Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

A job cost application designed by Hardhat.

About Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software offers the most comprehensive, fully integrated, cost-effective, complete Job Cost Management Accounting Software available today. Hardhat has been providing Job Cost Accounting Software to the Construction Industry since 1973. With the Hardhat Software, all Accounting Applications feed to Job Cost, data is entered once. Hardhat provides all the necessary tools to allow you to perform your Accounting processes with ONE software package, eliminating the possibility of duplicating errors.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software specializes in Construction Job Cost Accounting.

Hardhat allows for your own tailor-made software, meeting the needs of YOUR COMPANY, allowing YOUR COMPANY to do your job, YOUR WAY. The Hardhat software allows you to run your business your way (your Accounting Software should change for you, you shouldnýt have to change for your Accounting Software).

Multi-User, multi-tasking capabilities: allowing unlimited number of users. For example, multiple users can be entering Payroll at same time. No need for other users to have to exit a module before you can access that particular module.

Key Features of Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

Complete In Applications…

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has all the applications you need to control Job Cost. There is no duplication of work with Hardhat. Data is entered only one time and it feeds all the way through to the Job Cost, Equipment Cost, General Ledger, and Financial Statements. There are over 1000 reports and inquiry options built into Hardhat.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software is used by construction companies with a small number of employees to several of the largest companies in ENR ratings. Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software will fit you . . . regardless of your type of work or size. You will never outgrow Hardhat.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows for multiple companies as well as multiple locations and divisions.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software is Flexible

It does your job . . . your way. Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has its own built-in database/generator system that allows you to define how you want the software to do your job. We can truly say that every user of Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software does their job - their way.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows you to define your own Chart of Accounts, your Jobs, your Phases, your Income and Expense codes, etc. The software also allows you to use the AIA, CSI, or your own numbering scheme.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software is Friendly

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows complete online maintenance in all applications - at all times. You can set up new Vendors, Customers, Jobs, Phases, Equipment, Employees, etc. as you need to. This saves tremendous pre-input time.

There is no need to look up General Ledger Accounts, Employee, Job, Vendor, or Customer numbers prior to input. Look up for these numbers is available at all times. This is a tremendous time saver and assures accuracy.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software Is a Real-time System.

Your total system is always as up-to-date as your last input of information. There is no need to wait until the end of the day, week, month, or year to find out how or where you stand on your Jobs, Equipment, Subcontractors, Financial Status, etc.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software Meets Standard Accounting Principles

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software meets all GAAP (Generally Accepted Account Principles). The software maintains ABSOLUTE detail for an UNLIMITED number of years for Jobs, Equipment, Payroll, General Ledger, etc., thus providing the most extensive audit trails available. In addition Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software allows you to maintain your Transaction Journals (updates) indefinitely. The software also offers extensive levels of security that are user defined.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software has True Multi-User Capabilities

With a multi-user system you can have multiple people doing the same and/or different applications at the same time. Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software fully supports this capability.

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software Enhancements and Improvements

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software is always being improved. In addition to all federal and state requirements, we are constantly striving to make the software better by offering additional modules, enhancements, as well as ýbells and whistles.ý Our goal is to always make your installation ýTHE BEST ONE.ý We listen to you … our customers.

All of these features, taken together, make Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software the best worker you can have. It’s flexible and on the job at all times, working to help you win contracts build profits, and be the best in your area.

Accounts Payable

  • The Accounts Payable Module contains many timesaving tools used to manage out-going cash and the costs to your jobs.

  • Designed for easy input, allowing you to quickly track vendor and subcontractor payments.

  • Actual costs are easily generated and posted into Job Cost, General Ledger, Equipment Costing, and Time and Material Billing.

  • Entering Accounts Payable Invoices and printing Checks have never been easier.

  • Recurring payments such as Rent and Loan Payments. No need to manually enter the same invoices every month.

  • Set defaults for Discount and Terms for each vendor.

  • Set default distribution for each vendor: Set Utilities Expense account as default for the Utility Company.

  • Fully integrated to Purchase Orders. Warnings are displayed if the invoice amount exceeds the Purchase Order amounts.

