Bid Management Software

A multi-module management system designed by BidTracer for construction companies.

About Bid Management Software

Bidtracer’s Bid Management Software is the one and only bid management tool for the construction industry. In seconds bids are saved in the system and multiple customers may be assigned to each project bidding. Multiple divisions and sub-divisions are allowed for full flexibility. Auto sales follow ups, an internal email engine, document management and custom reporting provides the ultimate means for securing projects. In the Bid Module there is access to the Invitation Module that saves estimators time by allowing them to invite subcontractors and vendors with the click of a button. Proposals may then be uploaded by the sub or vendor automatically filing it into your bid organizing bid day documents. Project Managers will then have a fast electronic turn over meeting making sure nothing is missed.

Key Features

  • Track Your Core Business Process Securely and Efficiently
  • Optimized data protection and backup with hosting at Rackspace
  • 0% Downtime
  • Track Projects through all phases of the bidding process
  • Common bid information is shared amongst divisions within your company
  • Create personalized quotes or send a group quote to all customers on a project
  • No software required to update or load onto computer (s)
  • Track unlimited emails and notes within each bid
  • Graphical calendar provides a real time bid board
  • Track individual dollars bid by unlimited divisions and subdivisions
  • Generate canned or customized reports
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Automatically follow up with customers saving time and increasing sales
  • Automatically generate opportunities for service from bids

BAC Estimating Software

Controls Estimating Software provides a very simple fast web based solution to create temperature control estimates using live pricing from manufacturers with customizable systems. Editable cost codes, labor rates and margins are just a few of the fields that allow for a fully flexible tool for every user. Create an estimate and order part or all of it from manufacturers with the click of a button. The system will show what has been ordered in green and what is left in red to avoid missing parts. The valve schedule tool is available with the Estimate Tool and allows the user to select and price valves specific to their project. Technical documents, catalog pages and images are available during product look up to verify correct parts are being selected.

Key Features

  • Complete tie in with eStore Module
  • Standard systems provided with ability to customize or create you own
  • Create and save Estimate Templates for specific types of projects or engineers
  • Add your own products to your company list
  • Multiple manufacturer’s products preloaded with live pricing, data sheets and images
  • Choose parts you would like to order and send orders directly
  • System shows which parts are yet to be released by color coding
  • Tied into Bid Module to allow quoting directly from system while tracking and auto follow features

Subcontractor Invitation Software

Bidtracer’s Invitation Tool provides you a simple and efficient way to invite subcontractors and vendors to bid to you. Ensure your estimators invite the proper lists of subs/vendors and free up their time giving them more time to estimate. Subs/vendors have the ability to upload quotes back through the invite, filing them electronically within the bid.

Key Features

  • Set up invite lists by definable pick list of specific vendor/sub contacts
  • Create customizable pick list of specific subcontractor contacts
  • Auto-add features builds vendors/subs categories on the fly
  • Multiple file upload feature for Plans, Specs, and Addendum folders.
  • Unlimited hard drive space for uploading documents
  • System detects if invites unopened and resends with notification to estimator
  • Audit trail with time stamp. Track all actions including if invited viewed, accepted, declined, every file opened
  • Automatically send addenda to already invited and confirm they viewed it
  • Create custom folders within folders
  • Preload canned instructions
  • Vendors/subs have the ability to upload quotation to help organize bid day
  • Multiple file download feature for subcontractors ease of use

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