Profit Builder Millennium

A full ERP system designed by CDCI for construction companies.

About Profit Builder Millennium

Complete job costing and accounting program designed to help you maintain control of your budget. Seamless integration and 20 different modules give you power and flexibility.

Accounts Payable

The Profit Builder Millennium Accounts Payable module simplifies the process of invoice processing and payment. Navigation in this module is simple and condensed, eliminating screen after screen of data entry. At the same time, Accounts Payable serves as one of the control points in the cost control cycle by preventing over- or double-billings at the point of invoice entry. Millennium’s Profit Watch feature immediately alerts you that your entry exceeds the original budget, PO or Subcontract.

Full integration means that cost information from payables flows automatically to General Ledger and Job Cost.

Accounts Receivable

The Profit Builder Millennium Accounts Receivable module keeps records for one of the most important functions of your accounting system- billing and collecting the money you’ve earned. It seamlessly integrates with the system’s optional billing modules, creating a centralized billing location. This enables the operator to auto-create billings and statements at a touch of a button from a single entry screen.

Contract Billing

This fully integrated module makes it easy to check the status of your contracts at any time. At the touch of a button you can see exactly what has been completed and what has been billed.

With its easy to use spreadsheet format, you can view all elements of a contract, from pay item detail for the base contract to the change orders-pending or approved. Job progress information for billing is easy to record by entering either percentage complete, units in place, or the actual dollar amount completed. The program calculates the rest.

Equipment Cost and Maintenance

Profit Builder Millennium’s Equipment Costing and Maintenance module gives you the perfect complement to your Job Costing system. Charge your equipment costs to your jobs without guesswork. Keep records of maintenance performed and scheduled.

The Equipment module is fully integrated throughout Millennium to give you all the conveniences of a single-entry system.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module complements Profit Builder Millennium Accounting and Equipment Maintenance software. It is designed to automate and simplify an otherwise tedious job.

This add-on module eliminates guesswork and the time-consuming process of manually accounting for and calculating depreciation of fixed assets. A single entry that is calculated and posted in the Fixed Assets module automatically creates the corresponding General Ledger entries for each month. The result is accurate postings and maximization of tax benefits.

General Ledger

Profit Builder Millennium’s General Ledger module is the backbone that supports your company’s financial reporting system. With a direct interface with Microsoft’s Excel, you have the flexibility to import journal entries created by your accountant or a branch office. Our online query feature gives you the ability to filter posting detail by fiscal year, accounting period, account, job, vendor and many other criteria. No other system can offer the strength and flexibility that the General Ledger module puts in your hands.


The Inventory module takes the guesswork out of reordering, maintaining and costing your inventory. You can view running totals of your inventory at any time; see what’s being used and what’s sitting on the shelf.

Inventory is fully integrated with the other accounting modules so that inventory records are updated automatically when the PO is issued, materials are received and then disbursed to customers, jobs, other inventories or into assemblies. This easy-to-use system even tracks breaking down an assembly back into its components items. CDCI’s ýsmart-fillý feature help fill in the blanks during entry, saving time and insuring accuracy.

Job Cost

The Job Cost module enables you to track and project costs versus budgets, so you can maintain your profit margin. The module’s unique variance control feature records any variances that occur during purchase and invoice time. By monitoring actual expenditures, you are able to detect cost to complete projection overruns early, allowing you to take corrective action.


The Profit Builder Millennium Payroll module handles all payroll related calculation, reporting and record-keeping functions for your company. The open-system design makes it easy for you to import timesheets created with a format that is comfortable to you. This module can handle anything from union and certified payrolls to recording equipment usage and work orders.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module is at the heart of Profit Builder Millennium’s exclusive full cycle cost control system. Along with the Subcontract Control module, it provides key control points for planning and monitoring all job expenditures. When a PO is issued, the system checks to see if sufficient funds are available. If over budget, you can correct the problem by issuing a change order, buying elsewhere or substituting items.

Subcontract Control

The Subcontract Control module provides a key control point for planning and monitoring all subcontracted job expenditures. Integration with Accounts Payable and Job Cost ensure that you are invoicing appropriately and within your budget.

When you issue a subcontract, the system checks the contract amounts against the project budget and flags any potential overrun. Then at invoicing, the invoice is reconciled with the original contract to see if and when overages are permitted.

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