  • Warnings are displayed if the invoice amounts exceed the Budgeted Cost for the Job.

  • Cash Requirements Report showing Outstanding Amounts by Vendor or by Job.

  • Print or view Date-Sensitive aged Accounts Payable for prior periods.

  • Separate Subcontract Payables and Retainage Payables on the General Ledger and Accounts Payable Aging Reports.

  • Separate Retainage on Job Cost Reports.

  • Ability to setup different payment terms (number of days, 10th of the month, 15th of the month, etc.).

  • Ability to enter quantity and dollar amounts when entering Accounts Payable invoices. Shows on Job Cost Reports for cost variance analysis.

  • 1099 Printing. Information is accumulated from A/P Invoice Amounts.

  • Subcontractor Cost are maintained, including Contract Amount, Change Orders,

  • Invoices received and payments made on Contracts.

  • Retainage Tracking.

  • Design your own Purchase Order Printing Format.

  • Ability to print signature on Checks.

  • Purchase Order amounts show on Committed Job Cost Report.

  • Vendor Payments are maintained, enabling review of past bills and payments.

  • Invoices may be adjusted, with the adjustments being posted automatically to Job Cost and General Ledger.

  • Override on discounts at check writing.

  • Invoices may be posted to previous financial periods IF NECESSARY. Controlled.

  • Easy-to-follow payment selection. Invoices may be selected by job, by vendor, and/or by due date.

  • Complete Check Reconciliation.

  • Special Hold Status for invoices you are not ready to pay but want the cost reflection in Job Cost, General Ledger, and Time and Material Billing.

  • Vendors can be setup ýon-the-flyý for more efficient data input.

  • Laser and traditional tractor-fed checks are supported. All check formats are supported.

  • Partial Pay on invoices.

  • Maintain memos for each invoice.

  • Joint checks.

  • Direct Depositing available.

  • Maintains Inventory last cost and quantity on-hand.

  • Automatic Worker’s Compensation deduction for subcontractors.

  • Manual check processing.

  • Maintain Insurance Certificates for subcontractors. Checks for expiration dates when entering Accounts Payable invoices.

Accounts Receivable

  • Managing Accounts Receivable directly impacts Cash Flow. Having total control means getting invoices out on time and collecting money quicker.

  • With Hardhat, you can produce Time and Material Billing, Unit Price, Contract, Cost-Plus, AIA, and Progress Billings.

  • Billing information is posted to Job Cost for up-to-the-minute cost versus billing reports.

  • Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with all of the other Hardhat modules.

  • Progress Billings are posted to bid items. Over and Under Billings are highlighted.

  • Cash Receipts entry designed for special contractor requirements.

  • Posting direct to Job Cost - keeping your cost-versus-billings up-to-date.

  • Complete customer history, enabling you to track customer’s purchasing habits and paying status.

  • Posting to General Ledger, providing an accurate picture of your financial status.

  • Invoices may be posted to previous and future accounting periods.

  • Many types of invoices may be stored and posted at later dates, particularly important for AIA and contract billings where the payment and billing are not always the same amounts.

  • Full Retention Tracking.

  • Sales tax is tracked with any combination of State, County, City, and Local tax authorities.

  • Finance Charges may be computed at any time during the month.

  • A/R Invoice Printing. Many different formats available or design your own.

  • A/R Invoice Printing - Options to print multiple copies. Invoices can be created in PDF Format and can be Emailed.

  • Proposals can be entered and printed in a format similar to the actual A/R Invoice. Can easily turn the Proposal into an Invoice and can be printed as an Invoice.

  • A/R Invoice Input can be used as Point-of-Sale, with payment as Cash and/or Credit Card.

  • A/R Statements Printing. Many different formats available or design your own format.

  • Date-Sensitive Aging Reports for prior periods.

  • Aged Retainage amounts separately from current Accounts Receivable amounts.

  • Proposed and accepted change order billing tracking.

  • Support of subcontractor billing.

