eTEK Construction Systems

A full ERP system designed by eTEK International for construction companies.

About eTEK Construction Systems

For close to 20 years, eTEK has offered a broad range of accounting & business management systems designed specifically for general contractors in the construction industry. Systems are available for either cloud-based, traditional LAN-based, or a “hybrid” combination of proven technology platforms.

Systems are configured to meet specific customer requirements. For example, if a customer needs an integrated certified payroll program, that program is fully integrated with job costing and accounting; if payroll is not needed, labor costs can still be brought into an integrated accounting & job cost solution as required. Cloud-based systems are sold via low-cost software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions, which include an option to include web-based Microsoft Office applications. LAN-based systems are installed and run on the customer’s own in-house servers.

Both versions include a not for resale source code license, thus permitting eTEK to be easily integrated with other applications used in the customer’s organization; and both are available in the customer’s choice of Access databases (small-to-mid-sized organizations) or SQL Server databases (mid-to-larger organizations).

Major benefits cited most often by users and independent CPA’s include: 1) low total cost of ownership, 2) ease of use, 3) superior customer support, 4) flexibility, and 5) scalability.

eTEK typically costs about half of comparable systems from major competitors. Designed to be fully compatible with Microsoft Office applications, new eTEK users find it easy to become productive with eTEK. Training and support is provided directly by full-time employees of eTEK, not by 3rd party dealers or resellers. As a result, eTEK training & customer support is consistently rated very highly.

Flexibility is built into all eTEK systems, starting with the ability to define and use account number and job cost numbering structures that match the way general contractors actually do business, including a large number of built-in reports, all of which can be easily modified/customized further as desired.

Scalability provides a practical benefit supporting future growth. With eTEK users can start as small as one user, then grow to as many users as needed, across multiple companies, each with multiple departments, with no need to re-train or buy another version of eTEK. Upgrades to larger database versions can typically be made in one day; with no change in operations or functions by end-users.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

Features include no limits on the number of suppliers/vendors; on-the-fly ability to add new vendors, immediate drill-downs, numerous payment selection options, templates for splits/allocations, tied-in with job cost and purchasing as well as general ledger.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

Features include numerous invoice types such as contract/progress billing, AIA billing, time & materials, user-defined bill rate invoicing, with no limits on the number of customers; ability to automatically handle retainage, ability to apply sales tax by line item, sales tax reporting and automatic tie-in to multi-phase job costing, sales/work orders, and general ledger.


On-Line Audit is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

Immediate, on-line audit trails are built-in allowing drill-down to source transactions/journal entries & subsidiary modules such as Payroll, AP, AR, & Inventory; system also automatically tracks and records actual system usage by user including automated error trapping/recording.


Budgeting is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

Financial operating account budgets can be easily generated for all income and expense accounts with a built-in ability to import/export to/from Microsoft Excel/Access; budgets can be set for multiple companies, divisions, departments & product/service lines. System includes comprehensive actual vs. budget variance analysis & reporting by current period and YTD.

Cash Management

Cash Management is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

A complete bank reconciliation program is built-in to all versions with an unlimited number of bank accounts; this module includes an un-cleared checks report, cash requirements reporting & analysis as well as a formal GAAP-style statement of cash flows.


CRM is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

System includes a comprehensive and unlimited database of key records for all customers, suppliers and employees; information which can be linked and integrated with just about any other 3rd party CRM system available.

eDOC Document Management

eDOC is eTEK’s exclusive document management module that is available in all eTEK Construction Systems. Typical applications of eDOC include the following: quotes, proposals, contracts, AP invoices, PO’s, receipts, drawings, pictures of parts/equipment, & other business transactions. Importantly, eTEK provides this module on a customer-by-customer basis, incorporating your unique business rules into the flow and routing of scanned documents in the best way your organization works. eTEK fits eDOC into how their customers actually operate their business.


Estimating is included in the Job Cost module of eTEK Construction Systems.

All eTEK Construction Systems Systems include the ability to create and edit estimates of labor, material, equipment and just about any other type of expense; down to as detailed of level as desired (such as tasks within phases within jobs within projects). In addition, eTEK provides the ability to import detailed estimates from a variety of 3rd party estimating programs.

Fixed Assets

Equipment is included as part of the Job Cost module in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

The equipment module provides the ability to charge the use of owned or leased equipment to any level of project/jobs/phases/tasks however desired and also tracks the expenses charged to maintaining equipment used via the AP module

Fixed Assets (Optional): eTEK Construction Systems can be linked to just about any 3rd party fixed assets (FA) program because of its open database architecture. Since most CPA’s have a preference for their own particular FA program, we work closely with our customer’s CPAs to make their chosen FA a seamless add-on.

