A full ERP system designed by Compusource for heating, a/c and ventilation companies.

About Ascente

Since being founded in 1971, Compusource has become a recognized leader in integrated field service software for the service and construction contractor industries. Ascente contractor software is an integrated solution that serves as plumbing software, construction software, HVAC software, as well as electrical and security software. Ascente is a Microsoft Windows based business and services management system. As an integrated suite of application software, Ascente handles every aspect of HVAC service, plumbing service, electrical service, security service and construction contractor software needs. Ascente saves companies time and money by increasing productivity with applications such as the wireless dispatch software which transmits service calls entered through the Ascente Service Management system directly to the contractor’s mobile device, saving time that would normally be spent on the phone.

Partnered with software giants IBM, Microsoft and Open Systems allows Compusource’s Ascente to be extremely powerful, yet very simple to use. It was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic to run on the latest Microsoft Windows operating system using SQL databases and works seamlessly with Traverse, a leading service contractor accounting software package. And because of Ascente’s flexible design and configuration, it can be used as plumbing software, construction software, HVAC software, electrical and security software.

Service Contractor Software Modules Include:

  • Service Dispatch Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Flat Rate Book Interfaces
  • Quick PO Entry
  • Wireless Dispatch Software
  • Maintenance Tasking
  • Construction Job Cost
  • Integrated GPS
  • Mobile Computing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Enhanced Tax Reporting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Bill of Material
  • General Ledger

Accounts Payable

You need to make sound cash management decisions about which bills to pay and when to pay them. You need to know who gives the best discounts and which vendors you buy from most often. As a service contractor and plumbing accounting software,TRAVERSE helps you track your obligations to suppliers and control your cash flow. It’s also your key to paying bills, printing checks, and monitoring the distribution of your expenses.

It’s easy to keep your accounts up to date and take advantage of available cash discounts with user-defined terms, aging periods, and cutoff dates. Assess your financial position by producing timely reports. You’ll save time and money with the ability to review outstanding payments by vendor and select which payments to hold or release. With Traverse accounting software for plumbing and service contractors, you can pay all invoices, or prepay or split invoices for payment.

This service contractor and plumbing contractor software will improve your efficiency with quick entry and defaults on headers. They allow you to set up fields and header screens so that you can skip over fields and default the values as you choose. You can view historical data for an unlimited number of years in detail or summary, and you can view and select payables to be released for payment.

Data entry in Accounts Payable can be done with the mouse and/or keyboard; tab stops can be individualized for quick entry. You can view historical data for an unlimited number of years in detail or summary, and you can view and select payables to be released for payment.

Additional Accounts Payable Features:

  • active/inactive vendors
  • time-saving batch processing capability
  • invoice entry in base or foreign currency; switch at will
  • printing of checks and reports in any installed language and currency
  • recurring entries setup
  • Aged Trial Balance Inquiry with drill down to source invoice
  • automatic reversal of checks voided in history
  • vendor setup including terms, pay-to name and address, 1099 indicator, distribution codes, and comments
  • 1099-MISC reporting with magnetic media
  • alternate vendor information
  • ability to select payables for check processing
  • post transactions to multiple years
  • reprint the last posting log
  • print checks to a specified printer
  • drill down for greater detail
  • comprehensive online help
  • print to file with rich or normal text; output to Excel or HTML
  • optional report previewing before printing
  • “quick search” method for finding data or information

Accounts Payable Reports:

  • Aged Trial Balance Report
  • Accounts Payable Analysis Report
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Check Register
  • Miscellaneous Debits Journal
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Payment History Report
  • Purchase Analysis Report
  • Purchases Journal
  • Vendor Activity Report
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • Vendor Detail History Report
  • Vendor Purchase History Report
  • Vendor Labels
  • 1099 Forms

Accounts Receivable

A successful company needs to manage its cash flow and customer information effectively. TRAVERSE helps you handle these tasks by tracking every aspect of your receivables in a timely manner. This vital management information – reported just the way you need it – gives you the power to improve the inflow of cash and capitalize on sales trends.

You’ll be able to assess your financial position by producing timely reports. Identify your best customers and stay on top of sales trends. Evaluate your cash discounts program, and spot delinquent accounts early.

Data entry is efficient and flexible with horizontal transaction entry functions and quick-entry tables. You’ll also save time with online invoicing and information windows.