AIA / Progress Billings

Track Scheduled Value, Current Payment Due, Retainage, Net Change by Change Orders, Contract Sum To Date, Total Completed and Stored To Date, Retainage, Current Payment Due. Produce Progress Billing Invoices, Application for Certificate and Payment and Continuation Sheet, prints Change Order detail. Hardhat can easily create custom formats.

Bank Reconciliation

With Hardhat’s Bank Reconciliation Module, reconciling Bank Statements is a simple and fast process. After entering your ending balance, you simply select the deposits, withdrawals, bank transfers, and checks from the statement. Balancing a checkbook couldn’t be easier! Service Charges and Interest Earned can be entered automatically. The Bank Check Register shows the beginning balance, all activity along with a running balance and ending balance.

Certified Payroll

Certified Payroll Reports, such as prevailing wage, WH-347, and statement of compliance, along with State and Municipality-Required forms, are automatically produced in Hardhat. These forms can also be produced in PDF format and can be sent electronically. Hardhat allows you to instantly produce these reports for any payroll period providing you with the ability to re-run a report from prior periods, even after the correction of errors or omissions.

Change Orders

The Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software offers many tools for tracking of Change Orders.

Profit and Loss Reports can be maintained for each Change Order.

Equipment Costing

The Equipment module has been designed to track Equipment usage and provides information about services performed on the Equipment. The module includes multiple reports to supply data about the operating costs for any particular piece of Equipment. Equipment Costing interfaces with Payroll, Inventory Control and Accounts Payable. Equipment usage may be entered directly during timesheet entry in Payroll. From Accounts Payable, purchases may be posted directly to a piece of Equipment. A requisition from Inventory can be charged to a piece of Equipment. The hourly operating rate of Equipment can be charged out to Jobs which will post as income to the Equipment, resulting in Profit and Loss data for each piece of Equipment.

Equipment Depreciation / Fixed Assets

Hardhat’s Equipment Depreciation program allows you to expense the Depreciation monthly, accurately and timely. Helps to give you a better picture of your Profit and Loss rather than posting the Depreciation Expense at the end of the year.

Equipment Maintenance Scheduling

Keep track of when Preventive Maintenance items are due on each piece of Equipment. User-defined items such as Oil and Filter Changes, Tire Rotation, Fuel Filter, etc. Also, entry of special notes for each piece of Equipment (THIS TRUCK IS REALLY DIRTY. PLEASE WASH).

Equipment Rental

Hardhat’s Equipment Rental Module is ideal for the renting of Equipment such as Lawn Mowers, Backhoes, Trailers, Welders, Etc. Also allows for Point-of-Sale.

Financial Reporting

  • Design your own Financial Statements. Hardhat’s easy-to-use Financial Statement designer allows up-to-last-entry Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. Design Cash Flow Reports too.

  • Print Consolidated Financial Statements showing multiple companies.

General Ledger

  • Financial Reports can be generated for opened and closed fiscal periods.

  • The ability to control postings to previous and future months and years. No need to ýcloseý the previous month.

  • Comprehensive Audit Trail Reports can be viewed or printed by journal number or in General Ledger account order.

  • Provides a variety of reports to aid in tracking your financial position, including Detail Transaction, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

  • Allows for separate tracking of multiple companies simultaneously. Create Accounts ýon-the-flyý, saving time, no need to leave the posting program to add new accounts.

  • Simple ýT Accountý style of General Ledger detail information. User-definable Chart of Accounts number format, permitting use of your current account format. Or use Hardhat’s standard Chart of Accounts and add, delete, or modify.

  • Reference description for each posting enables you to determine the origination of each posting.

  • Supports Departmental Profit and Loss (divisionalized accounting).

  • Complete Bank Reconciliation.

  • Ability to hide any accounts that you are not using anymore.

  • Recurring Journal Entries.


  • The Inventory Control module includes all the components necessary to track the costs of material sold to a customer, a job, or even a piece of equipment.

  • The Inventory Module interfaces with all of the other Hardhat modules.

  • The Purchase Order Control module is fully linked to Inventory Control, Accounts Payable and Job Costing modules.

  • Hardhat’s Inventory Module furnishes a view of what has been ordered but not yet received.

  • Easy access to determine which Purchase Orders are still outstanding on a job.

