BIS - Builder Information System

A full ERP system designed by Management Information Control Systems.

About BIS - Builder Information System

BIS - The LEADER in fully integrated, intuitive, scalable and complete accounting, job costing and management software for the construction industry.

BIS Highlights Include:

CPA Software News: FIVE Star Rating

Recently, in an independent review, BIS software was awarded FIVE stars for construction accounting and job management functionality and capabilities by CPA Software News. This reflects our continual dedication to producing software that exceeds our customers’ needs.

Integration Because BIS is written with Visual Fox Pro, there is no need to purchase a separate reporting system (i.e. Crystal Reports) or a separate database (i.e. Oracle or SQL Server) in order to make your software work. BIS provides an all-inclusive, seamless and reliable solution, which saves our contractors money and their accountant’s time.

Ease of use Though we offer the most advanced construction accounting tool available, BIS is also recognized for its unparalleled ease of use. Upon review of our online demo, clients quickly discover how intuitive and straightforward BIS software is. The familiar Windows interface and well thought out software design allows for a learning curve measured not in days or weeks, but hours!

Scalability As your company grows, so does BIS. With three main product lines (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) tailored to fit the exact size of your business, various add-on modules, company specific report formatting, remote user access, competitive pricing and enhanced security features that are second to none, BIS has an edition that is right for your company’s budget and needs.

Compatibility The ýDesigned for Windowsý logo means that BIS complies with all of Microsoft’s current guidelines for stability, ease of use and product performance. In addition, BIS boasts ODBC compliance, meaning that BIS data can easily be exported or accessed through a variety of programs, such as Access, Crystal Reports, Excel and/or Word - to name a few.

World Class Support BIS Technical Support is second to none in the industry. We believe that no one knows the software better than the people that write it. With BIS, our clients talk to support personnel that actually write portions of the software applications. Available five days per week by telephone and online.

Product Information One of the many features that sets BIS apart from our competitors is our true real-time accounting. All your books, ledgers, job cost, and financials are instantaneously updated. Some competitors claim to have real-time software even though they may actually be using outdated (much slower and more cumbersome) methods of batch processing.

Other features that come fully integrated within our modules and free of any additional software charges include:

  • AIA billing
  • Automatic Reversing Entries
  • Bill of Materials, included in BIS inventory module
  • Cash Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Data Import
  • Mouseless Data Entry
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
  • ODBC - Open Database Compliant

Accounts Payable

BIS Accounts Payable module automatically updates the Accounts Payable Journal, General Ledger, Financial Statements, Vendor Ledger, Vendor File, Job Cost, Subcontract File, Inventory File, Purchase Orders File, 1099 File, and the Vendor History File. The books are always current as of the most recent invoice entered or paid!

Some BIS Account Payable Features Include:

  • Entries automatically update the A/P Journal, Vendor File, Vendor Ledger, 1099 File, General Ledger, Job Cost File, Subcontract File, Financial Statements, Purchase Order File, and Inventory File
  • Invoices can be distributed to multiple General Ledger and Job accounts
  • Retention tracking of A/P invoices
  • Flexible check writing and partial payments
  • Purchase Order vouchers can be generated to help control the purchasing of new products and services
  • Budgeting: Evaluate future cash requirements
  • ýZoomý feature allows instant look-up of unpaid invoices in selection for payment
  • Helps you take maximum advantage of managing credit accounts
  • User definable Vendor numbers or names
  • MRP:Automatically updates inventory on hand when payable invoice is entered
  • Recurring A/P Vendor Invoices,User Definable Fields (BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Some Sample Account Payable Reports Include:

  • Vendor List Summary, Detail, Extended, Contact or Udf
  • Vendor Labels - 10 pre-defined continuous or laser labels
  • Purchase Order List Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Purchase Order Form Continuous or Laser
  • Purchase Order Analysis Summary or Detail
  • Accounts Payable Journal Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Invoice List Detail or Extended- with or without paid invoices, open invoices and on hold invoices
  • Recurring Payables Groups Summary or Detail
  • Recurring Payables Invoices Summary or Detail
  • Vendor Ledger Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Vendor Aging Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Aging Summary or Detail
  • Prepayment List Summary, Detail or Extended - for cash demand requirements and review prior to printing checks
  • Accounts Payable Checks Laser or Continuous
  • Vendor Payments Summary or Detail
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Expiration Summary
  • Liability Insurance Expiration Summary
  • 1099 Report Summary or Detail
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous Forms
  • 1099 Dividends Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous Forms
  • 1099 Interest Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous Forms
  • 1099 Magnetic Media (BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Accounts Receivable

BIS Accounts Receivable module automatically updates the Job Cost reports, Billing History, Customer Ledgers, Sales Journal, General Ledgers, and Financial Statements. The AR module easily produces and keeps track of invoices, including retention. The aging report can be printed for a range of customers and jobs, including retroactive aging.

