and Inventory. Accurately and easily place processing costs back into your inventory with the Coil Processing module.

Coil Tagging and Tracking

Any company in the metal construction industry realizes the importance of tracking coils throughout their product life cycle. Adjutant’s coil tracking module automates this often time-consuming and paper-ridden process. Coils are flagged as special items in Adjutant’s inventory system and are treated as such. Purchasing information is automatically stored for each coil and a wealth of other information is available at your fingertips. Coil tags are printed immediately upon receipt and may be reprinted at any time. Coils are simultaneously tracked in both pounds and lineal feet, and a separate cost per unit is stored for each. Documents can be stored within the system and attached to each coil, providing an MTR digital lookup that takes only seconds.

Commission Manager

Adjutant Commission Manager is an all-in-one commission management solution. Set up your commission plans, apply them to your salespeople and Adjutant does the rest. Commissions can be calculated on a booked, shipped, and/or cash receipt basis. Advanced features not found in other packages include automatically factoring split commissions, discount off list impacts, blanket commissions, minimums and maximums, and more. The Commission Calculator allows you to make manual adjustments and tracks reasons why the adjustments were made. The Commission Manager has one of the fastest and greatest ROIs because it eliminates countless hours of manually calculating and tracking commissions.

Connector to GL

The GL Connector module integrates Adjutant data such as invoices, purchase orders, and inventory adjustments to third-party accounting software. Select the GL of your choice and Adjutant will integrate with it.

Contract Management

Adjutant Contract Management provides a simple yet incredibly functional solution for complete contract management across the enterprise. It provides a multitude of pricing options and allows you to track, monitor, and manage everything included in the contract lifecycle. Versatility is the key by allowing contracts to be fixed, recurring, time and material, cost plus, and other options. Gain the flexibility and visibility you need in order to effectively manage your customers’ pricing and service requirements with automated updates, informative reports, and an integrated intuitive alerts system.


Adjutant e-Commerce is a web-based store and product configuration tool. It creates HTML web pages on the fly from the main Item Control database. The interface and search tools emulate the best and easiest-to-use web user interfaces today. It is designed for fast order entry and allows a user to view open quotes, order history and more. Orders may be placed directly from the website and your customers may print quotes, orders, and invoices from within the site.

Estimating Software Integration

The Estimating Software Integration module allows you to import a Bill of Material file direct from your estimating software into an excel spreadsheet and then into Adjutant. All BOMs are linked to specific sales in Adjutant and then tracked back your customer’s specific building. Estimate items are cross referenced to Adjutant items and you can signify buyout or miscellaneous items upon import.


Adjutant Expediting tracks all of your scheduled purchase orders with estimated receipt dates and sales orders with their estimated ship dates. Easily email or fax status requests to suppliers and find shortages and late shipments before they occur.

Item Configurator – Component Order Entry

The Item Configurator is a versatile tool that simplifies order entry and routing/bill of material design based on features and options selected for a customer order. Adjutant Item Configurator ensures consistency and eliminates errors while freeing up your valuable expert resources. It guides the user to the best feature and option choices by asking questions, providing pictures, presenting price differentiations, and constraining choices based on compatibility rules. A built-in copy function makes it easy to assign the same characteristics and questions to multiple items.

Item Control - Inventory Management

Adjutant Item Control is a scalable inventory and item management solution that tracks inventory levels, costs, prices, transaction history, inventory locations, and much more. Complex pricing for purchasing and sales is easily maintained through separate item pricing and product groups. The Item Control module also allows you to maintain costs on several levels and automatically update costs based on multiple variables. It handles an unlimited number of warehouse locations, serialized items, and lot-controlled items and allows for the inclusion of freight in/out, direct, and indirect costs of the item. Attach notes to any item that automatically print on purchase orders, quotes, sales orders, and invoices. Easy-to-use search features make finding similar/substitution items a breeze and a wide-ranging drill-down tool gives you instant insight into any item in your database.

