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A web-based software system designed by Construction Software Online.

About Construction Software Online

CSO is an easy-to-use, powerful, and complete online construction software system for all types of Contractors. Our web-based construction software eliminates your spending valuable capital on bloated software, server hardware and administration costs. CSO handles estimating, accounting, project management, and service management. It includes conversion services from other systems, 24/7 Windows-based server usage, daily backup operations, professional support, continually maintained upgrades, and the ability to customize your system.

Accounts Payable

When it comes to Accounts Payable, you need the easiest and most accurate ways of posting bills. With CSO, some entries are developed from Purchase Orders, both Subcontractor and Materials. Constant checks are performed to eliminate overbilling. Distributions are automatically made to general ledger and job costing from those Purchase Orders. If you don’t use Purchase Orders you will find lots of automatic entries being made for you. Equipment and inventory distributions are also handled, as well as planned recurring charges.

Accounts Receivable

With T&M invoicing, AIA Requisitions, Progress Billing.


Budgets - After being awarded the job, the Estimate will be transferred to this section. Of course, you can add or delete items. Later, Change Orders will be added to maintain a strict basis for Cost analysis. The buttons at the top of each column will display the appropriate Buyout Worksheet.

Buyouts - The Buyout Worksheet can be used for accepting competitive bids, purchases of material items, or creation of subcontracts. It is here that controls for Purchase Orders, Job Cost collection, and General Ledger are established. Multiple Vendors/ Subs can be used for any cost code.

Equipment Maintenance and Costing

Equipment costs are maintained by other CSO modules. For example, when an operator’s payroll hours are entered, they transfer automatically to the piece of equipment. No matter what you buy for or repair equipment, CSO captures and reports it flawlessly.


With the CSO Estimating system you’ll have full CSI coding with the ability to add custom codes, formulas, assemblies, crew pricing, and much more. Naturally, the final estimate feeds into the budget.

General Ledger

With trial balance, income statement, and balance sheet.

Inventory Usage and Allocation

The inventory system allows for transfers in and out of jobs, allocation of stored inventory to future jobs, and retail sales with multiple pricing levels. In addition, you may perpetually value your inventory with any of the commonly used methods.

Material Purchase Orders and Subcontracts

After the Buyout is completed, you will be able to print Purchase Orders either all-at-once, or as needed.


The CSO Payroll system is complete with 50-state taxation, union reporting, certified payrolls, 941’s, W-2’s and much more. Everything you’d expect from an in-house service bureau. In fact, that was the predecessor of Construction Software Online, a Service Bureau for contractors that handled some 400 companies and their payroll and accounting requirements.

Project Management

With automatic workflow scheduling. Document and image handling.

Prospect Tracking for Bidding

Begin the Process by tracking all of your Requests for Bids. You will be able to create a combination estimate/proposal here and, if accepted, automatically move your estimate to the Purchase Order area.

Service Call Scheduling and Billing

Work orders and remote-solutions-entry with on-site printing

Subcontractor Control

With pay-if-paid reporting.

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

Construction Software Online is designed primarily for use in the construction industry.

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