An electrical, plumbing, and mechanical estimating software system designed by McCormick Systems, Inc.

About WIN 6000

The WIN 6000 is McCormick’s flagship electrical, plumbing, and mechanical estimating program and most popular. It is the fastest most customizable program on the market. It has the ability to update and compare pricing from major pricing services or multiple suppliers. With a full featured advanced audit trail and edit extension, it allows you to make changes on the fly, instantly. One of the best features is the ability to have numerous takeoff windows open at one time so you are not drilling down thru menus trying to find material.

The Win 6000 is capable of covering any job in the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical industries from small residential to high-rise office building to heavy industrial jobs as well as transmission and distribution jobs.

Other electrical, plumbing, and mechanical estimating products by McCormick include:

  • WIN 1000: For small contractors
  • WIN 3000: For small to medium contractors
  • WIN 4000: For small to large contractors

Step 1: Jobs

Starting a new job has never been easier. Jobs are where you store all the important information on a project. Set up your dash board to utilize McCormick’s Job Tracking feature. Jobs also has a storage area to help organize and standardize your proposals and other documents. Also, photos from Job walks or work completed can be stored with the estimate. Store notes on job and create an easy interface of job information. Use the paste option to copy from a template job or an earlier estimate to save time and take advantage of a previous similar takeoff.

Step 2: Labels

McCormick’s exclusive 5 column labeling system (Takeoff breakouts) has revolutionized the estimating software industry. Materials and labor identified for a takeoff can be categorized in an infinite number of ways. Creating the labels is simple. Once labels are created, just flag the desired label sets and begin your takeoff. Once set up, you can create any report you need broken down any way you want.

Step 3: Takeoff

McCormick’s patented takeoff system provides estimators with the fastest takeoff possible. Choose from a basic or advanced takeoff. Takeoff multiple items and/or assemblies at the same time. Example: An estimator can be taking off receptacles in one window, switches in the second window, telephone outlets in a third, data outlets in a fourth, and rolling off branch and cable in the other windows. Easily customize McCormick’s pre built assemblies, or quickly build your own, all in a matter of seconds! All takeoff is sent instantly to an on-screen audit trail for reviewing, sorting and filtering. Your takeoff is saved automatically.

Step 4: Extension

Once you have entered the takeoff quantities you are ready to extend. A complete list of reports is supplied with the program. You can add to or change them to meet your specific needs. The WIN 6000 gives you the ability to create and customize your own reports, giving you even more flexibility. Each extension can be setup to reflect a different level of pricing and labor. Compare unlimited local suppliers with the ability to cherry pick the best price. Store unlimited name and quantity extensions for each job for later review. Material and labor reports are automatically generated and sent to the bid summary.

Step 5: Bid Summary

The last step in preparing a bid is to put the polish on the figures. Convert labor hours to labor dollars. Enter supplier quotes, subcontractors, direct job expense, tool rental, and any other costs, i.e. bond, taxes, markups, and profit! Totals for materials and labor are received from extension and sent to bid summery. Also send information to customizable graphs and schedules, saving you more time in the project planning and management phase. McCormick’s powerful and flexible bid summary assists the estimator in making the crucial value judgment decisions necessary to generate a competitive bid price.


90% of your time is spent in takeoff and with this patented multi-window takeoff, McCormick is the fastest… Guaranteed!

All McCormick WIN Programs are fully networkable:

  • SINGLE USER – This version of each product is designed to be a stand-alone version for a single user environment.
  • GOLD – The GOLD version of each of the products is designed for the company with multiple estimators on a Local Area Network (LAN). With one common database, the administrator can easily manage and update the estimating system. With the GOLD Version, you can have multiple users working in the same job at the same time – true multi-user. This means no merging and cutting down the chance for mistakes.
  • PLATINUM – The PLATINUM version of each of the products takes the GOLD version one step further. It is designed for a company that has multiple offices or needs access from their homes or job sites on a Wide Area Network (WAN) this is the concurrent user system. Estimators, Project Managers, and Administrators can login from anywhere at any time allowing for a true multi-user estimating system. This eliminates the need to merge jobs.

