A full ERP system designed by Deneb for construction companies.

About WinJob
  • Data-entry screens key mapped to utilize the 10-key pad or the mouse can be used, along with horizontal input.
  • Notes attached to Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Employees, Jobs, SubJobs, Phases, etc.
  • Total Committed Purchase Orders and Remaining Balance of Purchase Orders in Job Cost.
  • Multiple transfer and copy options in related modules.
  • 10 character Job, 6 character SubJob and 12 character Phase numbers in Job Cost.
  • Workers Comp and Prevailing Wage (or Union calculations) at either the Job or Phase level.
  • Fast ýSearch and Multiple Sort Byý Options on input screens.
  • Most widely requested Job Reports and a Report Writer.
  • Add, Edit, Delete and other needed functions easily accessible.
  • Tabs for easily defined input and set up screens.
  • Floating calculators and calendars at iput fields for efficient non-keyboard entry (pick & point) if desired.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable application controls disbursements by vendor or by job and keeps you aware of your cash flow. Aging reports and vendor worksheets provide efficient management of open accounts, with control of costs committed to current jobs or projects. The extensive monthly reports provide the detail needed for audits and control.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module is designed to keep you informed of outstanding invoices with an open-item system. Up-to-date control of job costs and billings is possible with Accounts Receivable.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation provides full audit control of your bank account balances. It provides audit control for multiple companies, and up to 15 bank accounts per company.

Account balances, check detail, and deposits are maintained by the program. Reports can be printed for cleared or uncleared items.


The Estimating module is a multi-user package with multi-company capabilities. The program can accommodate any individual estimator’s ýBlack Booký or company-standard method of estimating. Costs are determined by labor, material, and four other user-defined categories, each of which has ten subcategories.

Prebuilt databases that are compatible with WinJob Estimating are available from national and regional pricing services for industry-specific trades such as electrical and plumbing. In addition, databases from local pricing services can be interfaced to Deneb WinJob by using a specified standard format. Compatible databases are available directly from selected pricing services.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module automates the entire general ledger bookkeeping process for you, using the double entry bookkeeping system.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control application is designed to perform all functions relating to the control of inventory items and to provide automatic costing and pricing of materials. Purchase orders can update inventory on order. Receipts can be entered through Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, or Inventory. Items can be issued to a job when an estimate is transferred to Job Cost. Inventory Control can also track stock by multiple locations.

Job Cost

The Job Cost module brings together the estimated costs, committed costs, actual costs, and billings from other applications into a database for reporting and control. Job Cost maximizes performance of companies that work on a job or project basis.


The Payroll application is a comprehensive payroll system that handles all regular payroll functions, with the capacity for multiple company payrolls.

Employee masterfiles are maintained by the system, and timecard input can be made by employee or by job. Pay periods can be weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly. The module handles multiple locations and taxing of personel working in different job capacities and varying pay scales. Deduction categories are determined by you according to your needs. Checks are processed automatically, but the application can also handle paid-by-hand checks. In addition to printing checks, the module prints time cards, employee labels, and W-2s.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order application generates and tracks purchase orders, allowing you to change purchase orders as necessary, as well as enter material receipts.

Each item of the purchase order is tracked by type (for a job, customer, requisition/department, or stock), as well as quantity, cost, order status, and invoiced amount. Purchase order receipts may be entered either in the Purchase Order application or in the Accounts Payable application (if interfaced). Other features include supplier maintenance and several on-screen inquiry programs. Purchase orders can be printed as they are issued, or stored for batch printing. The program also prints supplier mailing labels.

Accounts Payable can be interfaced to Purchase Order, which can in turn be interfaced to Inventory Control and Job Cost. Purchase Order can also be run stand-alone.

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