Basic Builder

A full ERP system designed by CDCI for construction companies.

About Basic Builder

The state-of-the-art construction management system designed specifically for residential builders. Integrates with CDCI’s Bid Team estimating and cPM project management for your complete estimating, scheduling and job cost control solution.

Accounts Payable

The majority of entry work in any construction control system takes place in the Accounts Payable area. This module feeds both Job Cost and General Ledger. It writes the checks, verifies that budgets are sufficient, withholds retainage or funds for lapsed subcontractor’s insurance and a host of other things. Payables must function easily and smoothly since it is the workhorse of the system.

Basic Builder excels in the Payables area. Blanks are auto-filled and all critical items are checked. Invoices cannot be double paid and insurance certificates are always checked for expiration. Since many checks are written by hand in the field, Basic Builder® has a prepaid invoice entry as well as a Quick Check function that simplifies this process.

Basic Builder® knows that typing tax forms is sheer drudgery. The tax form printing function permits you to edit the information as you see fit before you print. CDCI furnishes forms guaranteed to fit. There is also the simple magnetic media routine that does all the work; you just insert a diskette and Basic Builder® does the rest.

Accounts Receivable

Basic Builder® Accounts Receivable keeps its eye on the money that should be coming in to your company so you can tend to business. It helps manage what is due to you and helps improve customer relations.

The Receivable module is fine tuned to remove the repetition and drudgery of invoicing. Recurring items can be generated weekly, monthly or at will. And finally, deposit slips are automatically prepared based on your entries for the day. Everything about tracking the whereabouts of your money is done efficiently and easily in Basic Builder® Accounts Receivable.

Contract Billing

When it is time to get paid, it is important to get the paperwork right. The Basic Builder® Progress Billing module requires the Receivable module and creates payment documents that comply with AIA forms G702 and 703. All the payment items and their values are listed as well as any change orders. A worksheet can be produced to show the current status and then the final application for payment can be produced. You gain tremendous time savings and the calculations are always accurate. The payment documents look professional and help you get paid on a timely basis.

Estimating and Scheduling Interfaces

Basic Builder’s® Estimating and Scheduling Interfaces allow import of Job Budget and Job Progress information, to maximize accuracy and timeliness of information, while minimizing unnecessary repetition and any opportunity for errors.

Users of CDCI’s Bid Team software can instantly open and create a budget in Basic Builder®, as soon as the bid is a ýgoý. Takeoff items are constantly and accurately consolidated into the phases of construction required for the job at hand, and the Job and budget elements are automatically created.

Critical Project Management (cPM), CDCI’s newest and most powerful scheduling tool, allows users to pull information into Basic Builder® with the click of a button! Users can import vender information and even cost load schedules from Basic Builder®. By allowing your super to update progress from the field, via palm, cPM® completely automates the approval process for POs and Sub Contracts. This information then flows into Basic Builder® automatically creating invoices. All you have do is print the checks.

General Ledger

Very seldom does a construction executive look carefully at the functions of the General Ledger module when he is considering the purchase of a cost control system. It does pay handsomely, however when the accounting software is Basic Builder® and the auditors have cut audit time in half.

The General Ledger is the cornerstone of the financial reporting, the balance sheet and the income statement. This module receives its postings from all the other modules and generally sees little activity until the end of the month. Monthly closing entries for profit/loss can be automatically generated by the system at month closing time. Also, journal entries for job related activity now pass postings to Job Cost.

Bank reconciliation plays a major role in the control of cash. Basic Builder® Bank Reconciliation is not simply check reconciliation. All activity affecting cash is gathered and presented to you for review and clearance. This means all checks, deposits, wire transfers and journal adjustments. Also, bank charges appearing on the statement can be recorded and are posted to the proper cash account in general ledger. This reconciliation is as strong as any in the market today.

Job Cost

The heart of any good construction software, the Job Cost module monitors all expenses and payments to keep you in control. This module is automatically fed by invoices, payroll and even journal entries in the fully integrated system.


Nothing is as nerve wracking as preparing a payroll manually just hours before employees are coming by to get their checks. Timecards, tax tables, deductions, employee advances, per diem, health insurance, unemployment and on and on. Even for two employees, Basic Builder® Payroll module saves time and wear and tear on the nerves.

Security is an issue since most contractors restrict access to pay rates. Passwords can be set up so that the entry clerk cannot see the pay rates. Also, when cost information is sent to Job Cost, names can be suppressed and postings combined so that confidentiality can be maintained.

One of the Basic Builder® strengths is the manner in which it handles Added Deductions and Pays (ADP’s). In addition to the standard methods, there is an employer’s contribution, which allows the employer to accrue a liability based on the employees’ paycheck. Examples are union retirement funds, allocating overhead to jobs, paying health plans, etc.

The payroll system is complete (tax tables for all 50 states) and once it is setup, it takes minutes to do what used to take hours. Additionally, all information is stored and used to produce reports for tax and insurance filings. All the details of benefits and withholdings are simplified with the Payroll module. Payday paperwork is no longer a chore with Basic Builder® Payroll.

Time and Material Billing

When you have to prepare a time and material billing, it needs to be detailed and it needs to be accurate. The Basic Builder® T & M module requires the Receivable module and creates itemized billing of every invoice in the job for your clients. All unbilled cost items in the Job Cost ledger are copied to the client’s bill where it is itemized. The markups, taxes, overhead and fees are controlled and named by you. If you want you ýFeeý and not ýProfitý shown on the bill, you have total control. Since the program uses cost information on file, bill preparation is a snap. You can adjust any item on the bill in the easy to use edit screen. You can even add items that have not been invoiced to you yet. You have total control of the billing process with Time and Material Billing in Basic Builder®.

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