Sage 300 Trade Specialty

A full ERP system designed by Sage. Formerly Sage Timberline Enterprise.

About Sage 300 Trade Specialty

Sage Timberline Enterprise is now Sage 300 Trade Specialty. Designed specifically for specialty and service contractors to address todayýs business complexities, Sage 300 Trade Specialty is built on the high-performance Microsoft SQL Server database. With Sage 300 Trade Specialty you can eliminate multiple software systems, access crucial information from a centralized location, and avoid redundant, error-prone data entry.


Know where you stand financially at any hour of any day.

With tight integration to operations applications, core accounting capabilities give you unsurpassed access to the tools you need to monitor your company’s financial health, analyze the numbers from various angles, and perform everyday accounting tasks.

Service Management

Streamline management operations to deliver the best possible customer service.

Make sure your technicians, dispatchers, and service managers are seamlessly connected to the most up-to-date information they need. With everyone on the same page, everyone can focus on maximizing the quality of service your customers receive.


Be ready with the parts and materials you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Monitor parts and materials from purchase order to inventory to job sites. Integration with accounting lets you generate requisitions and purchase orders, bill parts to the right jobs, and pay invoices


Bid faster, more accurately, and win more work.

Estimating precision is how you build profitability into each project even before you break ground. Integrated with your accounting applications and designed specifically for construction, it works the way you do.


Get the insights you need to make the right decisions.

Whether your company is profitable or on the verge of losing money, you won’t know unless you can get the real-time financial and operations information you need. Make sound decisions backed by up-to-date numbers you can trust.

Mobile & More

Enhance the performance of your Sage solution with a full range of productivity options.

For example, find out about partner-developed mobile solutions for on-the-go integration to core applications. Also see other Sage applications for fixed assets, human resources, customer relationship management, and more.

Accounts Payable

Easily manage your entire payables process for optimal efficiency. Ensure effective tracking of all invoices coming through your doorýfrom the moment they arrive until they are paid in full. And avoid the tedious process of invoice entry with the simple and efficient spreadsheet.

Accounts Receivable

Proactively manage your companyýs cash flow for maximum profitability and make it simple to accurately process your cash receipts. You can automatically post payments to the oldest outstanding invoice or manually post to individual invoices or items.


Seamlessly manage service agreements, related work orders, and invoices. Agreements keeps you firmly in control of your maintenance business by tracking service agreement and maintenance schedules. You can price and bill service agreements using time of service, fixed price or preset billing schedules. After generating a quote, you can convert it into a service agreement and create work orders and invoices all within the same system.

By tracking your service agreements, you can more effectively manage your labor and consolidate service trips. Our report writing capability lets you calculate and print information in any format you choose for in-depth payables analysis. You can also:

  • Easily generate, track service agreements and maintenance schedules
  • Automatically generate work orders and invoices from service agreements
  • Customize pricing and billing of services provided under service agreements
  • Efficiently manage labor costs and consolidate service trips

Cash Management

Effectively maintain the integrity of your books with this easy way to monitor your cash flow and ensure that your accounts are always funded at optimum levels. Cash Management simultaneously tracks and registers your bank balances.

Dispatch Board

Youýre always at the controls of your complex, but critical, service business with this state-of the-art Dispatch solution. View everything from one interactive screen. Each work order has one or more trips which display on the Dispatch Board for scheduling. Dispatch operators can then quickly work with those trips and schedules by dragging and dropping to different areas, saving time, money, and headaches.

Project and adjust the techniciansý schedules over a specified timeframe. Opt to view schedules for the current day, for a three-day period (yesterday, today, and tomorrow), for the current week, or for any user-selected time frame. Then schedule work for a specific day and time, or hold in a technicianýs unscheduled queue for future attention. You can also:

  • Easily manage and dispatch your entire team of technicians using one integrated calendar
  • Quickly assign technicians to the right job based on skill, customer experience, or schedule
  • Schedule split day trips, unfinished work, or high priority jobs with minimal effort
  • Swiftly access detailed job information such as needed parts, related equipment, and preventive maintenance schedules


Save time time, curb risk, and maximize profits by automating your entire estimating process.

Estimating Standard

Estimating Standard combines key estimating efficiencies with all the ease and intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology available. Get up and running more quickly by taking advantage of the Database Builder Wizard, a comprehensive online help system, and pre-built industry-specific databases, including RS Means.

Estimating Extended

The powerhouse of our construction bid software applications, Estimating Extended offers you the most comprehensive package of advanced estimating tools. This version of our construction bid software starts with the power of Estimating Standard and adds even greater takeoff, analysis and productivity capabilities. Make the most of Model Estimating to generate detailed, conceptual estimates by answering a series of onscreen questions about a project.

Estimating Modules

Our complete line of modules for construction bid software make it simple to customize your system for your specific needs and requirements. No matter what size your company is, or what kind of construction or real estate business youýre involved in, our modules will help streamline your estimating processes and boost your productivity.

  • Cut and Fill
  • Database Editor
  • Digitizer Extended
  • ePlan Takeoff
  • Estimating Explorer
  • Estimating Report Manager
  • Estimating TRA-SER Integrator
  • Estimating Viewer
  • Model Estimating
  • Scheduling Integrator

Estimating Databases

In addition to the Sage 300 Trade Specialty core Estimating application, which includes sample databases with standard items and customizable estimating factors, you can also choose to jumpstart your database building efforts by tapping into a variety of pre-build industry-specific estimating databases. Easily modified, these databases contain thousands of items which can be updated with your own prices and productivity factors. Incorporating your company’s own estimating procedures and policies as they relate to unique items, formulas, assemblies, and productivity factors will ensure you generate more precise estimates with improved efficiency.