Your customers will appreciate the professional-looking statements and invoices. And if they call with questions on their account, you’ll be ready to help out. You can quickly view detailed customer information and payment history.

Additional Accounts Receivable Features:

  • active/inactive customers
  • time-saving batch processing capability
  • user-definable aging periods
  • full-featured tax reporting, including GST/PST
  • commissions payable on booked or paid invoices
  • two-way split commissions
  • ability to reapply payments and credits to specific invoices
  • user-defined invoice and dunning messages
  • quick lookup based on customer or transaction
  • invoice entry, editing, and viewing from a single screen
  • online invoicing (prints invoice after order verification)
  • plain paper or preprinted invoice formats
  • finance charge tracking
  • multiple tax locations per tax group
  • post transactions to multiple years
  • reprint the last posting activity with comments
  • reprint invoices from history including lotted and serialized detail
  • customer comments fields
  • drill down for greater detail
  • comprehensive online help
  • print to file with rich or normal text, or output to Excel or HTML
  • optional report previewing before printing
  • “quick search” method for finding data or information

Accounts Receivable Reports:

  • Aged Trial Balance Report
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Customer Activity Report
  • Deposits Journal
  • Detail History Report
  • Miscellaneous Credits Journal
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Sales Journal
  • Sales Tax Report

Bank Reconciliation

TRAVERSE Bank Reconciliation application helps you streamline and improve the reconciliation of bank statements with general ledger bank accounts. It makes important updates to TRAVERSE General Ledger and receives timely entries from the other applications.

With Bank Reconciliation, you’ll know which checks have cleared, which transactions are outstanding, which bank accounts contain what amounts, and exactly where your money is. Find errors and record differences between your books and the bank easily with two types of reconciliation from the Reconciliation Report – book-to-bank and bank-to-book. Reconciling is fast and simple. You can clear transactions with a single mouse click – line by line by a specific range of checks or all at once. If you make a mistake, reversing a selection is just as easy.

You need to make the best decisions about the day-to-day operations of your business. TRAVERSE Bank Reconciliation gives you the accurate information you need to make the most of your cash. Using multiple bank accounts for Accounts Receivable/Sales Order deposits and Accounts Payable/Purchase Order checks gives you the flexibility to receive money and to disburse money from different accounts.

Additional Bank Reconciliation Features:

  • unlimited number of bank accounts with the Bank Accounts screen
  • account balance automatically displayed from the general ledger account if Bank Reconciliation is interfaced with General Ledger
  • last statement balance and statement date updated when reconciled
  • enter recurring adjustments only once
  • enter a transaction in any currency if the multicurrency option is on
  • void a check before it is sent or stop the payment of a check before it is cashed
  • void any check after it has been posted
  • define your own default descriptions and references
  • inter-account transfers and manual adjustments
  • post transactions to multiple years
  • reprint the last posting log
  • stop the payment of any check, even if it was posted from an interfaced application
  • purge a cleared transaction by bank account ID and by transaction date
  • review total debits and credits posted to GL for each period in the Post Transactions Log
  • ability to view account number, description, contact information, and statement through the Bank Accounts List
  • print journal to check for errors and omissions maintain an accurate audit trail
  • reports that list the cleared transactions, outstanding transactions, and bank-to-book and book- to-bank reconciliation information

Bank Reconciliation Reports:

  • Bank Reconciliation Journal
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Bank Account Register
  • Bank Accounts Lists
  • Recurring Adjustments List

Bill of Materials

The Inventory Control system maximizes your inventory investment by maintaining inventory records more efficiently and economically. The Inventory Control system integrates with the Service Management, Job Cost, and Purchasing systems, as well as many third party Flat Rate Pricing Services.

Inventory Tracking

  • Update and track inventory automatically in each warehouse and/or truck with each transaction.
  • Maintain accurate inventory control data such as lead time, safety stock, order point and order quantity at any given point in time.
  • Align internal part numbers with those of manufacturers, supply houses and pricing services. The correct part in inventory is updated through billing and Purchasing.
  • Track serial numbers on equipment through Purchasing and ultimately Job History. This ensures that warranty information is correctly maintained.
  • Analyze stock levels on any truck or warehouse in real time.
  • Material and cost allocation from inventory appears immediately on Job Cost reports.
  • Reflect cost of materials on purchase orders and automatically update the average cost.
  • Restock the technician’s bin the same day and print complete inventory breakdowns without having to wait for the technician’s paperwork.
  • Print labels for warehouse and truck inventory bins. Label information includes part number, description, product group and vendor number.