  • Keeps track of the cost of an item purchased in the past.

  • Allows owners and managers to obtain detailed information about past and future purchases, quickly and easily.

  • Interfaces to Plant and Scale Ticketing systems for automatic billing.

  • User defined fields allow you the flexibility to attach custom information fields to Inventory items.

  • Posting to Job Costing and Equipment Cost modules keeps Inventory, job costing and equipment cost up-to-date.

  • The Inventory Module allows you to transfer Inventory from job to job or item return from the job to Inventory.

  • Flexible Inventory quantities. Each Inventory item may be broken into sub-units for sale. For example, buy an item by the roll but sell by the foot.

  • Flexible pricing and formats. Pricing and quantities may be displayed and printed in a variety of formats and styles. Six prices are maintained in Inventory Control which are linked to the customer files.

  • Global cost and price adjustments. If the entire line of a product goes up in price, in cost or by a certain percentage, the item or group of items may be easily adjusted. This also adjusts the price that customers will pay.

  • Multi-location Inventory. Keep track of items in multiple warehouses, trucks, etc.

  • Inventory may be viewed for quantity and costs on hand, on order and what has been used to-date.

  • Import from Pricing Services, automatically updating Inventory with current prices.

  • Inventory and Sales Reports by Plant, Product, and Customer.

  • Multiple Pricing Tables supported by Plant, Customer, Job, etc.

  • All Inventory items are available in the Accounts Receivable freeform invoicing. This in turn will reduce Inventory and increase the quantity sold.

  • Ability to track parts Inventory by warehouse, shop, job location, etc.

  • Various Inventory Methods (LIFO, FIFO, Weighted Average).

  • Fully integrated to Purchase Orders and Service Orders.

  • Ability to track stored materials on Jobs with appropriate impact for Job Cost Reporting.

  • Price List Item processing for non-inventory items.

  • Bin numbers may be assigned and reports printed in bin number order, allowing for easy counting of Physical Inventories.

  • Physical Inventory count sheets may be printed on a cycle basis, providing tracking of Inventory on trucks and in the warehouse.

  • Purchase Order sub-system that contains the facilities for entering purchase orders, printing them and receiving the Inventory.

  • Purchase Order Control allows for lot prices. Lot prices allow the operator to put in a group of items that is quoted in one lump sum price.

  • Interfaces directly to Accounts Payable module.

  • The complete Purchase Order is available for viewing or changing during invoice entry. This permits the operator to review quoted prices, determined if items have been received, or see if the invoice exceeds the purchase order amount.

  • Enter a single purchase order to several different jobs or to several bid items on the same job.

Job Cost

  • The Job Cost Module is the Heart of the Hardhat software, tracking the status of current jobs and their profitability.

  • Data from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Time and Material Billing, AIA, Service Work Order, Inventory, General Ledger, Equipment post to Job Cost.

  • Complete quantity costing entry, tracking and reporting, for both labor and units.

  • Comparison of estimate unit price to actual unit price.

  • Income/Billings tracked for each bid item for cash flow purposes.

  • Track labor costs: compare labor hours and dollars with estimates.

  • Import Budgets from third party Estimating Software.

  • Shows cost of each job for regular, overtime, and double-time hours and dollars.

  • Complete Change Order control for both contracts and budgets. Allows for tracking of original, change orders, and current budgets.

  • Reporting can be broken down into multiple levels of details. Reports can be accessed to show all detail, summarize by category, by phase, or the complete job.

  • Cost codes can be customized to your needs and preferences. Different cost structures can be set up for each job or can be easily copied from job to job.

  • Create a database for jobs that have repetitive categories or phases, eliminating the need to re-enter all categories or phases each time a new job begins.

  • Flexible job phases and category numbering system.

  • Job Cost Analysis Report to computer Over/Under Billings.

  • Ability to adjust cost estimates to get proper Over/Under Billings. Drill Down ability to source transactions.

  • Export Job Cost amounts to spreadsheets.

  • Reports showing work-on-hand, projected cost and savings, unit cost and actual vs. budget.