General Ledger

Get complete and accurate financial data at the touch of a button. General Ledger is your centralized access point for all information flowing to and from other Sage 300 Trade Specialty applications. From General Ledger, your critical financial data can be accessed and reported on through a comprehensive range of integrated tools.


Maintain tight control over your inventory with materials management customized for your business. Sage Timberline Enterprise Inventory provides you with a comprehensive stock control solution so you can efficiently manage everything from item costing and material receiving to location tracking, physical counts, and more.

Efficient data entry allows you to record receipt issues and adjustments, while automated item tracking manages an unlimited number of inventory items for multiple locations. You can also:

  • Summarize inventory values from multiple locations.
  • Calculate and print information in any format you choose for real-time status of quantities, costs, item movements, and valuations
  • Immediately view your inventory information thanks to integration with purchasing and job management applications
  • Track items in a shared database with Purchasing to consolidate purchasing and replenishment
  • Eliminate redundant data entry with a database shared among Purchasing, Inventory, Service Management, Accounts Receivable, and Job Management
  • Track the quantity on hand and the quantity on order for each item-in total and by location

Job Cost

Stay on top of commitment and change order management for complete cost control. Job Cost handles virtually any level of tracking complexity, ranging from a simple costing structure with basic job codes and standard cost codes to a sophisticated structure with multi-sectioned jobs, multi-sectioned cost codes, and multiple cost categories.

Job Management

Stay on Top of Commitment and Change Order Management for Complete Cost Control

Job Management handles virtually any level of tracking complexity, ranging from a simple costing structure with basic job codes and standard cost codes to a sophisticated structure with multi-sectioned jobs, multi-sectioned cost codes, and multiple cost categories.

Whether you enter subcontracts and purchase orders directly into Job Management or import them from other programs, you can track them against invoices so you have total control over committed costs. And you can manage every step of the change order process–from pending through approval–to ensure change order profitability. Customizable reports let you calculate and print information in any format you choose for in-depth job cost analysis.

Your job cost information is always immediately available to you for quick lookups and over-the-phone answers.

With Sage 300 Trade Specialty Job Management you can also:

  • Have project information always just a click away
  • Easily control subcontracts, purchase orders, contracts, and change order management
  • Handle virtually any level of job costing complexity
  • Improve project communication between team members
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts by sharing data between departments and work processes

*Mobile Time Tracking Solutions

Field staff can input labor time, employee production, and other jobsite information via mobile devices.

Human Resources Management

Using a web-based solution, field managers can easily track certifications, safety compliance, evaluations, and more in one central, accessible location.

Alerts and Reports Distribution

Leverage an alerts and report distribution solution to ensure you have the information you need, when you need it, to stay on top of the items that keep your business moving forward.


Efficiently process even the most complex payroll with minimal effort. Payroll processes even the most complex payroll while helping you monitor and control labor costs. Capture employee hours from the job site or the office with streamlined data entry.


Get complete control over your purchasing processes and cost outlays. Purchasing gives you complete control to quickly obtain your vital materials-from generating requisitions and purchase orders to entering PO receipts, tracking PO change orders, vendor returns, and more.

Streamlined processes facilitate how you purchase and then restock inventory items, along with tight integration with your inventory so you can work from a single source of information. Purchasing interfaces with Job Management, Service Management, and Accounts Payable applications, so you can easily capture detailed information to carefully monitor materials costs. You can also:

  • Customize the PO entry window to add and remove columns
  • Automatically pre-fill the PO entry window with item pricing
  • Tap the item database to quickly generate POs for jobs and inventory
  • Copy existing POs to generate new ones
  • Track all vendors for each item including five most recent prices
  • Track vendor and job price information for each item
  • Automatically update item records with the last vendor used and price paid


Generate fast, accurate quotes to ensure job profitability. Quotes provides you the means to stay on–or under–budget right from the very beginning. You can create a quote at a fixed price rather than charging based on time and materials and with multiple scopes of work. When approved, a work order for the job will automatically be generated, reflecting the fixed price from the quote.

You can also produce progress billing invoices for quoted work. For example, you can bill 25 percent at the start of the project, 25 percent when the project is half complete, and the remaining 50 percent at project completion. Quoted work can be billed by specifying percentages or flat amounts. You can also:

  • Quickly, accurately generate quotes
  • Easily implement progress billing through to project completion
  • Manage outstanding quotes so you can follow up on quotes issued but not approved
  • See comparisons of estimated cost and profit versus actual cost and profit on any job
  • Track the quantity on hand and the quantity on order for each item-in total and by location

Reporting and Productivity Tools

Sage 300 Trade Specialty construction reporting and productivity tools provide you with access to the data you need to help optimize workflows and streamline your companyýs operations for maximum efficiencies.

Report Designer

Report Designer gives you the ability to quickly and easily modify Sage 300 Trade Specialty 500-plus reports.

Alternatively you can easily create your own. Building reports is a simple process involving point and click selection of fields in Sage 300 Trade Specialty database, and then dropping it into the report template.

Reports can be totaled at any level, and conditions can be applied to print only the information you want to see.

Work Orders

Stay on top of all your service work activities. Use Work Orders to define, schedule, track, and bill service work. Because all work in Service Management is managed with work orders, whether the work is initiated upon customer request, or from an ongoing maintenance agreement, they are critical to correctly allocating your resources.

Work orders are used throughout the service workflow, from the initial customer request, to scheduling the work, to documenting details about completed work, to billing for the work. Youýll be able to view request details, such as the person who requested the work, the contact for the work, and the customer PO as applicable. You can also:

  • Automatically generate work orders by a service agreement, approved quotes, or upon customer request
  • Easily track labor, parts, and so on for each scope of work
  • Produce invoices from work orders for partially or fully completed work

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