  • Inventory Inquiry lists part information by location including quantity on-hand, on-order, allocated, last date received and issued.
  • Inventory Analysis provides average cost, actual sale, and profit margins by part number.
  • Stock Status determines parts to be ordered for a specific location. Analyze quantity on-hand against minimum/maximum stock levels required for individual parts.
  • Inventory Restocking report interfaces with the Service Billing, Purchasing, and Inventory Control to track and restock inventory used by field technicians.
  • Costed Inventory analyzes average monthly usage, month-to-date usage, year-to-date usage, quantity on-hand average cost, and extended cost information by part number.
  • Physical Count report prints physical inventory sheets containing the location number, part number/ description for entry of actual on-hand quantities.

Flat Rate System

  • Easily setup and maintain a Bill of Materials file for flat rate pricing tasks or flat rate job numbers to reference parts required to complete a job.
  • Create and maintain your own flat rate jobs, or use one of the popular Flat Rate Pricing Services.
  • Enter flat rate task/job in either work order entry or Quick Turn-In, and the system will automatically enter the required parts and quantities on the work order and update inventory.

Construction Job Cost

Field Service Software - Job Cost

Ascente Construction Job Cost is designed for the construction and service industries. The system efficiently tracks both small and large jobs. It features a world class windows look and feel that provides powerful data entry and reporting with a minimum of keystrokes. It is fully integrated with TRAVERSE accounting modules with a single source entry of employee time cards, purchase orders, vendor invoices, inventory transfers, contract bills, and G/L journals.

Contract Billing is easy and quick, and supports AIA Billing complete with a standard or user defined schedule of values. For customers that don’t need an AIA invoice, there are other formats for percent complete invoices. Retention can be variable by line item or can be on a sliding scale based on the amount billed to date. In addition, Time and Material job invoices can be generated. All invoices integrate with General Ledger , Job Cost, and Accounts Receivable.

Job setup provides for entry and display of contracts and change orders, user defined fields, job estimates and pertinent job data. Users can drill down to see estimates and actual dollars and units for each cost code. One more click, and the user can see the detail transactions for these cost codes. Documents can easily be attached to each job so each user can see files like pictures, word documents, and spread sheets. Notes can be entered and maintained for each document.

Job cost coding provides unlimited cost groups, cost codes, phases, and cost categories. With careful design of these cost breakdowns, jobs of any size can be managed with ease.

Reporting is invaluable to manage jobs. All reports are written with Crystal Reports and can be easily modified to the customer’s request. Reports can be run on demand, any time they are needed. Job cost reports can be run by job, project manager, foreman, customer, and many other criteria. The reports are date sensitive, so the operator can run reports for any date range. Some standard reports that are provided include Job Cost reports, Over/Under Billing, Committed Costs Reports, Estimated vs. Actual and Job Detail.

Flat Rate Book Interface

Field Service Software - Flat Rate Book Interface

The Flat Rate Book Interface system provides an interface to industry standard flat rate books such as Callahan/Roach, Collier, Maio, NSPG and Profit Strategies in order to set up and maintain your inventory. Using these books and the flat rate book interface software system, companies can customize their current bill of material information and price updates to make sure their inventory files are always the most current representation of actual inventory present.

Save Time and Money With Flat Rate Book Interface Software

By utilizing the flat rate book interface software system, your company will increase efficiency and save time by eliminating the laborious tasks of obtaining current pricing, identifying and writing inventory descriptions, as well as updating the system to reflect these changes. The system updates all pricing and costing information automatically and can produce this information with a press of a couple buttons. Work Order entry is streamlined by requiring only the flat rate task number to be entered. The system will then ‘explode’ the flat rate task into all of its components. Components can then be removed or added as needed. Pictures can be added to tasks to make for a very professional document that can be presented to your customers.

Flat Rate Book Interface Software - Reporting

Reporting with the flat rate book interface software system is done using Crystal Reports software, which is a fully customizable program that can be customized without having to alter the flat rate book interface system at all. Analysis reports help you identify those tasks that technicians are not completing in the estimated timeframe. You can then determine if the labor time needs to be adjusted or technician training is more appropriate. In addition, the analysis reports will compare the budget vs. actual usage of every part on a task. If other parts are used in place of the budget parts, this will be apparent when reading the reports. You can also quickly identify those tasks that are most profitable and frequency of usage to help make future adjustments to your flat rate task offerings.

