A multi-module management system designed by Opus Magnum Software for construction companies.


EZJOB is any construction company’s complete solution to all of their accounting needs. Purchase of this product will give you the ability to receive extensive one-on-one support, and purchase additional custom modules. This product supports multi-state payrolls, all unions, and employees working under multiple unions (with only one payroll). EZJOB will also record all purchases, and even record invoices against a subcontract, code invoices to multiple jobs, and link invoices to their corresponding PO. Billing is easily handled in EZJOB as well, allowing you to perform cost plus billing or free-style billing. The Inventory system will thoroughly track your inventory, and cost reporting is easily controlled with this system. From quotation generation, to the last invoice of a job, EZJOB is the complete accounting solution for your construction company.

Business Control Center

The Business Control Center is a single point repository for all your companies vital information. In this module you can view a custom list of account balances, browse through all active jobs, and see estimated versus actual costs and billings. Quickly scan receivables by customer, or glance at a graphical representation of your aged receivables or payables. Below are some of the additional features of this module:

  • View all critical job numbers at a single click:
  • actual vs. budget cost and billings
  • percent complete
  • earned revenue
  • retainage payable & receivable
  • over/under
  • AR/AP outstanding for the job
  • View costcodes for active jobs with estimated cost, units, and hours
  • View employee usage for active jobs (wages and hours)
  • Shows custom list of accounts with current available balances
  • Pie chart showing current aged receivables & payables
  • Listing of all customers that owe you money (drill down to detail by invoice)
  • Listing of all vendors that you have outstanding balances with (drill down to detail by invoice)

General Ledger

The General Ledger module is the central point of the EZJOB accounting system. All transactions within EZJOB, be they purchases, payroll, sales, purchase orders, subcontracts or inventory, result in the automatic creation of a journal entry (on both the general ledger and the job ledger). The two ledgers provide two views of the same information, assuring proper reconciliation of job costs to the general ledger. A fully detailed transaction history, of every transaction that has ever taken place, is stored in the ledger. This history is used to produce detailed reports, that can be run for any time period and any company you choose. These reports include:

  • Journal Listings by type
  • General Ledger Detail
  • Trial Balance
  • Account inquiry
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet


The Inventory module gives you complete control over your inventory. Receiving items into inventory is done through the purchase order system. This system allows you to quickly issue materials to multiple jobs and cost-codes, or return excess materials from a job back into inventory. All costs, including sales tax, are calculated by the system, due to its FIFO approach. All item inquiries and item lots can be viewed over a specified date range. All job costs and ledgers are updated automatically by the system. Finally, this system allows you to keep track of non-inventory items by entering a unit cost so materials can be charged to job without actually keeping an accurate quantity on hand. Inventory reports available in this module include:

  • Master listing of inventory items
  • Current on hand as well as on hand through any given period
  • Physical inventory worksheet grouped by warehouse location
  • Inventory variance report
  • Monthly activity report
  • Stock activity report
  • Inventory by job
  • Inventory items requiring reorder

Job Costing

The Job Cost module gives you the accurate and relevant information on each job, that you need to make decisions about actions. The system includes built-in change-order management, monthly progress reporting with gain/loss forecasting, and reporting of open commitments (P.O.s and subcontracts). Additionally this product will give you actual costs, automatic balancing to the general ledger, analysis of labor costs per unit, profit & loss statements by job and seamless integration with all other EZJOB modules. All cost codes can be defined by you and tailored to meet the specific needs of each job. All closed jobs are archived for later review and the full detailed reporting before and after close ensures you are always on top of your operations. Additional features of this product include:

  • The ability to distinguish original budget from revisions
  • Capture and reporting of unit data over any time period
  • Focus on uncommitted cost dollars that can be worked with
  • Automatic and adjustable percentage-of-completion entries
  • Alternative cost projections by units-in-place versus estimated units, percent complete or forecast cost-to-complete or cost-at-completion
  • Controlled post-closing entries to jobs
  • Retainage payable and receivable tracked for each job
  • Subcontracts and purchase orders reported to job
  • Job cost balancing to general ledger assured


The Payroll module provides you with a powerful system to control the most complicated of payroll systems. All checks are maintained with their labor distribution separately, allowing all inquiries into Workers Compensation and State Unemployment to be performed quickly and easily. Additionally, this separate maintenance of checks allows you to perform detailed labor analysis reporting. Since all reporting is ‘date sensitive’, there is no need to print and balance W-2’s prior to running the first payroll of the new year. Some of this module’s powerful features include the ability to:

