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About HD PCM

HD PCM gives owners, EPCMs, and contractors confidence in their project data by centralizing cost and productivity. HD PCM includes HD Project Estimating, HD Project Performance, and HD Project Intelligence. HD PCM integrates with takeoff (On Center On-Screen Takeoff, CAE Studio 5D Planner) schedule (MS Project and bi-directional integration with Primavera P6) and ERP (SAP, Oracle JD Edwards).

Features include:

Historical Benchmarking - Easily compare cost and productivity values in the current estimate to historical norms. Streamline estimate reviews by instantly spotting items outside the historical range.

Budget & Change Control - Manage three sets of budget data: original budget, current budget, and current estimate. Use the original budget to permanently preserve the baseline, and track approved changes in the current budget.

Rational Forecasting - Select the best forecast method to use for each item depending on its progress and other criteria. Enter manual forecasts with a required explanation and a full audit trail.

Time-Phased Cost Modeling - Analyze and manage expected costs with time-phased cost modeling and forecasting to secure project funding. Evaluate the impact of spend levels over time to adjust resources and budget allocations.

Connect Projects to ERP - Leverage total visibility across a project. HD easily integrates with systems like SAP and JD Edwards.

Integrate Schedule & Cost - Break from legacy systems with HD’s dynamic scheduling and cost integration, creating a single environment to allow cost and resource loaded scheduling.

Manage cost estimate changes in real-time with Primavera and Microsoft Project integration. Estimates and schedules remain in sync throughout a project.

Transparent Productivity - Respond to field or market changes rapidly with business decisions based on current productivity (KPIs) compared to lessons learned from historical projects.

Manage Progress - Eliminate hundreds of wasted man-hours by accessing real-time field data collection.

EV & Productivity Insight - Gain insight into man-hours, costs, and productivity down to the resource level. HD delivers resource level progress tracking, EVM and forecast cost-to-completion.

Integration with Primavera or Microsoft Project and HD allows agile decision making via the bi-directional data flow based on changes in scope or schedule.

Design / Takeoff - As changes occur to the design, modifications to the estimate and schedule are automated throughout the entire cycle, recalculating the effects of design and quantity changes, and eliminating manual entry.

Estimate - Create detailed or conceptual estimates with third-party cost data, historical benchmarks, real-time cash flow analysis, crews and assemblies, and production rates.

Schedule - Connect with Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project for live cost changes in estimates and schedules; keeping projects on budget and on time. Estimates and schedules are in sync throughout the project, saving calculation time and increasing project accuracy.

Progress - Track project progress and productivity with web-based progress updates. Collect timesheets data from jobsites, while sharing data electronically - eliminating double entries and standardizing data collection from other sources.

Finance - Integrate with more than 35 financial and ERP systems including Timberline, Viewpoint, JD Edwards, Dexter + Chaney, Computer Guidance Corporation, Oracle, and SAP.

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