A multi-module management system designed by AppWright for construction and engineering companies.

About AppWright JobCenter

Fully web based job management with flexibility and configuration options. Most common usage is subscription-based SAAS offering hosted by Appwright. Can also be sold outright as traditional software without a subscription. Used by homebuilders, trades (sub-contractors), and any type of business doing a build-to-order model. Manufacturing and service industry users can benefit from our workflow and job management capabilities.

Primary features include user-defined data entry pages; user-defined workflow, report writing, document management, timesheet and integrated messaging management.


  • Bid management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • CRM
  • Field Service Management
  • Document Management

Target Market

  • Construction companies
  • 5-500 employee companies
  • Typical customer has 10-30 users
  • Can be used for departmental needs or enterprise-wide


  • $5,000 up-front purchase pricing
  • $50 per use/month
  • Per user per month pricing, but can be set up for per-unit-produced, or as a 1-time purchase
  • There is a free trial available

Account Management

The account management module is designed to manage all customer, vendor and prospect activities.

  • Account Management
  • Request/quote/order entry functions
  • Info-request form routing/tracking
  • Customer/vendor/subcontractor contacts
  • Track prospects
  • Email campaigns
  • Document/contract archive
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Email appointment reminders

Form/Screen Designer

The Form Designer provides you with the following features:

  • User-defined fields
  • Security/audit trail at the field level
  • Import your own lookup tables
  • Calculate pricing/other math functions
  • Create configuration/selection screens
  • Generate invoices/purchase orders
  • Imbed SQL ‘mini-reports’ in screens

Job and Workflow Management

Manage all aspects of your job with the Job and Workflow Management module.

  • Job and Workflow Management
  • Job templates for quick job creation
  • Full critical-path logic for complex jobs
  • Assign tasks to internal or external users
  • Custom worklist views for internal users
  • Customer/vendor external worklists
  • Full audit trail of all job changes and updates
  • Supplier/vendor/customer communication
  • Job-level messaging/discussion forums
  • Job-level document attachments & archives
  • User-defined forms for job data capture
  • Rich data import/export functions
  • Flexible job-level timekeeping entry
  • Automatic email notices of key job updates

Report Writer

With the AppWright Report Writer you design the reports your business demands.

Fetures Include

  • User-defined report content/structure
  • User-defined data elements
  • SQL-based query language
  • Imbed web links in report screens
  • Export any report directly to Excel
  • Access to all system database tables
  • Report grouping and access control

Product Overview

User Reviews of AppWright JobCenter

Submitted on July 6th, 2018 by an anonymous AppWright JobCenter user.

We liked their webinar showing us all the different things they could do for us and all the different things that they have already done for others.

We like how they have the ability to modify the software to fit our needs as we grow.

They are going to be able to merge our excavation and material/trucking divisions into one centralized real time program.

Their pricing structure fits our budget.