  • Handle prevailing wages on certified jobs
  • Handle unlimited unions per employee paycheck
  • Eliminate costly reporting errors using ‘Check Point’ reporting
  • Apply multiple state and local taxing authorities to any check
  • Perform certified Payroll reporting
  • Allow for ‘Cafeteria Plan’ and (401)K deductions
  • Allow daily labor costing to job cost
  • Accrue and track Vacation and sick hours by date taken
  • Perform flexible miscellaneous deductions - maintained in detail
  • Process Manual or Field checks with current payroll
  • Use one of many multiple rates of pay, occupation codes, workers’ comp codes, states, localities
  • Allow you to maintain tax tables
  • Eliminate end of the year/quarter pressures with ‘Date Sensitive’ reporting
  • Maintain Workers Compensation hours worked in detail, allowing payments to reflect actual risk involved in work performed
  • Run multiple ‘pay cycles’ together
  • Perform timecard entry by employee or by job
  • Track employee wage history, employment history, and workers’ comp claim history

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders module allows you to hold your vendors to the agreed pricing. All POs can be coded to an inventory item, job and costcode, or straight to a general ledger account. All line items within a PO include a quantity and unit cost. All POs can be printed or e-mailed to vendors. Vendor invoices can then be applied to their PO’s and show you any pricing discrepancies. To ensure your on-hand quantities are always correct, you are able to enter items into inventory before receiving an invoice for them. Reports available in the Purchase Orders module include:

  • Open purchase orders in summary and detail
  • Purchase orders by job
  • Detail purchase order register
  • Summary purchase order register


The Purchases module will give you enhanced control over disbursements and cash requirement projections. Additionally, this module allows you to view each vendor’s payables and paid items, distribute charges and discounts to the general and job ledgers, and prevent costly errors such as duplicate invoices and PO’s, subcontract overruns, and accidental charges to old jobs. In this system invoices can be selected for payment by due date, job, or vendor. Full support of partial payments allows you to setup payment plans. All discounts within the system are automatically calculated and applied, with the option to over-ride. The Purchases module allows you to distribute each invoice to any number of accounts and cost centers. As is the case with the other modules, all transactions in Purchases are automatically journaled. This product supports multiple cash and payables accounts. Some of the reports available with this module are:

  • Payment selection and cash requirements
  • Subledger with aging by invoice or due date
  • Checks and register
  • Monthly check registers, with distribution
  • Invoice and disbursement journal vouchers
  • Vendor history and inquiry
  • Vendor master list
  • 1099’s and register
  • Purchases by Job
  • Retainage payable by vendor
  • Purchase and vendor detail


The Sales module of EZJOB functions as a cash flow management solution. In this module manual invoices can be distributed to any number of jobs, revenue codes, or to general ledger accounts. Receipts can be posted to any number of cash accounts, and all retainage is tracked by invoice. Finally, payments within the system can be posted as unapplied. Reports included in this module are:

  • Sales and receipts journals
  • Detail or Summary Aging
  • Customer detail inquiry
  • Retainage receivable by customer
  • Customer listing
  • Customer invoices
  • Customer statements
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Sales by Job
  • Unapplied receipts by customer
  • Invoice and receipt registers


The Subcontracts module gives your contractors complete control over their subcontracts. All contracts store the original contract amount, and shows the details of every change order and adjustment. Change orders and adjustments show not only the date, amount and number, but also provide plenty of room for descriptive information. To eliminate unauthorized overpayments, over-billing of a contract is automatically identified at the point of invoice entry. Furthermore the fact that retainage is tracked on each invoice will prevent you from over-releasing retainage to a subcontractor. EZJOB will even notify you when a subcontractor’s insurance has lapsed. Finally, all reporting in this module can either be done in summary or detail.

Tool Tracking

The Tool Tracking module gives you a new tool in keeping track of all your tools. With Tool Tracking, your are required to create a library of all your tools and quickly check the tools in and out. The tools are checked out to an employee and a job so the contractor can view all tools on any given job as well as all tools checked out to any given employee.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

EZJOB is designed primarily for use in the construction industry.

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