Key Performance Indicators

In today’s business world most executives look at trailing indicators. The Adjutant KPI system allows users to define leading indicators and measure them in real-time, generating projections and highlighting deviations from plan for correction. Graphical depictions of performance clearly display indicated trends and provide easy-to-interpret assessments at just a glance. Adjutant KPIs are easy to use and its browser-based application facilitates anywhere, anytime access to the information you require. KPIs can include sales appointments, shipments, gross margin per work order, hours of labor worked, order input, quote volume, revenue, aged receivables, and many more. Define what you need to measure and let Key Performance Indicators give you the results the instant you need them.

Logistics - Shipping Events

The Adjutant Logistics module enables your shipping department to easily view and track pending shipments. A simple user interface allows you to consolidate orders onto a single shipment and schedule other orders onto new shipments. Inter-plant transfers can be scheduled on a recurring basis. Bills of Lading can be created and linked directly from the shipment.


The Adjutant Marketing module is a web-enabled target marketing system that facilitates the initial processes in the sales cycle. Easily create and track campaigns that are used for telemarketing, direct mail, and email. Standard letters and emails can be generated with a mail merge feature. Telemarketers can enter notes and schedule follow-ups. It tracks user-definable fields, SIC codes, and other valuable marketing data. Download suspect lists directly from providers such as Dunn and Bradstreet or InfoUSA and import directly into Adjutant with built-in integration with Microsoft Excel.

Order Entry

Adjutant Order Entry simplifies the process of generating sales orders by providing instant access to comprehensive customer and inventory information. Variable pricing on a customer-by-customer basis is automated with flexible, built-in pricing functionality. Users can ship to and from multiple locations on one sales order and track shipments on a line item basis. Linking shipments to active projects and phases automatically updates job costs. Order Entry also allows you to create identical or similar orders by copying previously shipped orders. Create new purchase orders directly from order entry and link your sales order to a new or existing PO.

Preventive Maintenance

Adjutant Order Entry simplifies the process of generating sales orders by providing instant access to comprehensive customer and inventory information. Variable pricing on a customer-by-customer basis is automated with flexible, built-in pricing functionality. Users can ship to and from multiple locations on one sales order and track shipments on a line item basis. Linking shipments to active projects and phases automatically updates job costs. Order Entry also allows you to create identical or similar orders by copying previously shipped orders. Create new purchase orders directly from order entry and link your sales order to a new or existing PO.


Adjutant Procurement streamlines the key processes of supply chain management to provide a user-friendly procurement system that displays immediate bottom-line results. The system determines potential suppliers of items through commodity groups and can automatically request bids from them based on inventory levels or generated quotes. Instant access to previous vendor quote history provides the information needed to quickly identify savings opportunities and improve supplier relationships. Web Portal integration allows your suppliers to enter their bids online so you can have vendors’ quotes within minutes instead of days. Integration with other Adjutant modules forms a streamlined process that easily maintains margins, updates outsourced item costs on customer quotes, and automatically creates purchase orders.


Adjutant Production automates manufacturing and assembly from start to finish, with clear visibility into each step of the process and full integration with Adjutant’s other modules. Production work orders list every part needed for assembly or fabrication based on a Bill of Materials and allocate and track parts from inventory. With the push of a single button, Adjutant Production automatically executes a Route and schedules production tasks that can be viewed by business owners and customers through customized Web portals. When production is complete, the system creates a new manufactured item in inventory. The item becomes a unique asset whose sales and service history can be tracked throughout its entire life cycle.

Project Management

Adjutant Project Management is a multi-functional, flexible tool for project and job cost management. Set a budget for every phase within a project and monitor the associated labor, material, subcontract, general expense, and overhead costs with an easy to use layout. Project Management also allows you to track all tasks and shipping events within a project and also tracks linked orders, material usage, and buyouts.

Purchase Order Management

Adjutant Purchase Order Management is a complete purchasing system that performs real-time updates of vendor and inventory information. Seamless integration with quoting, order entry, procurement and inventory control creates a system with limitless possibilities. Extensive reporting capabilities supply the information you desire to efficiently manage your company’s purchasing needs.


Creating and delivering quotes in an efficient manner with professional presentation is an important task for any business. Adjutant Quoting streamlines the quoting process, providing a toolbox of features that not only makes creating a quote easy, but gives you the information you need to win a much larger percentage of the quotes you deliver. An intelligent quoting grid lets you move line items into different header groups with ease to create the exact presentation you desire and a drill-down item pricing feature gives you instant access to item pricing, costing, and quote win/loss history. The margin calculator function allows you to price your quote in any manner, and ensures you’re receiving the optimal profit margin. As with any Adjutant module, you can email or fax your quote directly from Adjutant and deliver it as soon as it’s ready.