General Ledger

General Ledger is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

eTEK’s general ledger provides a complete accrual-based, GAPP-compliant structure with user-defined chart of accounts based upon 4 segments, each with a capacity up to 9 digits each, with complete user-defined alpha descriptions assigned to each account/division/department/product. System is designed for multi-company use with the ability to define up to 366 fiscal periods/year if desired; includes automatic reversal of journal entries and extensive drill-downs to all detailed source transactions behind over 200 built-in financial reports.


Inventory is an optional module available for all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

eTEK’s inventory control module is fully integrated with all other appropriate and related modules comprising eTEK Construction Systems such as Sales Order, Purchasing, Job Cost and Billing. Provides an unlimited ability to define and use both inventory and non-inventory (types of labor) items for T&M billing, Purchasing and Sales/Work Orders. This is a “real-time” Inventory system with no limits on user-defined unit of measures; an unlimited number of price-tiers can be setup and used by customer; there is no limitation on the number of inventory locations that can be tracked; built-in reports pin-point slow-moving/excess material. Importantly, this module includes the ability to set up and use “kitting” combined with multiple price levels by user’s customer.

Job Cost

Job Cost is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

There is no practical limit to the level of detail in eTEK’s job cost module that can be setup and used to always know where you stand on any project/job with all actual costs compared to your estimates; sophisticated project management reports include job cost WIP reporting on-line and clearly identifies profitable and unprofitable projects/jobs (and uses a powerful estimate-to-complete feature so you can avoid losing money on large projects/jobs).

System tracks change orders for subcontractors and customers; automatically links CO’s to complete AIA billing capabilities. Management reports include over/under billing & receipts analysis as well as complete vendor analysis and direct costs analysis, including equipment/labor charges.

Independent reviews of construction software confirm that eTEK’s Job Cost module provides the most powerful and flexible job costing functionality available today in the software industry. The basic reason for this: the user has the ability to define an unlimited number of projects, consisting of an unlimited number of jobs, each with an unlimited number of phases; and each phase with an unlimited number of tasks & the scope and range likely exceeds the needs of some of the largest project management companies in the world today.


Payroll is an optional module available for all versions of the eTEK Construction Systems.

eTEK’s payroll module is fully integrated with all other appropriate and related modules with the capacity to define and use an unlimited number of user-defined wage class and wage group designations; unlimited deduction types, fully integrated workers comp, complete multi-state certified payroll system with extensive labor cost analysis & reporting … includes option for direct deposit payroll via the #1 leading national service tied directly to user’s own bank(s). Extensive union reporting and user-defined payroll report wizard is built-in. Maximum flexibility for pay periods and combining hourly and salaried payroll runs; complete audit trails. Year-end W-2’s and tax table updates are included in your Payroll support.


Purchasing is an optional module available for all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

eTEK purchasing is fully integrated with accounts payable, inventory, job costing and other modules; includes ability to setup and use master PO’s; approved PO’s are included in job cost analysis (so you do not miss any pending expenses); provides for partial receipts/differing quantities, and/or changes in project/job between time PO generated and material is received.

Report Writers

Report Writers are included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

System includes two built-in report writers in both the Payroll and Job Cost modules that allow the user to create any custom/specialized report they need. In addition, since eTEK includes not only an open, ODBC-compliant database, but also provides the system administrator with an open main menu table, any number of custom reports created by the report writers (or Microsoft Access/Crystal Reports/Microsoft SQL Server) can be easily added as permanent additional built-in reports for any module in the system, however desired.


Security is an integral part of all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

eTEK Construction Systems provides a powerful built-in security administration capability that allows customers to tailor their multi-user implementations so that the actual end-user desktop menus are carefully setup so that only the desired modules and related data entry, inquiry, reporting and actions are permitted. This application-level security is over and above what the users may have implemented with their network.

Time & Materials Billing/Invoicing

T&M Billing is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

If you can define it & you can bill it with eTEK. Specifically, our T&M allows you to set up and define in bill rate schedules applicable to any or all of your customers, exactly how and when you want to bill your “costs”. The system insures that any costs booked into your system are either billed or not, in a manner you choose. The way you bill for your construction work is totally up to you. We have been told we have the most flexible T&M billing capability in the industry.

Work Orders

Work Orders is an optional module available for all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

This module is integrated with AR and allows the ability to add new customers “on-the-fly”; work orders can be scheduled via Microsoft Outlook; this module includes the ability for immediate ship and invoice, module includes sales/work order quotes (saves time entering data when quote is approved); backorders are handled automatically if desired; fully integrated with Inventory and Job Cost.

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