Allpro Insulator

A software system designed by Allpro Technology for construction companies.

About Allpro Insulator

Allpro Insulator was developed specifically for insulation contractors. This software completely automates the estimating process and takes the guess work out of estimating insulation jobs. Contractors can take electronic measurements using a laser measuring device, and then export those measurements to Allpro Insulator. The measurements can then be used to automatically create an estimate, based on the square footage or lineal feet pulled from the laser. Once you are finished creating the estimate, you have the option to send that estimate directly to QuickBooks or manage your estimates directly with Allpro Insulator. This allows you to create and manage estimates with Allpro Insulator and also benefit from all the accounting features found in QuickBooks.

Allpro Insulator allows you to use only the features you choose. You can use Allpro Insulator independently to manage your business or you can choose to integrate the software with the laser measuring device and/or QuickBooks.

Allpro Insulator is available in two editions.

  • Allpro Insulator SAE (Stand Alone Edition)
  • Allpro Insulator QBE (QuickBooks Edition)

Both editions include the same basic features and functionality with the following exceptions:

  • The Stand Alone Edition allows you to manually enter line items or import job measurements from your laser and then manage all your customers, estimates, invoices, and receivables from directly within Allpro Insulator.
  • The QuickBooks Edition provides all the same functionality as the Stand Alone Edition plus QuickBooks integration. After you have completed the estimate, you will have the option to send the estimate to QuickBooks. You will then be able to harness all of the accounting benefits of QuickBooks without having to manually reenter the estimate. This edition also allows you to share all of your customer, job, and item data between Allpro Insulator and QuickBooks.

Key Features:

  • Manage Customers and Jobs
  • Create Insulation Estimates and Invoices
  • Produce Insulation Estimates on the Job Site
  • Merge Estimate Data with Your Contracts
  • Synchronize Laptop with Office
  • Track Accounts Receivable
  • Manage Estimate Pricing/Costing
  • Provide Detailed Package Options
  • Create Detailed Job Sheets
  • Manage Job Expenses
  • Track Employee Wages
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Manage Tasks and Activities
  • Print Over Thirty Reports
  • Import Measurements from Laser
  • Send Estimates to QuickBooks

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