Some BIS Account Receivable Features Include:

  • Transaction entries automatically update the General Ledger, Financial Statements, Sales Journal, Cash Receipts Journal, General Journal, Job Cost, Customer History and Inventory through BIS one button accounting feature
  • Maintains balance due, allowing you to identify overdue customer accounts and accounts exceeding credit limits
  • Balance forward and open item customer account methods
  • Customer deposits
  • Customer Refunds on over paid invoices
  • Prints invoices and automatically posts cost of goods and cash received ýZoomý feature allows instant selection of unpaid invoices by customer or date
  • 9 customer discount levels which interact with up to 7 inventory discount levels, allowing for flexible pricing and customer management
  • Sixty-two sales tax codes
  • Separate journal for each A/R account
  • User definable Customer numbers
  • Automatic recurring billing (BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Some Sample Account Receivable Reports Include:

  • Customer File Summary, Detail, Extended , Contacts, Ship-to-address or Udf
  • Customer Labels – 10 pre-defined Avery continuous or laser labels
  • Sales Orders Laser, Laser Computer or Continuous
  • Open Order List Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Back Order List Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Inventory on Order Summary or Detail
  • Inventory on Back Order Summary or Detail
  • Sales Invoices Laser, Laser Computer or Continuous
  • Contract Invoices Laser, Laser Computer or Continuous
  • Debit Memos Laser, Laser Computer or Continuous
  • Credit Memos Laser, Laser Computer or Continuous
  • Interest Invoices Laser, Laser Computer or Continuous
  • Sales Journal (Accounts Receivables)
  • Summary, Detail or Continuous with or without cost and gross margins
  • Invoice List Summary or Detail
  • Applied Deposits Journal Summary or Detail
  • Applied Deposits List
  • Recurring Billing Groups Summary or Detail
  • Recurring Orders Summary or Detail
  • Customer Ledger Summary or Detail
  • Customer Aging Summary or Detail
  • Job Aging Summary or Detail Customer
  • Deposits Summary or Detail
  • Customer Payments Summary or Detail
  • Customer Refunds Summary or Detail
  • Sales Analysis by Sales Person Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Sales Analysis by Inventory Item Summary or Detail
  • Sales Analysis by Report Code Summary or Detail
  • Sales Analysis by Sales Tax Code Summary or Detail
  • Sales Analysis by Oversold Inventory
  • Sales Analysis by Job Summary or Detail
  • Customer Billing Statements

Automatic Reversing Entries

Automatic reversing entries is important feature for accountants and those concerned with retaining impeccable audit trails. When data in one form is changed, an automatic reversing entry is recorded in the trial balance. If a mistake is saved after changing an entry, automatic reversing entries allows BIS users to quickly go back and reinstate the original entry or entries.

Automatic reversing entries are integrated and free of additional charge in each of BIS Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions.

Bank Reconciliation

The BIS Bank Reconciliation module performs an internal four-column ýProof of Cash.ý When you don’t balance, Bank Reconciliation helps you isolate the problem by telling you if the problem lies in cash deposits, cash disbursements, or is a result of an unrecorded transaction.

Bill of Materials

An integrated part of our inventory module. Build and Manage inventory assemblies. Reports include:

  • Assembly lists
  • Report of materials used in assemblies
  • Reports where (which jobs) assemblies were used
  • Journal of assembly transactions
  • Assembly production history

Cash Management

BIS cash management features are extensive, some of the many features include:

BIS Bank Reconciliation module performs an internal four-column ýProof of Cash.ý When you don’t balance, Bank Reconciliation isolates the problem by directing if the problem lies in cash deposits, cash disbursements, or an unrecorded transaction.

AIA (American Institute of Architects) billing format is an integrated portion of BIS Job Billing module.

  • Lump Sum or % complete
  • Cost Plus

Change Order Management

Integrated in all BIS editions is a change control feature. Many of our current competitors charge an additional fee for change order control and offer it as a separate module. At BIS, we believe that change order control is an integral part of any construction business and thus we have integrated into our software system free of additional charges.

