A construction program management software.

About Projectmates

Projectmates is a capital construction project management software built by owners for owners. Features of Projectmates include construction document management, construction cost management, construction workflow management, capital project planning, construction schedule management, and analytics and reporting.

Video Overview

Projectmates for Construction allows your team members to effectively communicate using the Internet. This software will provide you with effective communication and accountability platforms, from which your entire project performance can be evaluated. This software will provide you with a way to route and track requests, allowing you to concentrate on managing the project, rather than its associated documents.

Projectmates for construction will give your staff a simple web-based interface for submitting requests. Thereby minimizing data entry and eliminating the need to know where to send request for approval and fulfillment. Some additional features of this product include:

  • 100% web-based, giving you access (to the system) at any time, via an internet connection
  • The system will allow you to share documents, schedules, and task assignments with remote participants.
  • Completely manage subcontracts and bids
  • Manage day-to-day construction activities such as RFI, submittal, daily field reports, site photos and more using the project management tools
  • Track and record all change orders, budgets, and invoices
  • Electronic bid distribution portal saves money in reproduction costs
  • Portfolio reports for instant feedback on project performance
  • Fully supports PDAs or smart phones to view files
  • Ability to use accounting software along with document intergration, procedures and templates

Backup and Archive

The Backup & Archive module will not only backup your uploaded native documents and create an HTML version of your dynamic pages. All information is stored in a single downloadable zip file. Some of the other features of this module include:

  • Automatically backs-up project web site content
  • Allows you to select sections of the site you want to backup
  • Automatically arranges all uploaded files in appropriate directories based on your project web’s structure
  • Creates a linked list of all construction management logs and details
  • Preserves attachments
  • Works overnight and sends an email when ready
  • Does not need installation or database to view information
  • Multiple time-stamped archive sets can be created

Bids and Plan Room

The Bid and Plan Room allows your team members to create bid solicitation request and publish the information in the virtual plan room. Contractors, on the other end, register to view bids, allowing them to subscribe to bids. If a Contractor becomes a bid subscriber they are given the ability to view and download bid documents, such as plans, specification, bid forms, etc. Some of the features of this module include:

For Bid Managers

  • 6 step bid solicitation publishing process
  • Invite and keep track of potential bidders
  • Bid documents can be included for online viewing and/or download
  • Sophisticated role-based security, to keep your data safe
  • Create password protected or invitation only bids
  • Addendums can be added instantly
  • View list of bid subscribers
  • Publish list of plan holders
  • Back-up the entire bid package, including addendum and Q & A
  • View and download subcontractor bid submittals
  • Convert awarded bid to contract with a single click

Features for Bidders

  • Access all bids
  • Subscribe to bid solicitations
  • Securely submit your electronic bids
  • View important bid details, such as pre-bid conference date and place, type of bid, estimated cost, etc.
  • View and download plans and specifications
  • Submit line-item cost
  • View and print drawings using built-in document viewer
  • Ask questions to bid managers
  • View list of interested bidders
  • View list of plan holders
  • 100% web-based. No installation or additional software needed

Contract Management

The Contract management features of Projectmates actually consists of several other modules. These modules will allow you to coordinate time-consuming tasks between your project leader and your subcontractors, suppliers, and other such participants. This module acts as a bridge between your accounting system and project management system. The contract management features are made up of the following modules:

  • Bid Packages
  • Bids Plan Room
  • Buyout Packages
  • Subcontracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Budget
  • Pay Application
  • Proposal Requests and PCOs
  • Prime Change Orders
  • Change Directives

Document Management

The Document Management module provides you with a central repository for all of your company’s documents. This module features a full text search, allowing you to find information quickly. Additionally, the built-in version control system allows you to keep historical versions of your files. The version control system lets you create a snapshot of the folder structure for a easy retrieval or to rollback to a previously saved version. Some additional features of the Document Management module include:

  • Version control and labeling of documents automatically
  • Lock and unlock files for editing
  • Drag-n-drop file upload makes uploading files a snap
  • Allow your users to add comments and redlining/markup values to documents
  • Customizable tabs and menu structure allow the software to adapt perfectly to your business
  • Customizable role-based access privileges keep your data secure
  • Explorer-like folder structure, providing a familiar setup
  • File access tracking and audit log stores a complete record of files
  • Ability to duplicate folder structure automatically upon upload and download.
  • Robust viewing and markup of 100+ types of files.
  • Supports X-Refs for drawings
  • Instant e-mail notification
  • Robust database-driven architecture