  • Audit reports of all Job Cost adjustments.

  • Apply variable payroll overhead rates.

  • Apply variable equipment rates.

  • Integration with General Ledger to allow reconciliation to Job Cost Reports.

  • Projection of remaining contract cost by phase codes.

  • Ability to adjust contract budgets amounts.

  • Budget vs. Actual Reporting by contract phase code.

  • Unlimited number of phase codes.


  • The Payroll Module handles a variety of needs, from simple, small crews to Payrolls with hundreds of employees working on numerous jobs in several unions across multiple states.

  • The Payroll data updates automatically to Job Cost, General Ledger, Equipment Costing, and Time and Material Billing.

  • Time can be automatically imported from the Service Work Order module.

  • Full integration with all other modules.

  • Multiple levels of security.

  • Certified (prevailing wage) entry, tracking and reporting is as simple as setting up the pay rates in your job - the system automatically pays the correct prevailing wages and will produce a certified report that may be submitted directly to the state.

  • The ability to enter time against Jobs, Equipment, or non-job accounts.

  • Full tracking and reporting of Worker’s Compensation. Allows for an employee’s time to be posted to Jobs with multiple Worker’s Compensation codes based on the employee’s specific task of the day or Labor Classification.

  • Payroll Checks with a comprehensive check stub, keeping the employee fully informed of Pay Calculations. The check can be designed to show all pay rates, special earnings and deductions.

  • Direct Deposit available. Supports Automated Clearing House direct deposit capabilities, producing a file that can be sent to the bank or uploaded on the bank’s website.

  • The same checks can be used for both Payroll and Accounts Payable.

  • W-2 Forms, Electronic Reporting of W-2 Information and Unemployment Information for all states.

  • 941 and 940 Reporting.

  • More than one person can be entering Payroll time at any given time.

  • Unlimited number of Unions, Worker’s Compensation Classifications. Complete tracking of fringes and deductions for each employee by Union.

  • Certified Payroll Reporting.

  • CAD-880 and CAD-881 Reporting (Mississippi).

  • Complete Union Tracking for various pay scales and benefits.

  • Union Calculations based on effective date of rate changes for fringes and deductions in one Payroll period.

  • Capable of handling various forms of employee benefits such as IRA 401k Plans and Section 125 Cafeteria Plans.

  • Automatic Employee Receivables deduction tracking, continue deducting until loans are completely repaid.

  • Many different import file layouts and can integrate with other third-party timecard applications.

  • Time entry screen is very user-friendly and also offers the ability to enter time without seeing pay rates.

  • Allows for multiple Labor Classes and Pay Rates by job. Hardhat expenses Payroll overhead (insurance, Worker’s Comp, FICA, union benefits, and other burden items) to the jobs. Hardhat offers flexibility on overhead allocations.

  • No limits on reporting information. You will be able to access Payroll information for any period and across years.

  • All Reports can be printed in PDF format. Payroll information can be exported to Excel.

  • Ability to control which users can access data at various pay levels, the option to create and assign an unlimited number of user IDs and passwords, and easy-to-follow audit trails.

  • Allows you to post hours to Jobs or to Shop. Or, if the Employee was repairing a piece of Equipment, you can post the hours directly to the Equipment, providing you with accurate Equipment Costs.

  • Hardhat offers multiple time card entry options (daily, weekly) by type of employee.

  • Automated printing of signature on Payroll checks available.

  • Payroll data can be exported to external Payroll Processing services.

  • Ability to print Certified Reports for previous Payrolls.

  • Full support of reciprocating localities and states - local tax calculations are completely automated.

  • Ability to have up 30 Deductions, 10 Union Deductions, 10 Union Fringes, and 7 Tax Deductions (Federal Tax, Social Security, Medicare, State Tax, Local Tax, County Tax, City Tax).

  • Time Card Printing available with many different formats.

  • Payroll Input Import options from spreadsheets or other applications, saving time of manual input.

  • Options to hide earnings from reports.

  • Tracking of Sick Hours, Vacation Hours, and Holiday Hours. EEOC minority utilization reports.

  • An employee can work in multi-states in one pay period.