General Ledger

The General Ledger system not only simplifies the entire accounting procedure, but also produces financial reports that can help you examine your financial status in detail. General Ledger can prepare financial statements within minutes, giving a complete financial picture of the company whenever the need arises.


Integrates with all other financial applications including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. Interfaces with all CONTRAC2 accounting processes such as Inventory Control, Job Cost, and Service Management Accept transactions from these applications through the automatic posting feature.

Journal Processing

  • Control updating to any given month in the current or previous fiscal year. The user is never “locked out” of posting and can print previous financial statements.
  • Accounting periods need not coincide with calendar months, and may either be a 12 or 13-month fiscal year. This is especially useful for those companies whose accounting periods follow a four-week cycle rather than a monthly cycle.
  • Retain all detailed transactions for up to two full years. They can be summarized to conserve disk space and processing time.
  • Updating out-of-balance journals is not allowed.
  • Generate recurring journal entries automatically for selected frequency and duration.
  • Create reversing journal entries for subsequent periods (accrual entries).
  • Dual-Year Capability allows two fiscal years to be open, permitting processing in the new year to continue while the final year-end closing figures are being gathered.

Multi-Company/Branch/Department Capability

  • Process transactions for independent companies.
  • Combine financial reports from multiple companies if needed.
  • Isolate branch and departmental income statements with special sorting.

Financial Reports

  • Analyze entries with an on-demand report or inquiry for any account or range of accounts.
  • A Journal Proof Listings report makes sure all debits equal credits before updating accounts.
  • Generate an up-to-the-minute balance sheet or income statement in your choice of five different standard layout.
  • Create custom financial statement formats or select standard formats.


  • Standard Balance Sheet formats include:
    • Current Year Balances or
    • Current Balances with Budget Comparison
  • Standard Income Statement formats include:
    • Current Period and Year-to-Date Amounts with Percentage of Sales,
    • Current Period and Year-to-Date Amounts with Budgeted Comparisons, and
    • Current Period and Year-to-Date Amounts with Previous Period and Year-to-Date Comparisons.

GPS Interface

Field Service Software - GPS Software

The field service GPS software system helps plumbing, HVAC and field service companies lower their operating costs and helps them provide a better service to their customers. When a company utilizes the field service GPS software system, technicians, management, dispatch and customer service reps receive locations, communications and customer inquiries in real time. And because of this technology, technicians can reach the customers destination more quickly and safely, management has a better understanding of their technicians’ progress, performance and efficiency and customer inquiries can be resolved in a timely manner. By knowing where every technician in the fleet is located at any given time, dispatchers have the resources to respond immediately to customer calls, send the closest available technician to a customer, or track vehicle breakdowns and emergencies.

With the field service GPS software system, management can be alerted and respond accordingly to situations as they arise. The report generation module has the ability to tell performance variances of a technician which can be used as motivation for substandard technicians or as recognition for higher performing individuals. The field service GPS software system is perfect for both residential and construction companies.

Field Service GPS Software - Residential

The benefits of the field service GPS software system on residential field service companies are significant. With this, technology dispatchers are able to dispatch the closest available technician to a job and give them accurate turn by turn directions with great ease. The field service GPS software also can detect unauthorized use of vehicles and any side job activity. The software also shows all vehicles and active job sites on the same screen so dispatchers don’t have to click from map to map.

Field Service GPS Software - Construction

The benefits of the field service GPS software system on construction service companies are significant, much like the residential benefits. As with the residential companies, the field service GPS software for construction also prevents unauthorized vehicle use. This software will also reduce vehicle and equipment loss due to theft because you know where your vehicles are at all times. It also aides in the prevention of time sheet abuse because now managers know exactly how long technicians were at a particular job.


You need to track every aspect of your inventory. You need to know what you have in stock, how much it’s worth, and where it’s located. You can do it with the TRAVERSE® Inventory application.

TRAVERSE lets you closely monitor inventory movements by tracking detailed inventory history; then, use the Inventory Movement Report to identify your best products and to understand their purchase/sales cycles. You can even spot seasonal demand patterns. The Valuation Report summarizes the value of the items you have on hand and the profit on items sold during the year. With TRAVERSE Inventory, you’ll be able to make informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, and save money.