FlexForms will collect data and compile that data to give your project leaders the information they need to make decisions. FlexForm allows you to create custom forms to collect information and reuse it across the project and multiple projects. Since the native file format for FlexForms is XML, the application supports any customer-defined XML schema. FlexForms allow you to input and store a wide array of information, such as: expense reports, time sheets, phone logs, transmittals, and other forms that are needed to track the various elements of the project. Some of the benefits of the FlexForm module include:

  • Easier to transport paper documents to electronic versions.
  • Easy to personalize the information using HTML editor.
  • Supports file attachments.
  • Supports work-flow processes.
  • Unlimited number of forms can be created.

Part Order

The Part Order module is your complete order fulfillment system. This module will allow you to streamline the entire process of ordering parts and supplies from your suppliers. This system is incredibly versatile and allows you to send orders via XML. The Part Order Module allows you to create an order by selecting parts or an assembly of parts from the master list. Then your purchasers define the quantity, supplier, and fulfillment date for each line item. The part order bridge then converts the order to XML and sends it to the requested supplier. Additionally, once the supplier ships the ordered parts, the module will send confirmations to the appropriate users.

Portfolio Dashboard

The Portfolio Dashboard module allows you to organize projects into logical groups called portfolios, allowing you to generate an enterprise reporting system that can capture project objectives, costs, timeliness, accomplishments, resources, risks and other critical factors. This allows you to review entire portfolios, spread your resources appropriately and adjust projects to produce the highest return. This module will give you complete visibility of your projects, allowing you to actively monitor their progress. Using the Portfolio Dashboard you are able to align your company’s projects with your strategic business goals. This module gives you the following features:

  • Group multiple projects in portfolios based on common characteristics.
  • Create dashboards that allow you to view live data.
  • Use dozens of predefined enterprise reports complete with drill-down details.
  • Schedule enterprise reports for automatic delivery to anyone via email.
  • Export to PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML and other formats.
  • Connect Portfolio reports to other software packages, such as HR, Accounting, etc.
  • Evaluate project status and quickly identify at-risk and under-performing projects.
  • Gain insight into the performance of overall portfolio by identifying trends and problem areas


The Schedule module allows you to transform all of your scheduling documents from paper based (e.g. calendars, Gantt charts, printed spreadsheets) to electronic formats of the same documents. This module will allow you to save time and money, by keeping schedules on track and reducing the paperwork associated with them. This module will automate the creation of timeliness, alert team-members to their tasks and deadlines, and provides you and your staff with online access to schedules from anywhere at anytime. Some of the features of the Schedule module include:

  • Automatically creates timeliness based on information you enter about project tasks.
  • Assigns tasks to individuals and keep them on-target through the Task Manager. Alert team members to scheduling conflicts with built-in red flags.
  • Allow schedules to be viewed either as calendars or Gantt charts.
  • Keep distributed teams informed with online, rights-managed access.
  • Import schedules from Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Primavera SureTrak
  • Easily exchange information with Microsoft Outlook and Excel.

Workflow Management

The Workflow Management module will handle the request and approval process, saving you extensive time and labor; and completely tracks the status of requests. This module will give you a simple interface for submitting requests and notifying responsible parties. Below is a list of the features in the Workflow Management module:

  • The system will manage your Contacts
  • Meeting Minutes/Task Manager
  • Allows your team members to participate in threaded discussion
  • Maintains a full team directory
  • The module will track and store
    • Team Notes
    • Photo Album
    • Punch/Action Lists
    • RFI’s
    • Checklists
    • Field Reports
    • Project Budgets
    • Contracts
    • Contractor’s Daily Reports
    • Continuation Sheets
    • Draw Schedules
    • Project Schedules
  • Request For Information
  • Backup & Archive
  • Project inbox, for each team member, allows them to view messages sent to them
  • Supplemental Instructions/Bulletins
  • Shop Drawing Submittals
  • Allows you to accept and manage online bids
  • The virtual plan room allows you to construct several plans for analysis.
  • Pay Application (Invoices)
  • Customizable Templates
  • Fax-In and Fax-Out

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User Reviews of Projectmates

Submitted on September 8th, 2021 by Ben H.

The State of Idaho chose Projectmates for our owner centric capital planning construction management software to replace the Division of Public Works’ outdated financial system and provide tools for document management, scheduling, and collaboration with state agencies, design professionals, and contractors for hundreds of projects.