  • Time entry screen designed to easily enter time to many different jobs and phases for each day for each employee.

  • Check sorting by divisions or work crews.

Purchase Orders

Use the Purchase Order module to control over-billing by your vendors. Interfaces with the Inventory Module. Committed Job Cost Report showing the Purchase Order Amounts plus Actual Job-To-Date Amounts.

Quantity Tracking

The Quantity Tracking module allows you to track original quantities, daily production quantities, invoiced quantities, and quantities paid. This module can be extremely helpful when dealing with contractors that pay based on their own estimates of work performed. Tracks Bond Amounts, Tax Amounts, and Retainage. Track Scheduled Value, Current Payment Due, Retainage, Net Change by Change Orders, Contract Sum To Date, Total Completed and Stored To Date, Retainage, Current Payment Due. Produce Progress Billing Invoices.

Service Work Order

Hardhat’s Service Work Order Management Module is an easy-to-use, intuitive system designed for use by the contractor with a Service Department. It provides a Dispatch Board and tracks Service Work Orders and Call History by Customer and Site. The various Schedule Board formats assist you in better managing your service load and planning for peak periods, Preventive Maintenance Calls, and Service Technician Scheduling. The system maintains information on Equipment, Contracts, and Service Technicians, and is fully integrated with the Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Inventory modules.

Subcontract Management

  • The Subcontract Management module helps to control amounts paid to Subcontractors by Job.

  • Ability to track and maintain Contract Amounts, Pending Amounts, Invoiced and Paid, Amounts for Extra and Back Charges.

  • Maintain Contract Amounts for each Subcontractor.

  • Accounts Payable entries update to Job Cost Reports.

  • Ability to Control Access to input of Contract Amounts, Pending, Extras, and Back Charges.

  • Automatically maintains 1099 amounts and status.

  • Supports partial pay, automatic retention, automatic workers compensation deduction for subcontractors, special descriptions for job cost and easy-to-use manual check processing.

  • Subcontractor costs are maintained, including contract information, change orders, invoices received and payments made on contracts.

  • Retention is tracked and withheld from payments.

  • Vendor payment history is maintained, enabling review of past bills and payments.

  • Invoices may be edited - even after they have been posted to Job Cost and General Ledger.

  • Invoices may be posted to previous financial periods.

  • Easy payment selection. Invoices may be selected by job, vendor and/or due date. Complete check reconciliation.

  • Special hold status for invoices you are not ready to pay, but requiring the cost reflection in Job Costing and General Ledger.

  • Maintain Insurance Certificates including Expiration Dates for Workman’s Comp, General Liabilities, and Automobile. Reports indicating approaching expiration dates. Warning messages when posting Accounts Payable Invoices.

  • Vendors can be set-up on-the-fly for more efficient data input.

Time and Material

The Time and Material Billing Module allows you to bill selected customers for all cost-related items. Accurate and timely billing using the Time and Material Billing module allows you to get paid quicker and increases Profit and Cash Flow.This module allows for a simple and efficient way of tracking and verifying that all billings have been posted.

Union Reporting

  • Payroll Checks with a comprehensive check stub, keeping the employee fully informed of Pay Calculations. The check can be designed to show all Union Deductions.

  • Unlimited number of Unions.

  • Complete tracking of fringes and deductions for each employee by Union.

  • Ability to have up 10 Union Deductions and 10 Union Fringes for each Union.

  • Complete Union Tracking for various pay scales and benefits.

  • Union Calculations based on effective date of rate changes for fringes and deductions in one Payroll period.

  • Union Labor Class Pay Rates based on effective date of rate changes in one Payroll period.

  • Allows for multiple Labor Classes and Pay Rates by Union.

  • Hardhat expenses Union Benefits to the Jobs. Hardhat offers flexibility on Overhead Calculations.

  • No limits on reporting information. You will be able to access Union Reporting information for any period and across years.

  • All Union Reports can be printed in PDF format. Payroll information can be exported to Excel.

  • An Employee can be posted to multiple Unions in one Payroll period.

  • Design your own Union Reports. Multiple formats for each Union.

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