Additional Inventory Features:

  • multiple warehouse capabilities
  • quantity breaks
  • material requisitions
  • user-defined fields
  • receipts posted online
  • quick access to detailed descriptions for each item
  • alternate item options
  • aliases for inventory item numbers
  • process physical inventory by worksheet or tags
  • ability to select a group of items for cycle count
  • freeze quantities while processing continues
  • multiple tag numbers
  • exception-only entry
  • defaulting count quantity
  • unit of measure conversions
  • sort options
  • quick lookup on aliases, lot numbers, and serial numbers
  • user-defined color settings for reports and credit warnings
  • mouse and/or keyboard navigation and data entry
  • export reports to Word, Excel, and Mail or HTML

Inventory Reports:

  • Item Status Report
  • Safety Stock Alert Report
  • Price Report
  • Valuation Report
  • GL Adjustments Journal
  • Transactions Journal
  • Serialized History Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Physical Inventory Variance Report
  • Physical Inventory Worksheets
  • Overstock Report
  • Trend Analysis Report
  • Slow/Fast Movement Report
  • Inventory Movement Report
  • Cost Variance Report
  • Lot History Report
  • Gross Profit Analysis Report
  • Transaction History Report
  • Transfers Journal
  • Material Requisitions Journal
  • Backorder Allocations Report

Maintenance Tasking

The maintenance tasking module of Ascente field service software allows for users to create a highly detailed list of all of the activities for the each of the field service technicians who are servicing the maintenance contract customers. With the maintenance tasking module, technicians can automatically create and print service agreements, detailing all of the tasks and components based on the user defined schedules.

The maintenance tasking module of Ascente field service software can also print tasks by components and differentiate based on a technicians skill level (if one technician has more defined skills in a certain area, the module can decipher that and send technicians to jobs based on their expertise). Some other features for the maintenance tasking module of Ascente field service software include the listing of tasks that are to be performed, providing the necessary details on all of the materials that will be required to finish a job and the ability to choose of the start and expiration dates for jobs being preformed. All of this information is laid out on easy to read screens and can easily be formatted to meet technician expectations.


MobilePro - Mobile Service Software

With the MobilePro mobile service system in place, field service technicians can input work orders themselves from the job site. By allowing the mobile field service technician to input the work order themselves and not requiring a second step where an administrator would have to decipher the technicians work order and input it into the mobile service software system, work orders become more accurate, and are processed at a much quicker rate.

Mobile Service Software Benefits

The major benefit of the MobilePro mobile service application of Ascente field service software is that the mobile service technician can directly input all work orders themselves. By doing so, technicians negate having to file a hard copy of the work order that would then be need to be manually input into the system by another user at a later time. By having the technicians directly inputting the work order into the mobile service software, the work order touches fewer hands and does not need to be interpreted by an administrator trying to read hand written notes. This will result in faster turnaround times for invoices, leading to faster payment times and improved cash flow.

The MobilePro mobile service software also has a number of other key benefits that could help out Field Service and Plumbing contractors improve business. Some of the benefits included are the ability for the technicians to review service order history, inventory data and component information of the systems installed at the client’s site. Technicians can also update their status at a job site (i.e. on break, at lunch, arrived, etc) directly into the system and with the added feature of X-Charge, field service technicians can also do all credit card processing on site. With all these features built into the MobilePro tool of Ascente, improving profits and cash flow is a reality.


TRAVERSE Payroll keeps you current with government reporting requirements while giving you total flexibility. In addition to printing checks, you need to maintain detailed records with clear audit trails, track sick and vacation days, and keep up to date with tax law changes. TRAVERSE Payroll can handle it all. It also enables you to analyze payroll expenses and employee productivity as well as control costs and review expense distribution.

With this module, you can produce detailed reports to help you plan and generate a budge and manage your expenses efficiently by tracking FUTA, SUI, Medicare, and Social Security, as well as earnings by department. You decide whether to calculate scheduled deductions as a fixed amount, a percentage of gross pay, an hourly rate, or a declining balance. You can easily produce W-2s printed on forms, or stored on magnetic media to meet federal requirements.