The BIS Change Order Control allows you to easily track and bill for owner change orders. Change Orders can be billed on a lump-sum or cost-plus basis.

Change Order Control Features Include:

  • Track change orders for each job
  • Change orders classified by cost code and type
  • Separate markups by cost type
  • Provides billing and cost information on change orders
  • Includes markup information and classifies costs as Labor, Material, subcontract, Equipment and Other direct cost.
  • Multiple change order reports including detail and summary reports

Company Specific Reports

*If BIS doesn’t have a report that matches your company specific requirements, (and we expect this to happen in only rare circumstances) our software engineers can create a custom report for you.

At BIS, we believe that no two reports are the same. Companies have formatting needs and preferences that other companies, even within the same construction industry, differ from. With 400+ construction specific reports already integrated and available for your choosing, a report writer which allows contractors the ability to edit existing printables or create your own reports, and *a BIS software staff that will create any company specific report to meet your company’s requirements or preference. BIS guarantees that our reporting systems will meet your individual company specific needs.

Data Import

Included in all BIS software packages is a data import feature.

When upgrading from programs such as Quickbooks, Peachtree or MYOB to BIS it is important that none of your vital information is lost in the process. For this reason, BIS includes an import feature that quickly and reliably transfers all of your vital information from your old software to BIS.

Further, BIS allows importing of estimates from many types of spreadsheet programs and estimating programs such as Excel into our program. Save a significant amount a data entry time by using the powerful import feature BIS that has to offer.

Document Link and Imaging goes beyond the standard imaging modules or features that a few of our competitors offer! With document link and imaging the dream of a paper-free office is closer to be realized.

Document Link and Imaging allows BIS users to electronically attach any external file (invoices, CAD designs, blueprints, signed contracts, MS Project schedules, video files, job site photos, and any other type of job related file) to any master or any transaction record at any time. Thus eliminating or reducing the need for paper filing cabinets or on-site document storage. Further, since all job information is automatically linked to any master or transaction record, the information is instantly retrievable with a simple click of a button. This saves you and your company time: No more waiting for your employees to search to through endless stacks of paper in order to make a copy a job related invoice.

  1. Saves Time. Eliminates the hassle in retrieving and attempting to find paperwork from file storage cabinets, on-site or off-site storage facilities, or lost paperwork.
  2. Protects and eliminates amount of paperwork. Often companies keep two sets of backup records of their critical paperwork. One backup set is kept in an offsite location and the other two records (the original and the backup) are kept on-site. With document link and imaging all of your critical documents can be stored on site electronically and the original master can be stored offsite for security purposes.
  3. Link any external file directly to your job transaction. Ability to attach any type of file to any master or transaction record on any module. Ever wondered where the estimate, schedule file, contract, blueprints, job photos, CAD drawings or timecards for your construction project are? With document link & imaging they are all just two clicks away. Simply pull up the link & imaging window and click on the corresponding file that you wish to retrieve.
  4. Increases your profits. Considerably expense is incurred when documents have to be overnighted, couriered or faxed. With document link & imaging all your external documents pertaining to a job can be remotely accessed* through the BIS accounting system.
  5. Remote Access. Job Sites and Remote offices often require access to certain paperwork located in another office. Document Link & Imaging helps eliminate the need to travel long distances to retrieve this paperwork. Once scanned to a job file, the image is readily available to anyone with access to your accounting system.
  6. Guard yourself against potential lawsuits. After completing a job, getting sued for something not your fault is a headache - to say the least. Taking pictures of a job site as work progresses and linking those pictures to your job transaction helps guard your company against the headache of potential lawsuits by documenting the work completed, the order work was completed in and the condition of the finished project.
  7. Document yourself. Any lawyer will tell you that documentation is the thing that wins cases. Document Link & Imaging helps you keep all documentation pertaining to a job in one, centralized location.
  8. Protect Yourself. Photograph, document and electronically store information pertaining to accident scenes. This is a great help in workers’ compensation claims or lawsuits by documenting the location & the condition of personnel, equipment and the job site.
  9. Costs less & offers more than the competitors. Other companies charge $5,000 - $15,000 for a limited functionality document-imaging module. BIS charges $995 (single-user) for Document Link & Imaging combined.

Note: May Require BIS Enterprise Edit, Server or Other Remote Access Software Such as ýPc-Anywhereý.