Roll Former Production Scheduling

Adjutant’s built-in roll former production scheduling module has the ability to integrate directly with your roll formers’ controller, thus eliminating the need to manually enter each job. Once the job is keyed in as an order, it seamlessly flows through production and to the machine. This not only greatly reduces labor costs, but also eliminates data entry errors that occur when having to enter a job more than once.

Because this module is integrated with your machines it also performs the task of relieving your coil inventory when the machine is done running a job. The coil number(s), lineal footage, scrap amount, time and date, and other pertinent information is automatically posted to the job tracking system.


Working in conjunction with the Production and Bill of Material modules, Routing facilitates the scheduling and management of a production work-flow environment. It manages the execution of a predetermined schedule and automatically updates the schedule based on a variety of variables. Increase productivity, decrease costs, and receive better labor and material projections with the Adjutant Routing module.

Sales Force Automation

Interacting directly with the Marketing module, Adjutant SFA is a purely web-based application requiring a single installation that supports your entire organization. Automate and monitor your inside and outside sales force with intelligent technology that combines the best features of many of today’s leading products. The user-friendly web format requires limited training time, making implementation a breeze. User-defined customization is easily accomplished using onscreen tools that control fields, screens, tabs, views, and security settings. Create and update detailed opportunities that track the entire sales cycle. Adjutant SFA is also available as a hosted solution for a cost-effective product that is ready to run as soon as you are.

Sales Tax Automation

Adjutant STA takes care of all your sales tax worries. Shipping locations are updated with their exact sales tax rate when created. Nine levels of detail on the tax table record allow for even the most complicated areas. Monthly updates to the sales tax files ensure your rates are up to date and accurate. Sales tax reports take seconds instead of days and can be run on an accrual or cash receipt basis. Eliminate the monthly headache of sales tax payable with Adjutant STA.


Adjutant Scheduling is a direct add-on to the Work Order Management module and provides resource scheduling capabilities for any task created in Adjutant. It enables you to assign and schedule any person, organization, room, asset, piece of equipment, etc that you designate as a resource. Constrain assignments and scheduling based on skill sets and area availability and automatically notify resources of scheduling changes with integration into the AutoAlert module. Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to export all assignments directly into your Outlook Calendar.

System Manager

System Manager is the command center for Adjutant. It allows for system and company configuration, user security settings, custom desktop menus, and more. The Rule Maintenance table is located in one central location and makes system-wide customization an easy task. Switching between different menu options or entirely separate companies is only a click away and does not require another login. User privileges, settings, reports and data views can be easily selected and copied from one user to another and across companies. Informative reports provide the information your administrator needs to effectively manage the system and its users.

Time and Material

Adjutant Time and Material is a simplified solution for entering and tracking labor, equipment, and materials on a task-by-task basis. Integration with Item Control, Contract Management, and Client Billing assures correct pricing and accurate inventory tracking. Solution Codes may be used to flat rate service orders and automatically enter default records of work performed. Serialized items posted to a service order are logged as assets and automatically updated with their new location. Parts issued on a working service order or standard task are automatically tied to Time and Material and only require a ‘quantity-used’ update. Labor entries are directly tied to employee timesheets and intelligent controls prevent data entry errors. The architecture behind the Time and Material module is based on efficiency and accuracy and it serves as the workhorse behind job costing, billing, asset service history, and more.

Web Portal

The Adjutant Web Portal enables employees, vendors, customers, and sub-contractors visibility into specified Adjutant data via the Internet.

Wireless Warehouse Management System

Adjutant Wireless WMS was built from the ground up, applying only the best principles and practices from the top experts in the warehousing industry. It utilizes incredibly stable, wireless barcode technology and provides comprehensive, real-time visibility of every activity in your warehouse. WMS handles receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and complete inventory management. And because Adjutant Wireless WMS is modular and scalable, you can be assured it will be the perfect fit for your company.

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