A multi-module management system designed by Dexter + Chaney for construction and heating, a/c and ventilation companies.

About Venture

Documents are the life-blood of a project. Venture streamlines document management throughout the entire project lifecycle. Let Venture take over the tedious tasks that sap your time and energy while you focus on getting the project built. Streamline the flow of project information and reduce manual effort with features such as centralized document storage, automatic version control, and audit trail creation. Venture has the tools you need to keep all project team members up-to-date and using the current documentation.

Venture provides a contact list specifically designed for the construction industry. Search for and organize contacts by construction codes, locations, or bond expiration date. Venture even allows contacts to maintain their own information in your database! No more wondering if you have the right information when someone is on the line needing an answer.

Venture’s notification system simplifies communication with your team members while providing you with insight to team activity. Venture gathers information throughout the project to help you quickly notify your team about important project tasks and events.

With Venture on your project team, you can concentrate on what you do best - building projects - while Venture takes care of the tedious tasks. No other single product makes it easier or more cost effective to manage the documents and communications between you and your project team members. And Venture is free for all of the subs and vendors on your project team.

Product Features

Document Management

  • Upload any document type from any computer with Internet access
  • Upload single documents or groups of files and folders quickly and easily
  • Centralized document storage allows access to everyone involved in the project
  • Subs and vendors access their own personalized web page and only see their assigned projects and documents
  • Multiple static and smart folders let you to organize documents any way you want
  • Automatic document versioning
  • Notify people when a document or folder content changes
  • Control which version of a document people see
  • Complete audit trail for all project documents throughout the project
  • Project-specific security lets you control who sees particular information
  • Issue Builder lets you assemble issue documentation and issue for team use once it’s complete
  • Track document activity instantly by team member or individual document
  • Automatic document audit trail
  • Markup, discuss, takeoff, and order printed versions of document


  • Static and smart address books organize your contacts any way you want
  • Control access to specific projects and even folders within the project
  • Prequalify subcontractors and vendors
  • Project partners can enter and update their own information
  • Capture and search for detailed construction-specific contact information, including:
    • Personnel / organizational information (Union status, LEED information, BIM capability)
    • Company financial profiles
    • Special status or certifications (MBE, WBE, DBE)
    • Insurance, Workmen’s Comp & Bonding status and expiration
    • Safety performance and information
    • Professional references
  • Attach documents and certificates to contact record


  • Connect people both inside and outside your company throughout the life of a project
  • Notify invitees or team members when new documents, new versions, or other items need attention
  • Make your existing project management system work for all your team members
  • Bid work using single or multiple bid packages
  • Offer free access to project documents for all subs and vendors
  • Personalized web pages for subs to access project details, documents, and manage information


  • Track correspondence activity throughout the project lifecycle
  • Monitor communication status
  • Generate complete audit trails of all communication
  • See at-a-glance how people have responded to invitations to bid
  • Assess partner participation status

Often times more important than the accounting, are all of the spokes in the wheel that is the project. Each spoke represents employees, equipment, sub-contractors, suppliers, engineers, architects, distributors, and documents associated with the job.

Venture is a single solution that allows you to better manage all spokes in the wheel ensuring you and your staff are up to date and staying on top of the project.


Any builder will tell you that managing the paperwork on a job can be a nightmare. Venture has a document management that allows for one point of contact for all users to scan documents, associated the documents to the project and store those documents. Other features include document markup, folder discussions and takeoff.

So, there are a lot of programs that track documents, but how many can do the following:

  • Monitor who has opened, downloaded or edited a document
  • Automatically send project notifications based on your defined rules
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of changes
  • Offer tools to your team such as electronic takeoff


Venture was designed and built for the construction industry and construction people. Manage the contacts for each project, prequalify subs and vendors, maintain information about subs (including financial background, safety record, bonding and insurance).

Venture’s Smart Address Book helps organize your contacts. View a basic snapshot of each contact to know if:

  • The contact is an architect, subcontractor, owner, user, general contractor or customer
  • What kind of work does this organization perform?
  • Where do they work? Do they have multiple offices?
  • Are they a certified MBE, DBE or WBE?
  • Are they a union shop?
  • What is their bond limit and do they have insurance and are they state insured?


Venture automatically logs and records not only project notifications but team responses as well. You have full visibility into project activity and maintain a complete archive of project communications. Venture’s automatic audit trail instantly tracks project communications and gives you instant insight into which documents people have viewed, downloaded or printed. The next time you need to report on project status, Venture puts the information you need in your hands.


The goal of the Venture software is to allow for better management of the projects. Project managers can view updates, make changes, create notifications and correspondence, and manage internal staff. What better way to oversee all aspects of a project than use the Venture system.

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