Document Manager and Control

Document Manager is designed to help you deal with the avalanche of paperwork associated with each of your building projects. Can’t find the latest batch of Change Orders? Trying to figure out the status of your most recent Submittals, but your project manager is on vacation? Document Manager provides a means of managing your project paper trail through the entire project life. For each document form, Document Manager allows you to easily track, maintain, query, change, search and print the documents you need.

Equipment Control

The BIS Equipment Control modules keep detailed records of equipment inventory, fuel usage, maintenance, repair costs and rental costs.

Equipment Control Features:

  • Equipment Information option allows entry of equipment items into the master file
  • Equipment Transaction option enables the user to take the equipment entered in the master file and post the equipment usage to various jobs
  • Keeps track of equipment inventory
  • Bills equipment usage by job and cost code
  • Equipment cost column in job cost reports

Equipment Control Reports:

  • Equipment Information Report
  • Equipment Transactions by Transaction Number – Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Equipment Usage by Equipment Number – Summary, Detail or Extended


BIS partners with plenty of other companies (such as ArenaSoft, Bid2Win, BidWorx, Comput-Ability, ConEst, HCSS, ProEst, Sharpe & WinEst) in order to serve your estimating needs. Their software is guaranteed to fully integrate with our software.

General Ledger

The BIS General Ledger module allows you to use the BIS teal-time advantage to its fullest potential. All transactions entered automatically update the General Ledger Journals, Worksheets, Statements, Job Costs and Ledgers. The BIS Financial Statements allow you to build a flexible Chart of Accounts, and generate every report you need!

General Ledger Features:

  • Entries automatically update General Ledger Journals, Worksheets, Statements, General Ledger, Job Cost and Subcontract files
  • Up-to-the minute financial information at any time. No more waiting until the end of the month for a financial statement
  • All transactions in other modules are automatically posted to General Ledger through the BIS one button accounting feature
  • Changes to transactions automatically produce reversing entries for perfect audit trails
  • No need to run separate sorting or posting routines
  • Expenses may be distributed to Job Cost Labor, Material, Subcontract or Other Direct Costs
  • Flexible chart of accounts for easy tailoring to your unique business needs
  • Chart of accounts is presented and manipulated in a visual tree-like structure
  • Option to create your own chart of accounts or add accounts
  • Separate journals for each control account (such as cash accounts)
  • Separate income accounts so that sources of revenue can be quickly identified and analyzed
  • Account numbers may be up to ten digits in length. Also provides forty character description field
  • Can maintain 24-month detail transaction history for every transaction you enter

BIS Professional and Enterprise Features:

  • Handles over 10,000 departments
  • Multiple company accounting
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • User Definable Fields

General Ledger Reports:

  • Chart of Accounts List Summary or Detail
  • Chart of Accounts Budget
  • Chart of Accounts Tree Structure
  • Chart of Accounts Departments
  • General Journal (Journal Entries) Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Recurring Journal Entries Groups Summary or Detail
  • Recurring Journal Entries Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Trial Balance Summary or Detail Financial Statements – Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Financial Statements – Prior Year Comparatives
  • Financial Statements – By Department
  • Financial Statements – Multi-Company Consolidation (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Schedules to Financial Statements
  • Statements of Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios - Current Ratio (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Financial Ratios -Quick Ratio (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Financial Ratios -Inventory Turnover (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Comparative Period Accounts
  • Cash Disbursements Journal Summary Detail or Extended
  • Cash Receipts Journal Summary or Detail
  • General Ledger Summary, Detail, Journals or Extended
  • Check Register
  • Check List Detail or Extended
  • Cash Receipts List
  • General Ledger Activity by Report Code (Sub Ledger) Detail or Extended
  • General Ledger Activity by Job
  • and more…

Inventory Control

The BIS Inventory module provides for perpetual inventory accounting. Inventory is automatically updated through Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable Invoices, Accounts Receivable Invoices and Inventory Adjustments. Cost of Goods Sold can be automatically transferred.

