Spitfire Project Management System

A project management application designed by Spitfire Management, LLC.

About Spitfire Project Management System

In one fully integrated system, you get browser-based construction project management with full collaboration capabilities, plus complete project cost accounting and integrated financial accounting (with Acumatica Cloud ERP or Microsoft Dynamics SL) on a solid, scalable foundation.

The Spitfire Project Management System fully consolidates your company’s strategic information into a seamless solution addressing the business management needs of today’s contractors. Spitfire provides seamless data flow across your entire project in one project management, project accounting and financial management system.

Their powerful customization tools provide unprecedented control over screen design, data handling, invoice and report formats. We offer a sophisticated user-defined work breakdown structure and project hierarchy with unlimited revenue recognition options.

Key Customization Features Include:

  • Highly flexible screen design and end-user modification using Spitfire’s Customization tool
  • Your own codes, pick lists and classifications
  • User-defined fields with optional validation against user-defined lookups
  • Powerful report engine for “on the fly” control over selection criteria and sort order of reports
  • Custom designed Spitfire documents
  • Full Web-enabled capabilities

Contract Management

Contract Management

  • You spend less time creating new contracts
  • Contract due dates with alerts prevent past-due scenarios
  • Contracts are sent to all necessary people through system-generated distribution lists
  • All corresponding files can be attached to a contract for easy reference
  • Version control on your contracts means there’s always one version of the truth
  • Electronic contracts plus integrated email means less paper usage
  • All types of contracts (Client Contracts, Subcontracts, Lump Sum, Unit Price, GMP, Cost Plus, Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Purchase Orders, etc.) are managed in one system

Bid Management

  • Prepare your bid solicitations in less time using templates
  • Easily select vendors to receive your bid solicitation through qualifications such as CSI specialty, area, rating, or number of times previously hired
  • Attach all bid files–including plans, specs, PDFs, CADs, drawings, spreadsheets, etc.,–into a bid package
  • Send out large numbers of bid solicitations with all corresponding files through automated distribution
  • Maintain uniformity in bid submissions for fair comparisons
  • Know at all times which vendors have returned bids, declined to bid, or not responded
  • Compare submitted bids at-a-glance with your budget for easier evaluation
  • Create a subcontract from a winning bid with a few clicks, without re-entering information

Change Management

  • Flow information from RFIs or proposed Change Orders to approved Change Orders
  • Combine several approved change items into one Change Order
  • Link related subcontractor change orders and owner change orders together
  • Easily check the status of all change orders from pending to approved or rejected
  • Have the system automatically update expenses and revenue on your budget when changes are approved
  • Use predefined distribution lists to ensure that all project participants who need to be informed of a change, are
  • Generate custom documentation, contracts and forms for your vendors and customers, all kept in one catalog
  • Maintain clear records and audit trails for possible legal disputes

Document/ File Management

Whatever you think of as “documents” and “files,” the Spitfire Project Management System provides you with the tools to organize, keep, and find them. The system comes with pre-defined documents (that you can thoroughly customize!) such as:

  • Bids
  • Budgets
  • Change Orders
  • Compliance Notifications
  • Contracts
  • Daily Field Reports
  • Drawing Logs
  • Forecasts
  • Inspections
  • Invoices
  • Invitation to Bids
  • Issues
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Milestones
  • Pay Applications
  • Pay Requests
  • Permits
  • POs
  • Punchlists
  • Receipts
  • RFIs
  • RFQs
  • Subcontracts
  • Submittals
  • Submittal Packages
  • Tasks

And whatever other files are needed for your project–Microsoft Word .DOCX; Microsoft Excel .XSLX; .PDF; .DWG; image files .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .IMG, .MPP, etc.–they are all kept in the same system catalog, where they can be easily found through filters or organizational folders. Files can be scanned into the system or uploaded on the document, project or catalog level, and they all end up in the same catalog.

Project Accounting

The Spitfire Project Management System offers comprehensive recording, tracking and analysis tools for your budgets, budget revisions, forecasts, job-cost accounting, subcontractor payments, and schedule-of-value billing–which all work together to give you current financial “snapshots” of your projects at all times. Spitfire can also be integrated with several accounting packages, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP and Microsoft Dynamics SL, for total communication between the financial and non-financial aspects of your projects.

Budget and Cash Flow

The Spitfire Project Management System offers budgeting functionality designed to simplify your money tracking. You can know at all times what money is expected, what costs have been approved (and which are pending approval), what actual payments have been made, and what changes have occured over the life of the project.

  • Easy creation of budgets for each project saves time
  • Customizable budget worksheets have a consistent look across projects and provide the information you need
  • Worksheets are updated automatically through change orders and payments, so nothing is forgotten
  • Different levels of information gives you both “big picture” overviews and detailed financial data
  • Drill-down to details includes images of supporting documents so information can be seen in context
  • Budget worksheets include read-time actual and commitment amounts, so you always have accurate data
  • Project-to-date financial “snapshots” help you know months or years later what decisions where made over time
  • Budget documents can be shared and distributed as any other document in the system
  • Budget data can easily be exported to custom workbooks for additional presentation

Forecast and Financial Analysis

  • Everyone uses the same protocols
  • Changes can be identified as interim or posted, and who changed what is tracked and recorded
  • Data is easily accessible and presented in a consistent manner
  • Industry-recommended algorithms project Forecast-At-Completion and Forecast-To-Complete for all tasks
  • Forms let you try out “what-if” scenarios
  • Data can be exported to another workbook for further analysis
  • Easily accessible project financial data is always up-to-date
  • Project-to-date financial “snapshots” help you know months or years later what decisions where made over time

Invoices and Payments

  • Create payment requests from subcontracts, flowing data in from the subcontract and linking them together
  • Track retainage every step of the way and mark final payments with released retention
  • Block or tag payments automatically if there are compliance issues or if payment exceeds the budget cap
  • Handle lien waivers, and split and joint payments
  • If you use Acumatica Cloud ERP or Microsoft Dynamics SL, have your approved payments appear in the accounting software.
  • Generate filtered payment logs from built-in Spitfire reports

Financial Accounting

  • Web-based project management that doesn’t require replacement of your current accounting system
  • Web-based project management with fully integrated financial accounting right from initial installation
  • Web-based project management installed and implemented, with financial accounting phased in when the time is right for your business

Project Management

The Spitfire Project Management System provides transparency and accountability from project design to close out by giving you both quick-view and detailed access to all project information from easy-to-read project dashboards.

Initiate Your Project

  • Track bid and awarded projects
  • Set up checklists and start-of-project documents automatically
  • Create team lists easily

Plan Your Project

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with project participants
  • Analyze data from previous projects for better planning
  • Establish due dates to be monitored by the system

Execute Your Project

  • Access and input project information from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Gather all sorts of project-related data including photos and weather condition logs
  • Keep documents and files organized and centrally located
  • Use automatic workflows to simplify your work

Monitor and Control Your Project

  • Use alerts to point out potential problems
  • Track compliance requirements throughout the life of the project
  • Generate system reports for analysis
  • Know the financial health of your project at all times

Close Your Project

  • Use punchlists to ensure all has been completed
  • Make your project documents “read-only” so they can’t be changed after the fact
  • Keep records and audit trails for future examination

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