A field management app to eliminate paperwork on the jobsite

About CrewTracks

CrewTracks is a field management app that helps construction companies eliminate paperwork on the jobsite. With this software, you can excel at daily reports, including custom document management for drawings, plans, or existing paper forms you’d like to digitize. CrewTracks production tracking features dynamically calculate expected efficiency rates to keep you on track, and has the usual field management features like GPS, timesheets, injury reporting, and jobsite photos. CrewTracks helps you stay on pace, tighten up your bids, and avoid costly communication delays.

CrewTracks is ideal for any construction company with self-performing crews. Most customers are specialty contractors, though the software also works for general contractors.

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  • Photo Timeclock: Quickly allow your Crew Leads or Foremen to clock his or her crew in and out. Look at photos in real time to see who showed up to the job site.
  • Production Tracking: Cumulative production per task is graphed against bid numbers to help you stay on budget
  • Document Management: Upload documents or plans and collaborate in real time via drawing tools and editable fields
  • Scheduling: Schedule jobs or phases, crews, equipment, materials, etc. See if a resource is already scheduled on another job or crew.
  • Crew Texting: Indicate what information should be received by each crew, and then text everyone in the company with just a couple of clicks.
  • Job Tracking: Allocate employee time to jobs, phase codes, or categories. Track time, materials, or units against time budgets.
  • GPS Tracking: See real-time where your crews are and where they’ve been during work hours.
  • Require Time Allocation: Optionally require your crews to ensure all time worked is properly job costed to a job
  • Equipment Tracking: Keep track of specific equipment hours for each job or phase and which jobsite has each piece equipment
  • Notes and Photos: Crews easily add notes and photos, which are stored with the job forever. Instantly see progress as it occurs
  • Real-Time Syncing: Enter change orders, shift employees between jobs, and have all data sync between all devices instantly.
  • Material Usage Tracking: Create a custom list of materials and record usage against a job and cost code
  • Weather Tracking: Automatic weather tracking based on location: temperature, sunny, rainy, snowy, etc. No user input required
  • Supervisor Approvals: Superintendents or Project Managers can approve or reject daily work by the crews and add notes and photos of their own
  • Offline Capability: Work offline, even with no Internet connection! All data is automatically synced once devices are back on a data connection
  • Reports: Get daily reports of the jobsites and crews, productivity, weekly time and overtime, or job time cards
  • Exports: Export payroll data, job costing data, equipment hours, and materials to your accounting system. Also export photos in batches or daily reports
  • Imports: Import budget data from your bidding software, including labor hours, equipment hours, and unit hours
  • Miscellaneous Data: Customize data collection to fit your need
  • Injury Tracking: Employees sign every day that they weren’t injured so you have a paper trail to reduce your risk
  • Customer Sign Off: Automatically generate a report, adjust as necessary, add notes, get a signature, and email a copy


CrewTracks pricing starts $15 per employee per month, though the total cost will depend on the size of your company. There is a FREE trial available.

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User Reviews of CrewTracks

Submitted on March 29th, 2022 by Michele Farinaccio from Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

I was worried about our oldest foreman, but he’s the one leading the charge! CrewTracks is really easy to use.

Submitted on March 29th, 2022 by Jenny Thomasson from Brazos Masonry

CrewTracks has cut my week in half. I no longer have to manually put in cost codes and payroll for 400 employees.

Submitted on March 29th, 2022 by Paul Franzen from ACME Construction

With CrewTracks, I can look and see every single employee in our company. I’m able to determine if we need to reallocate crews to different jobs to make sure the work gets completed.