Inventory Features

  • Entries automatically update Inventory Adjustments Journal, Inventory, General Ledger, Job Cost File, and Financial Statements
  • Safegaurds from posting an inventory adjustment to the wrong inventory account or from deleting an inventory item accidentally
  • Flexible Assembly Functionality
  • Up-to-the-minute inventory status
  • Total value of inventory available at any time.
  • Allows average unit cost, unit gross margin, and total gross margin of all items listed to be shown on an inventory report
  • Transfers from inventory to cost of goods and job cost
  • When used with A/R, Inventory provides unit gross margin and total gross margin on all items listed
  • Inventory records can be maintained by product group, subgroup, or department
  • Allows as many adjustments to inventory as necessary, but does not allow adjustments to be posted to the wrong inventory account
  • Order quantities suggestions provided to maintain preferred stock levels and cost of the suggested purchases are reported
  • Preferred reorder and stock-full points can be set and changed, the reorder report can show items when the quantity falls within a selected percentage of the reorder point

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory List Summary, Extended or Udf
  • Inventory Labels – 10 pre-defined Avery continuous or laser labels
  • Inventory Adjustments Journal Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Inventory Adjustments List
  • Inventory Price List
  • Inventory Activity History with or without Cost Valuation
  • Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Reorder
  • Inventory Back Ordered
  • Bill of Materials Assembly Summary or Detail
  • Bill of Materials Assembly Requirements or Picking List
  • Bill of Materials Where Used Report
  • Bill of Materials Assembly Journal Summary or Detail
  • Bill of Materials Production History Summary or Detail

Job Billing

BIS Job Billing module allows users to easily and accurately bill for jobs in four different ways:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Contract Invoice
  • Lump Sum (% complete)
  • Cost Plus

Further, billing formats for lump sum and cost plus are done according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) forms G702 (Application and Certificate for Payment), G703 (Continuation Sheet: Scheduled Values) and G701 (Change Order).

Some Job Billing Features Include:

  • When closing a billing, the General Ledger Financial Statements, A/R and cash accounts are automatically updated in real-time.
  • Maintains scheduled value, previous payments, work in place, stored materials, % complete, total completed, balance and retention per billing contract line item
  • Cost plus updates billing according to cost-plus markup for each cost type (L, M, S, O, E)
  • Bill for labor at calculated billing rates or manually enter a billing rate.
  • Allows for up to 99,999 change orders per contract
  • Billing for change orders includes separate change order markup
  • User-definable Lien Release

Some Sample Job Cost Reports Include:

  • Schedule of Values
  • Application for Payment AIA on actual G700s forms or computer generated forms
  • Cost Plus Job Cost Records
  • Cost Plus Billing Records
  • Job Billing History Summary or Detail
  • Job Cash Receipts Summary or Detail
  • Billing Code Library
  • Contract Invoices

Job Cost

The Job Cost module keeps track of and reports on every cost incurred in the job. Job Cost is broken down by cost code, change order and cost type, including labor, material, subcontract, other direct cost and equipment.

To learn more about our product you can read the information below or to see actual screen shots, visit our website.

Some Job Cost Features Include:

  • Transactions entered into General Ledger, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Payroll are real-time (automatically) posted to Job Revenue or Job Cost Labor, Material, Subcontract or Other direct cost.
  • User definable cost code library with Labor, Material, Subcontract, Other Direct Cost and Equipment unit cost types.
  • Instaneous access to all job costs by job, cost code, cost type, date range, check, invoice, employee or vendor
  • Budget and adjustments for each cost code and cost type (L, M, S, O, E)
  • Extensive information on jobs for billing and cost tracking.
  • Automatic billing update with markup for each cost type
  • Tracks job and subcontract change orders.
  • User definable job numbers and cost codes
  • Change Order cost is broken down by cost code

Some Sample Job Cost Reports Include:

  • Job List Summary, Detail, Extended, Markup, Defaults, Payroll Local Tax or Udf
  • Job Budget Summary, Detail, Hours, Quantity or Billing Codes
  • Variance Budget and Cost Summary, Change Orders, Detail or Hours
  • Busted Budget Summary or Detail
  • Summary of Billings and Cost
  • Cash Flow
  • Labor Distribution Summary or Detail
  • Vendor Activity Summary or Detail
  • Job Cost Ledger Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost Query Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost Labor Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost by Cost and Type
  • Job Cost Period
  • Job Cost Status Summary or Detail
  • Unit Cost Summary or Detail
  • Over/Under Billing Summary of Contracts
  • Over/Under Billing Earnings from Construction
  • Burden Analysis Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost Adjustments
  • Cost Code Library Summary or Detail
  • Production Expense

BIS offers unique and enhanced security features that no other competitor currently offers… and what company isn’t concerned with security?

