Cobra Contractors Software

A multi-module management system designed by COBRA Business Operations Software.

About Cobra Contractors Software

COBRA’s modularized Design makes it easy to install and implement the software as a complete integrated program or can be tailored to your unique situation. All COBRA Contractor Software programs provide real world tools, designed exclusively for Contractors. We offer many special features and benefits rarely found in other more expensive software programs.

Our buy direct and save business model includes the software, training and support bundled together into one unit price and typically saves the Contractor tens of thousands of dollars over our competitors.

Accounts Payable

You may not realize that the Contracting business has some very specialized needs that are not addressed by generic AP programs. These include automated Supplier Discounts, ability to set disputes on Invoices, and automatic notification of over billings by the Supplier.

Other friendly and appreciated features include the ability to select Invoices to Pay by Vendor and Job. To manage the Cash-Flow of a Job, it’s important to be able to pay the Invoices for a Job as the Contractor is paid on the Job. Of course, since the AP is fully integrated with the Job Master Pro program, the Job Center includes all AP indicators so the Contractor knows where he stands on the AP for the Job.

Reprint Number and Reprint Checks on the fly!

Job Cost directly to any Job in the Job Master Pro program.

The open-ended Accounting (just like the Job Master Pro’s open-ended AR Accounting) creates a true debit and credit Accounting Journal for updating into our General Ledger program or for use by the Contractor’s Accountant or generic accounting program.

AIA Job Manager

This program works directly with the Job Master Pro program and produces the G702 and G703 Applications for Payment.

Special features include being able to reprint past Applications and removing Applications that are incorrect, so they can be rebilled.

Business Status Display

Although this program is part of Job Master Pro, it’s worth mentioning because it brings all critical Contracting Business indicators together in one easy-to-read screen / report.

This custom-designed screen goes far beyond what financial statements can produce for the Contractor. All of the indicators on this report are needed by bonding companies when securing financing for upcoming projects.

No other single screen can give the Contractor such a complete look at the health of the business as this one! This one you have to see for yourself!

General Ledger

Our user-friendly General Ledger (GL) program was designed to be easy to use by novice users, yet includes many of the CPA-needed functions.

The open-ended architecture of our accounting programs work together to take the stress out of end-of-month processing because we do NOT force a Close at the end of each month, which prevents the company from working in the current month.

Drill-down feature let’s user get right at the activity for any month. And our unique problem-solving tools give the user complete control to find and correct mistakes or problems.

We start the Contractor with our pre-built Contracting Business Chart of Accounts and we help to customize it to their specific needs. This service totally takes the worry out of things for the first-time GL user and ensures that the system will be implemented to track the business by department, etc.

Full Depreciation Schedules (using the 4 most common Depreciation Calculation Methods) is available with Recurring Batches to allow the Contractor to update Depreciation Schedules by month.

The user can mark months / years as CLOSED, so there’s no change to the numbers. AND, these Closed months / years can easily be reopened. When user needs to go back into a prior month / year, all subsequent periods are updated with the new information.

Our General Ledger program comes complete with Balance Sheets and Income Statements (profit / Loss Statements), Trial Balances, Budgets, 2-year comparisons. Everything is viewable on-screen and user can drill-down to the activity level of any account.

Our General Ledger program is designed to help the Contractor understand his / her business. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business? What types of work does the business do better at than others? What should my Overhead Percentage be for each type of work that we do? All these questions are automated by our GL program and we help the Contractor how to set up the GL and understand what it is telling him /her about the business.


Face it, not every Contractor needs to be forced into it, if they don’t need it. But, that’s exactly what all other programs do!

In COBRA’s Inventory program, the Contractor selects the Materials in their Electronic Pricebook that they want to track in Inventory.

Fully Bar Coded for use with today’s hand-held devices.

Create Truck and Job ýsub Inventories and transfer between them.

The Job alerts user when an Item has fallen below it’s Reorder Level.

Comes complete with Item Usage Reporting, Inventory Status Reports and Inventory Transfer Reports.

Average Cost Inventory is an option for any Contracting Business.

Job Master Pro

Our flagship product that includes everything needed to do T&M, Service and Contract Jobs. Job Budgets and all related Job Cost and Work-in-Progress indicators help the Contractor to stay on top of any Job at any time during it’s life-cycle.

