Gemini Accounting

An accounting software system designed by Prosoft for construction companies.

About Gemini Accounting

Prosoft’s Contractor Cost Accounting Package offers the speed and flexibility of program design not found in other software packages. It produces easily understood, well designed reports that provide you with the detailed, up to date information needed to make critical day-to-day decisions. Paramount in Prosoft’s program design is a complete accounting sound structure with full audibility.

The system is fully integrated. Each module interacts with others, so each entry effects information elsewhere in the system, which makes an automatic adjustment to the affected accounts. This process occurs in a real time batch environment. This accurate posting of entries creates an in-balance, accounting-sound documentation of your financial picture.

Prosoft offers you simplicity by talking in a language that you understand. The Windows standard pull down structure adds comfort and familiarity from the very first day of usage. You see all the options and select the operation you wish to perform. Accounts are user-defined and can be referenced and accessed by name or by number. And unlike many systems, Prosoft makes it easy for you to customize programs and reports to meet your needs.

With just the push of a button Prosoft opens up a whole world of Contractor Cost Accounting Benefits. From there, the possibilities are limitless.

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Allows for vendor / invoice to be placed on hold.
  • Accesses and tracks information by vendor, date or paycode.
  • Allows for partial payment on invoices.
  • Automatically generates waiver of lien when required by vendor.
  • Ages payables, calculates discounts, and controls retainage.
  • Accepts paid or unpaid entries.
  • Full check writing and check register capabilities.
  • Tracks worker’s compensation insurance by vendor.
  • Allows for worker’s compensation deduction at time of check writing.
  • Tracks liability insurance by vendor.
  • Allows for job cost memos to be entered while posting invoices.
  • Print detail for specific vendors by date range.
  • Immediate notification of job cost overruns on the screen.
  • Produces 1099’s or magnetic media diskette.
  • Workers compensation and liability expiration reports on demand.
  • Handles multiple checking accounts.

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Provides fully detailed reports on receivables.
  • Automatically bills and updates customer accounts for recurring charges.
  • Handles discounts, taxes and retainage, interest charges.
  • Prints invoices on demand.
  • Applies finance charges on past due billing where desired.
  • Payments can be applied by invoice or FIFO method.
  • Invoices can be grouped by classification.
  • Maintains payment history by customer.
  • Updates job revenue by detail line item.
  • Handles text entries in addition to line items with detail quantity.
  • Statements printed for all or selected customers.
  • Customer aging is printed on statements.
  • Statements print retainage held for added control.
  • Invoices / statements maintained in detail.
  • Handles time and material billing and prevailing rate billing.

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • Drill down functions throughout GL options.
  • Follows the NAHB recommended chart of account structure.
  • Allows direct posting to jobs and cost within jobs.
  • Provides the ability to post to current month or prior month/years.
  • Prevents deletion of active accounts or postings to undefined accounts.
  • Accepts entries from all sources - G/L, A/P, J/C, P/R, P/O, A/R.
  • Produces reports for any period, current or historical on demand.
  • Performs monthly and annual close outs automatically.
  • Handles multiple departments.
  • Allows for budgeting of monthly expenses and incomes.
  • Includes full detail financial report writer
  • Produces percent complete or completed contract statements simultaneously.
  • Maintains all required information for detail analysis of current or history.

Job Costing

Features Include:

  • Tracks original budget by cost code within jobs.
  • Maintains change order amounts and descriptive detail.
  • Conforms to standard numbering system for cost codes.
  • Maintains industry standard draw request information.
  • Pinpoints overruns and produces variance reports.
  • Prints detail or summary reports to screen, printer, or disk.
  • Compares actual versus budgeted costs.
  • Calculates actual versus committed cost by purchase order entries.
  • Reflects dollars or percentages over or under budget.
  • Produces spreadsheet type comparison reports.
  • Includes quick estimating as a by product of detail postings.
  • Tracks hours, units or quantity information.
  • Historical detail available for prior months or years.
  • Maintains an in-balance status between the general ledger and each job.
  • Jobs are true subsidiaries of the general ledger.
  • Job revenue maintained for proper gross profit reporting.
  • Sub-totals labor, material, sub-contract, and other major groupings.

Multi-State Payroll

Features Include:

  • Tax tables are user modified.
  • Allows posting to multiple jobs and detailed costs within jobs.
  • A flexible coding system allows for automatic deduction of insurance, retirement contributions and other user definable deductions.
  • Prints checks showing earnings history.
  • Allows departmentalization of employees.
  • Journalizes time in full or fractional hours.
  • Credits Salaries Payable until checks are printed.
  • Shows current and year to date earnings.
  • Produces 941 quarterly reports, payroll journal, employee reports.
  • Includes government reporting for certified payroll.
  • Detail employee report by date range.
  • Job detail sorted by week, employee, or date.
  • Complete audit trail for workers compensation.
  • Tracks I9 information per government requirements.
  • Posts by employee name or number.
  • Prints W2s and produces magnetic media diskettes.

Purchase Orders

Features Include:

  • Contract / work orders are handled with ease.
  • Allows for variable layout to accommodate contracts or purchase orders in one module.
  • Shows committed cost by individual cost code.
  • Matches invoice to purchase orders and creates the accounts payable entries automatically.
  • Produces variance reports upon acceptance if needed.
  • Deletes or backorders outstanding items or quantities.
  • Sorts by job, vendor, or purchase order number.
  • Access purchase orders by vendor name or number.
  • Creates recurring purchase orders or contracts by using existing jobs.
  • Price book feature provides ease in purchase order creation.

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