As companies grow, it becomes increasingly important to be able to manage and to control who has access to what data.

BIS offers users 4 levels of user access security. The first two levels, module and menu level security are available in BIS Standard edition. An additional functional level security feature is available in BIS Professional. And for companies or administrators that wish to provide user access to specific fields on a form while hiding other fields on the same form, BIS Enterprise offers field level security.

To learn more, please visit our website and read our article and our press release on our security features.

Multiple Document Interface

Standard in all editions of BIS, comes Multiple Document Interface(MDI). This allows users the ability to switch to any data entry form or to any window in BIS without having to exit the current one. BIS integration allows multiple form and report windows to concurrently run at any given time. Further, because BIS is real-time software, as information is changed in one window, it automatically appears in the next.

For example, you can open the Customer Master Form, Accounts Payable Invoices, Inventory Adjustments and Job Budget windows simultaneously and switch among them by clicking a mouse. Many of our competitors only allow users to have one screen open at any given time.

ODBC - Open Database Compliant

BIS uses a Visual FoxPro Relational Database for easy access to BIS information through Windows. This allows for BIS data to be exported to programs like Microsoft Word and Access or 3rd party products such as Crystal Reports®.


The BIS Payroll module makes it easy to perform the tedious job of calculating, tracking and reporting for local, state and federal government required payroll reports. Quarterly Reports, Certified Payroll, Minority Utilization, Worker’s Compensation and Union are a snap with BIS. (Union module available in BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Payroll Features

  • Entries automatically update the Payroll Journal, Employee File, Employee History, General Ledger, Job Cost File, and Financial Statements
  • Automatically computes payroll taxes for all fifty states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
  • Automatic company-wide and employee specific user defined earnings, deductions, tax deferred and local taxes
  • User-definable over-time and double time rates through trade classifications
  • Prepares Federal 940 and 941 Worksheets
  • Prepares W-2 Forms
  • Prepares a prepayment edit list of payroll checks for cash demands and final verification prior to printing checks
  • Payroll hours can be distributed to multiple jobs, cost codes, change orders, worker’s classifications and unions (Unions in BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Employee user numbers are user definable, and include up to ten alphanumeric characters, also provides a twenty five character employee last name description field
  • Multi State payroll (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Recurring Payroll (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Direct Deposit (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • User Definable Fields (BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Payroll Reports

  • Employee List Summary, Detail, Extended, Automatic Adjustments or Udf
  • Employee Ledger Summary or Detail
  • Employee Labels - 10 pre-defined continuous or laser labels
  • Payroll Additions Summary or Detail
  • Payroll Deductions Summary or Detail
  • Payroll Tax Deferred Summary or Detail
  • Payroll Local Taxes Summary or Detail
  • Prepayment List Summary, Detail, Job Distribution, Totals
  • Payroll Journal Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Recurring Payroll Groups Summary or Detail
  • Recurring List Summary, Detail, Job Distribution, Totals
  • 941 Quarterly Federal Tax Return Worksheet or Schedule B
  • 940 Annual Federal Unemployment Worksheet or 940-EZ
  • Federal Unemployment Summary or Detail
  • State Unemployment Summary or Detail
  • Quarterly State Wages Summary or Detail
  • State Disability Insurance Summary or Detail
  • Gross Wages Summary or Detail
  • Taxable Wages Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Payroll Summary
  • Monthly Employment Utilization by Trade or Employee
  • Tax Deferred Summary or Detail
  • Worker’s Compensation Classifications Summary or Detail
  • Worker’s Compensation Transactions Summary by Classification
  • Worker’s Compensation Transactions Summary by Classification/Employee
  • Worker’s Compensation Transactions Summary by Employee/Classification
  • Worker’s Compensation Transactions Detail
  • Worker’s Compensation Report Summary by Classification
  • Worker’s Compensation Report Summary by Classification/Employee
  • Worker’s Compensation Report Summary by Employee/Classification
  • Worker’s Compensation Report Detail
  • Trade Classifications
  • Certified Payroll Pay Periods Summary or Detail
  • Certified Payroll
  • California DE-6 Quarterly Wage (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • W2 Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous W2 Magnetic Media – Social Security Administration and selected States (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Federal Unemployment Report (Form 940) Worksheets
  • Federal and FICA Withholding (Form 941) Worksheets
  • State Unemployment Worksheets
  • State Disability Insurance Report
  • Cafeteria Plans
  • Labor distribution report
  • Payroll Journal
  • Worker’s Compensation Report
  • Department of Labor and Industry (WA State) Reports
  • Gross Wages Report
  • Taxable Wages Report
  • Prints Employee Labels
  • Magnetic Media for Payroll Taxes (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • Monthly Employment Utilization Report (BIS Professional and Enterprise)
  • And more…

Purchase Order

Available for BIS Professional and Enterprise Users.

