Evolution Professional

A full ERP system designed by Constructive Computing for professional services and construction companies.

About Evolution Professional

A SQL Server Database product utilizing the latest technology available. Database stored procedures do most of the processing, minimizing network traffic. Server side processing is used for Payroll and G/L updates for maximum speed. It fully uses all of the features of the SQL Server Database Engine (included). There are NO ýRecord Locksý used in this product!

SECURITY is by User, Company and Module allowing you to control access to your data.

Accounts Payable

The Vendor Module allows you to setup default accounts, discounts, 1099 information and insurance expiration dates for each vendor. Vendor Query allows you to review open or paid vouchers and to see their distribution to accounts and jobs. The AP Entry Module allows you to enter bills (vouchers) for vendors, purchase orders or subcontracts. Retainage percents, discounts, sales taxes and insurance withholding may be pre-specified.

Vouchers may be entered for imeediate payment or paid with a manual check. The Select/Pay Module allows the setup of recurring Vouchers which are issue at their assigned frequency. Vouchers may be selected for payment by a combination of Job, priority or due date. Payments may be made by credit card, debit card, wire transfer or a printed check.

Accounts Receivable

Customers may have multiple billing locations, discounts, periodic groups and sales taxes. You may invoice contracts, periodic billings, work orders or customer billings. A sales catalog provides storage of commonly used billing items, their prices and GL sales accounts.

Invoices may be create for edit or finalized and identified with a prefix, an invoice number and an optional suffix. Statements may be printed, as required, for all customers or for a single customer. Payments may be entered for AR invoices or GL accounts with a deposit worksheet printed. Payment history may be reviewed or voided by check number. AR Query allows review or reprint of open or paid invoices. Open invoices may be voided with an option of saving them for editing.

Contact Manager

  • Stores vendor, customer and employee physical and mailing addresses and other information.
  • Stores contact reporting preferences (mail, email or fax) and a query selection tag. *Allows query by state, zip or selection tag with output to word mail merge.


The equipment module allows you to record the purchase, location, service dates and insurance information about your equipment. Usage detail from meter readings, payroll, and rental billings is shown. The cost detail, from the equipment, is also shown. The maintenance module allows you to create, assign and scheduled preventative maintenance tasks and to record the notes of the task when completed for DOT compliance documentation. The worksheets module allows you to build usage, revenue and cost analysis spreadsheets, including depreciation, to analyze your equipment.

General Ledger

A max of a 16 digit GL account number may be used with up to four optional sub-account segments. The system is double entry and follows AICPA GAAP standards. Account groups allow very easy and flexible financial reporting. Multiple months may be open at a time. Administrators may close or re-open a month, when required. All journal entry detail is save bye fiscal yaer with complete query capability. Each balanced set of journal entries becomes a batch that may be reversed.

Recurring journal entries may be edited and posted to a specific month. Journal entries may be manually reviewed and posted or the auto post feature may be used to automatically post in balance journal entries. The optional fixed assets module allows depreciation worksheets with different depreciation methods. Bank Reconciliation is easy allowing checks and deposits to be cleared. The financial report writer allows you to create your own custom financial statements with up to 16 columns of budget, YTD or period data. Financial reports may be running groups and trial balances allow automatic posting of current retained earnings and profit & loss.

Inventory Control

Designed for internal sales to jobs or sales to others through AR billings. Inventory detail, by lot, allows tracking of sold inventory.

  • Average, FIFO, or LIFO Costing for Inventory or Project Management.
  • Flexible Item Query and reporting by Groups, or Locations.


Employees may be direct (charged to jobs) or indirect; salaried or hourly; and paid at different frequencies. Employees may be assigned up to a maximum of nine benefit plans or unions for an earnings transaction. For direct employees the taxes and insurance class come from the job and CostID. Additional compensation may be paid and optionally charged to jobs. All data may be over-ridden during payroll entry. Employees may have their check or authorized withholding optionally direct deposited. Payroll runs may be restarted and the entire run or selected checks may be voided. Complete payroll monthly, quarterly and annual reporting is provided an taxes may be electronically reported in any format.

Project Management


  • Job Costing
  • Contracts (AIA/Unit/T&M)
  • Subcontracts
  • Scheduling
  • Worksheets

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are used to control the ordering and payment for materials and services. You may add a unique PO or pattern from another. Once a PO is entered, it may be “issued” which prints, emails or faxes the PO, depending on the vendor preferences. When a bill comes in the PO update window allows you to confirm the quantities and prices against the issued PO. If there is a difference, a variance is required before the billing will be accepted.

Report Manager

  • Uses Crystal Reports allowing you to modify the furnished reports or write your own.
  • Reports may be run in groups allowing you to customize what is run in the applications.
  • Each user may have custom subset of the available reports tailored to their needs.
  • Over 350 reports are provided with the system. Pick and choose your favorites.

Service Management

The billing groups module allows flexible billing for labor, by rates, or cost type markups. The work order module, for short duration jobs, provides for payroll entry, service tasks, equipment, inventory or sales catalog detail. Work orders may be assigned to purchase orders. When the purchase order clears AP entry, the work order cost is updated and released for billing. The service contract module monitors and schedules customers for periodic service. The service tasks module groups estimated labor, inventory items and equipment together for billing. The dispatch module schedules work orders, assigns employees, provides payroll entry and visually lets you see the work load for each service technician. Dispatch allows you to complete work orders releasing them for billing.

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