T&M and Progress Billings are included along with a full Accounts Receivable module for complete Work-in-Progress monitoring. We track Retainage separately within the AR, so the Contractor’s Aging doesn’t look over-aged when going to secure funding for long-term projects.

Our exclusive Job Center screen is updated in real-time and brings all Job Information together for quick access to anything related to that job.

Store and retrieve Documents by Job, Customer (or Vendor, with the purchase of our AP program). Links to the internet Map programs to get directions and Maps to Customer and Job Locations.

Our exclusive Electronic Pricebook of Material Items is very different than any other software program’s Inventory list. With 9 different ways to find Items, there’s no reason why anyone in the office can’t find Items for Estimating, Job Costing and Billing, and purchasing.

We specialize in Local Supplier Price Updating, so the Contractor is always working with up-to-date pricing from their Suppliers.

Our Customer database functions allow the Contractor to quickly find Customers and past history on Installed Equipment, Collections Notes, Directions or problems. Any of this information can be selected for inclusion on Work Orders, so the field worker knows exactly how to service the Customer.

The Contractor can also create and print / email lists by any desired criteria. One very popular feature is the ability to create Letters and merge with a list of Customers who have a specific piece of Equipment Installed at the site.

Multiple Customer Locations can be set up when 1 Customer has more than 1 Location. AND, any Installed Equipment is tagged to that Location!

Basically, any Contractor who wants to get a lot more out of their business, but isn’t comfortable buying a full-integrated solution begins with this one. It beats the pants off of any generic accounting program! Smaller Contractors use this program in conjunction with their generic accounting program.

Kwik Estimator

This easy-to-learn program doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the big boys have, but, for smaller Contractors, it’s perfect! Our Electrical Estimating package comes with pre-built Kits (sub-assemblies). We’re working on that for Plumbing, although, any Contractor can easy and quickly create Kits from their pre-built Electronic Pricebook.

Our spreadsheet-like take-off screen let’s you see each take-off and even change any cell value.

Adjust Difficulty Factors on an Item Level, Phase Level and / or on the overall Estimate.

Phase Controls give the estimator complete flexibility or the calculation process. Quickly create Estimates which include Extras or Options to give clients pricing options. This is very important in today’s environment where copper is so volatile. Maybe the client would like to compare with the cost of Aluminum on the same Job.

the Job in Job Master Pro with all the Budgets right from the Estimate!Create Proposals right from the Estimate. Use the exclusive feature called Turn Estimate into Job, which sets up

Import the Estimate Material List into our Purchase Orders module. There, you can also have the Material List evaluated against your Suppliers Costs and purchase based on best price per Item OR on the over Lot Price.

Change Order Budgets can also have been determined through our Kwik Estimator.

For Estimates up to $1,000,000,00, there’s nothing faster or friendly to learn and use than our Kwik Estimator program.


Once again, where the generic programs leave the Contractor hanging,we take things to a new level of efficiency and user-control.

Our Payroll program is complete. It’s ready for Direct Deposit when the Contractor is ready for it. Track Time-off. Get all of your monthly, quarterly and annual tax reporting done, including W2s.

Where we stand apart from any other Payroll program is in the design. The Contracting business has far too many special payroll issues that are not addressed by other payroll programs.

These include, Union Payroll, tracking Workman’s Compensation and Certified Reporting.

Plus, because we store each Year’s Payroll separately – all the hassle is taken out of the end-of-year processing. In traditional Payroll programs, you can’t work in the current Year before you finish that last year. Not so with ours! The user can even set up the new year, update the Tax Table (available on our web site), prepare changes for the upcoming year and still go back to last year and finish up the year!

And, because Contractors like to have Job Hours updated as soon as the hours are entered into Payroll, our unique ability to have more than 1 Pay Run going at a time means that the Time Cards can be entered every day!

Or, if someone is leaving and the Contractor needs to get them a Check TODAY, a separate Pay Run can be set up and completed while the main Pay Run for the week is still on-going! Same for Bonuses!

Plus, our exclusive feature that let’s the Pay Run be reset without losing the Time Card Entry, let’s the user make corrections to the Pay Run and continue on. This takes the worry out of running a Payroll program.