Purchase Order Features

  • Ability to track purchase orders by number, date and/or amount.
  • Full real-time integration with all other BIS modules - Upon a PO change or entry, all other corresponding BIS modules are automatically updated
  • Purchase Order vouchers can be generated to help control the purchasing of new products and services
  • Easily modify purchase order formats to your company format with our report writer module

Purchase Order Reports:

  • Open or closed (filled) purchase reports based on number, date and/or amount
  • Purchase Order List Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Purchase Order Form Continuous or Laser
  • Purchase Order Analysis Summary or Detail

Report Server

Automatically Generate, Print, Export And/or Email Hundreds of Reports - Even Without Being in the Office!

Report Server can save your employees hundreds of hours per year in accessing, generating and sending reports to people inside and outside of your office while effectively reducing the number of people requiring user access to your BIS accounting system!

Report Server automates the generation and sending of reports to people within your company. This reduces the need for those people to access the accounting system to view or generate a report, thereby saving your company time and money.

Set it and leave it! Simply set up what reports you want sent, what email addresses you want each individual report sent to, what printers to print to, when to send reports and in what format (MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, tiff, txt) you want reports sent and report server automatically does the rest.

Report Server Features

  • Automatic email distribution of multiple reports
  • Automatic printing of multiple reports
  • Automatic exporting of multiple reports
  • Automatically send similar reports to multiple people
  • Automatically send different reports to different people
  • Send reports on specified dates
  • Send reports on recurring days of the week or month
  • Send reports on recurring hours of each day

Report Writer

Many of our competitors believe that their customers should have to purchase 3rd party software in order to view, modify and create existing and new reports. 3rd party software inherently can lead to integration complications with the accounting software, inaccurate transfer of information, unfriendly data formatting and other compatibility difficulties.

BIS does things differently. First, BIS already has 400+ construction specific reports built into and integrated with its system for immediate viewing without purchasing any additional software. Second, if your company requires editing of existing printables or creating custom reports to fit your needs we provide two options: a) Have our software designers design a company specific report for your company OR b) purchase our report writer module for a nominal fee and create reports and edit existing printables yourself.

BIS Report Writer is written by BIS for BIS users. This means that our users can be assured of 100% compatibility and integration between BIS accounting modules, BIS reports and BIS report writer. Thus eliminating all the difficulties found when trying to link 3rd party software with competitors accounting packages.

Subcontract Control

The BIS Subcontract Control allow you to efficiently keep track of subcontracts and change orders. It tracks expiration dates for worker’s compensation and liability insurances, invoices, payments, retention and backcharges. (Backcharges with BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Some Subcontract Control Features Include:

  • Track subcontract and associated change orders
  • Verify accounts payable invoices against subcontract amount dues. WARNING MESSAGE appears if amounts do not match up.
  • Subcontract number is automatically defined as job number, cost code, and vendor number.
  • Report % work completed
  • Keep track of Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance expiration dates
  • Track subcontract retention
  • Support up to 99,999 change orders per subcontract
  • Allow for subcontract reduction due to backcharges (BIS Professional and Enterprise)

Some Sample SubContract Reports Include:

  • Subcontract List
  • Subcontract Report Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Change Orders Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Invoices Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Cost Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Backcharges Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Worker’s Compensation Insurance Expiration
  • Subcontract Liability Insurance Expiration

Union Payroll

BIS versatile Union Payroll module supports unlimited user-definable contributions from employer and employee under hours worked or hours paid. With BIS, you don’t have to worry about forgetting a deduction - it is all automatically handled.

Union Payroll Features:

  • Seamless integration with the Payroll and Job Cost modules
  • Allows for easy and fast union reporting
  • Unlimited classifications and contributions per union
  • Contributions are taxable, dollar per hour worked, dollar per hour paid, percent of gross or percent of reduced gross
  • User Definable Fields

Union Reports:

  • Union File Summary, Detail, Extended or Udf
  • Union Report Summary or Detail
  • Employee Union Deductions Summary or Detail

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