You’ll have the flexibility to set up your payroll according to your terms by defining pay codes for regular, overtime, double-time, sick, vacation time, or any other payment method for hourly employees. Unlimited user-definable deductions are allowed per company, as well as taxable and/or nontaxable earnings codes and an option for fixed federal, state, and local withholdings.

Additional Payroll Features:

  • multiple states and localities for employee/employer taxes
  • automatic accrual of vacation and sick time hours with complete audit trail
  • formula-based tax routines
  • multiple checks per employee per payroll run
  • unlimited number of earnings codes including overtime rates and shift differentials
  • flexible state unemployment reporting
  • employer deductions such as 401(k)
  • recurring time ticket entries
  • taxable and/or nontaxable earnings codes
  • option for fixed federal, state, and local withholdings
  • process the new year’s payroll before printing W-2s for the old year
  • track four quarters of history on payroll checks
  • produce monthly and quarterly check registers

Payroll Reports:

  • Time Ticket Journal
  • Miscellaneous Payroll Journal
  • Edit Register
  • Check Register
  • Withholding Report
  • Employer’s Tax Report
  • Transaction History Report
  • Check History Report
  • Department Report
  • Quarterly Employer’s Tax Report
  • Employer’s Liability Report
  • Quarterly Withholding Report
  • Quarterly State Unemployment
  • Tax Report
  • 941 Form
  • W-2 Form
  • Paycheck Received Report
  • Pay Period Deduction Report
  • Salary Review Report

Quick PO Entry

Having the ability to accurately and quickly post purchase orders for customers during a job is a vital part of the field service industry. With Ascente’s Quick Purchase Order module, field service technicians can quickly receive a Purchase Order Number while at a supplier and the system will record the items purchased both on the Purchase Order and on the job.

The quick purchase order module in the Ascente field service software system increases accuracy and efficiency by permitting technicians to call in their purchase orders from the field. The system then automatically posts all of the items to the subsequent work order. The quick purchase order module of Ascente is fully integrated with the entire service dispatch, inventory, accounts payable and purchasing systems.

Ease of use of the quick purchase order software is why many technicians like Ascente field service software. With Ascente, office staff can access the quick purchase order software module directly from the work order screen. By having the capability to quickly input items and materials purchased while in the customers screen, field service technicians can be assured that the materials purchased in the field will be accurately posted to the correct work order.

Quote Processing

Do you find it complicated to create and track quotes? Are you looking for a way to streamline the quoting process and make it as efficient as possible? Save your company valuable time with the Ascente Quote System.

The Ascente Quote System was developed to provide service contractors with the ability to enter quote requests and produce detailed printed proposals that can easily be turned into a service order once the proposal is accepted. Additionally, the system can be used to track and manage your complaint calls and assist in resolving them.

The quote system will also provide management reports that allow you to track the productivity of your sales representatives and their quote requests and proposals through the sales cycle.

Service Dispatch Management

Field Service Software - Service Management

The field service management software system is a unique system in that it allows technicians the ability to track service calls in their entirety, from the initial customer call all the way through job completion. All customer information, service histories and technician activity can be immediately accessed from the call-taking screen. The field service management software system also allows for the paging of technicians, the updating of technician schedules, the printing of dispatch tickets and the posting of labor to work orders and payroll simultaneously.

Increase Efficiency With Field Service Management Software

This field service management software system is a complete service management system. It has the ability to increase dispatch efficiency as well as technician productivity and can handle a variety of work prices - T&M, fixed price, flat rate and “not to exceed” work. It can analyze worker productivity with customized reporting and interface with the wireless dispatch product for more range of motion within the field service management software system. The field service management software can also track the source of customer calls to determine how effective marketing and advertising campaigns are at reaching potential customers. By utilizing this system a company can drastically improve cash flow and reduce billing cycles due to the automated and paperless features of field service management software.

Field Service Management Software - Features

A couple of key features the field service management software system offers to service managers and technicians is contract history, technician scheduling, commission calculation and flat rate book printing. With the contract history a technician can quickly find information on jobs such as service call dates, technician responses, description of problem, billing amount, work performed as well as a number of other criteria that will allow technicians to effectively assess the situation at hand. With advanced scheduling features, technicians can manage maintenance calls and trouble calls. Field service management software also has the ability to calculate technician commissions on a per job basis as well as divide commissions between technicians when called to the same job. By having field service management software as your primary resource, work flow will increase, cash flow will improve and billing cycles will be reduced.

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