As one 100+ man shop once told us ýIf I made a mistake in my old program I had to start all over. With COBRA’s Payroll, I just make the correction I need to make and keep going. You couldn’t tear my COBRA Payroll away from me!ý

Contractors are audited each year for Workman’s Compensation, we encourage our Customers to get this set up within our Payroll program. We’re experts at how this is done and save our Customer literally hundreds of thousand of dollars a year by automating this in our Payroll program.

Any Union Contractor understands the complexities of setting up a Union Payroll. Once again, we understand all of this and will help the Union Contractor every step of the way!

Project Manager

Typical Accounting programs make the Contractor wait until their Payroll has been completed or a month end closing has taken place before their Job Budgets and Work-in-Progress numbers are updated. This delay keeps the Contractor from observing trends that warn him of a job (or phase within the job) that has gone over budget.

With COBRA, as hours and materials are entered, the Job Cost is updated instantly! The Contractor is able to spot a problem (cost overrun) in its infancy and avoid the added costs of catching it at a later, more severe stage. Cost savings can amount up to 25%.

With COBRA, everyone works in the same database, sharing information with each other. Worker productivity goes up and mistakes go down. Everything about a job is neatly organized in one simple screen. The Contractor’s decision making improves as he goes from being reactive to proactive. Profit margins are secure while losses are avoided.

Purchase Orders

This simple 2-screen program derives it’s power from it’s integration with COBRA’s Job Master Pro, Kwik Estimator, Inventory and Accounts Payable programs.

Special features in our Purchase Orders program include:

  • Imports of Material Lists from all other areas of COBRA; Jobs, past POs, Estimates and ad hoc Material Lists.
  • Create Bid Requests for quotes from multiple Suppliers.
  • Evaluate Material Lists for lowest Price by Item or the entire Lot Price and generate POs from the results of the evaluation.
  • Back-Order Lists can be printed by Job to give to project managers who need to line up Labor based on when Materials are due at the Job Site.
  • Receipt directly to Jobs / Inventory OR create a Job Inventory when Materials are received and then record the Items as they are installed.
  • Line up purchases for the future to ensure product availability and lock in pricing.
  • Update Inventory On Hand Quantities when Items are receipted to Inventory.
  • Automated Price History is generated each Item is receipted, so Contractor can monitor which Suppliers are consistent in their pricing.
  • Used with AP, COBRA automatically alerts AP clerk when Supplier has over billed, allowing clerk to set a Dispute on the Invoice while waiting for a Credit Memo.
  • Automatically update Job Cost and updates the Job’s Committed Dollars indicator on the Job Master Pro’s Job Center screen.
  • Add Sales Tax to Costs, when receipting Items.
  • Have Pricebook Costs Updated while also updating Job Cost.

Scheduling and Dispatch

This easy to use program works with COBRA’s Job Master Pro. Quickly view Schedules and setup Schedules while on the phone with the Customer using our mouse drag feature on the day and time desired.

Easy move Schedules around when someone is sick or a worker’s schedule gets out of whack.

The program will alert user of conflicts of Schedules and user can override these.

Color-coded Day, Week and Month views give scheduler quick access to any / all Customer and Job information. Scheduler can use the color-coded flags to indicate various stages of completion.

Stamp Job Hours to the Job when a worker is done with a call.

Email / Text Message Schedules and Work Orders to the field.

Service Management

Cobra’s Service Management Includes:

  • Service Scheduler with Dispatch Tracking
  • Planned Maintenance Contracts
  • Installed Equipment Tracking
  • Job Profit Reporting
  • Flat Rate Billing
  • Worker Productivity Reporting
  • Work Orders with Mobile Communications / On-Site Collecting
  • Marketing Tools

Tool and Equiptment Tracker

For Contractors who manage a big Inventory of Tools, Vehicles and Equipment, this integrated program is a must!

Know where each Item is; which Job and which worker.

Job Cost the Item to the Job.

Know when Maintenance is due by Mileage, date or both.

Track Maintenance Schedules and Warranty information.

Release Payments on an Item into Accounts Payable.

Integrates with the General Ledger’s Depreciation Schedules.

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