The Database

McCormick’s famous database is the core of this estimating program. the software includes a database with everything from Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Institutional, and Low Voltage parts and assemblies. With this database, you can create detailed and accurate bids your way. The database can store virtually unlimited of amounts of items and assemblies plus unlimited amounts of items and assemblies to each job. Any assembly can contain hundreds of items which can be taken off as a unit.

Both items and assemblies can be modified to fit your needs. It is easy to add, move, and edit them. Items and assemblies contain user definable specification fields. As an example, Price 1 could be your cost, Price 2 your sell price and Price 3 could be a change order price. In addition, each item and each assembly can have its own unit price. The database is designed to be a productivity tool. By taking advantage of its powerful capabilities, you can increase your accuracy and cut your estimating time up to 75%. The electrical Database also includes a large Transmission/Distribution section to cover those markets.

Contractor Solutions

Today’s push to automate all aspects of construction touches every contractor. McCormick Systems has been perfecting systems that are designed to meet this need since 1979. These systems enable you to automate and simplify the estimating process. Once you make the change you’ll find yourself cutting up to 75% of your manual estimating time, 50% over all other estimating software, and increasing your accuracy.


For an estimator, accuracy and speed mean success. McCormick’s estimating programs give construction estimators the versatility to use keystroke input, on screen estimating, or specially designed count and length probes for automated direct entry takeoff. Now you can takeoff material your way. The power of this exclusive multi-window takeoff and 5 column breakout combined with the complete Bid Summary and automatic proposal make estimating a breeze.

Software Support/Training Classes

Along with online walkthroughs, other options are the training classes. WIN 6000 has thousands of contractors from all across the Nation that attend regularly scheduled classes at training facilities in Arizona and Maryland. These classes are enjoyable and include hands on experience of a full run-through of an estimate with your estimating package. Furthermore, McCormick can arrange a trainer to visit your facility and train your estimating staff onsite without the hassle and disruption of traveling.

In addition to training, another asset of McCormick Systems is Software Support. All of the programs come with unlimited access to support staff. The Tech Support Staff is highly trained with a minimum of 5 years with McCormick Systems. Their combined areas of expertise will assure that your questions, whatever they may be, are answered quickly.

Guaranteed Success

Using estimating software from McCormick Systems will improve the way you do business. You will have the ability to quickly produce complete, accurate and consistent bids. Just as important as an accurate bid is the ability to provide complete documentation. Complete documentation makes your organization look more professional. This is proven every day by over thousands of McCormick users worldwide. McCormick users include most of the top contractors in the industry. They all agree that McCormick Systems Estimating Programs increase their productivity, success, and their bottom line.

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User Reviews of WIN 6000

Submitted on August 22nd, 2021 by Daniel Daoust

Although new to McCormick Systems, already I find it very helpful, easy to use and resourceful - Yet, what impress me the most about your company is the customer service! I haven’t seen such a great service in years.

I’m stunned by the kindness, availability and helpfulness of everybody that I’ve dealt with.

For example: my salesman took hours from his time off at home to help me solve an issue and I always had the feeling that it was a pleasure for him to help me.

McCormick’s support team answered additional questions I had in a timely manner, all with the same kindness and dedication.

I just have one word to say for the experiences I’ve had with your company: “Wow”.

I would like to give a big thank you to my salesman as well as the support team that went above and beyond to solve my issues.

Great job!

Submitted on August 22nd, 2021 by Kent Nunamaker

Shortly introducing the Windows version into the operation. We had the ability to bid more jobs, and to be secure in that our bids were now more accurate than they had been.

And with the huge data base — which you can customize, and which we in fact did and do customize — you can have it any way you want.

It’s not a dramatic change, to use the system to estimate security. You use the same estimating process — you’ll just have a different database.