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About Goldenseal

Goldenseal works for Contractors, Home Builders, Remodelers and Subcontractors.

The Construction module includes over 2,000 material prices and assemblies for estimating construction projects. It is designed for residential and light commercial repairs, new construction or remodeling.

Goldenseal tracks subcontractor insurance, equipment and labor hours, and other job costs. When you enter material purchases, it automatically updates unit costs for estimating.

Specialized billing is included for draw schedules, progress payments, time and materials work, change orders and allowances. Goldenseal includes ýsmart dimensionsý that calculate construction quantities from simple project measurements.

Also includes integrated accounts payable, accounts receivable, job costs, payroll (including worker’s comp rates based on the actual work done). Includes state and federal tax tables for all US states and Canadian provinces.

Accounts Payable

To pay your accounts payable you must follow the simple process outlined here. Enter your expenses and choose Pay Bills from the Costs menu. This will bring up a ýquick reportý of your accounts payable with the amount that you owe to each of them. To pay, simply click to out a check mark next to each vendor you want to pay. With one click of the pay now button Goldenseal automatically prints checks for your payments. The Goldenseal business program also shows you a report of payables aging, and tracks the amount that you owe for sales tax and payroll taxes.

Accounts Receivable

Goldenseal also tracks your receivables, and creates customer bills. Additionally, it can handle tenant billing for rental properties. Goldenseal can print billing statements and track payments. This software also works well for project billing; it easily handles draw schedules, progress payments, time-and-materials work, allowances and change orders. Finally, Goldenseal automatically deducts ýholdbacký or ýretainageý amounts if they are in the payment terms.

Chart of Accounts

Goldenseal includes a graphic ýchart of accountsý window that shows all of your jobs, assets, liabilities and cost accounts. Any account can have information stored and attached to it; this information is available for viewing at any time by your employees. You can also drag the mouse from one account to another to enter expense and income transactions. For example, to enter an expense for a particular project, click on a supplier or subcontractor account, and drag to the job account.


Estimating Features:

  • Smart dimensions require you to enter a few simple measurements and the program will calculate quantities for you
  • Unit costs and assemblies ensure accurate calculations of cost for the work you do-- updating price changes automatically.
  • Competitive bid tracking handles price quotes from suppliers and subcontractors project templates make it easy to estimate your ýstandardý types of projects


Goldenseal is an inventory management software that works particularly well for retailers, wholesalers, service businesses and construction companies. All purchases made will automatically increase inventory stock and update prices. This software system will automatically check for low inventory and warn you when items need to be reordered. You can also use inventory for projects or overhead expenses, adjust inventory, and get reports of current inventory count and value.

Job Costs

Goldenseal is job costing software that is designed specifically for tracking costs against a project estimate or budget. Goldenseal is one of the best accounting programs for job costing details like payroll burden, overhead, time billing rates and multiple cost category systems. With it, you can allocate every cost to a specific project or overhead account, to cost categories and subcategories, and know exactly what you need to change to be more profitable. Additionally you can track direct expenses for equipment, maintenance, investments, and real estate. In summary, the job costing software compares estimated costas against actual expenses, giving you the instant feedback on your estimates.


Goldenseal payroll will allow you to fully manage all of your payroll processes. This product calculates tax withholding and other employee deductions. Additionally, it fully handles the tracking and computation of benefits and vacation time. This software comes complete with payroll withholding tables for every US state and Canadian province. Goldenseal also writes paychecks and tracks employee time for job costs and time billing.

Rental Management

Goldenseal is property management software that is designed specifically for managers and owners of any type of rental property. It includes rent tracking, tenant relations, cost accounting and repair cost estimates.


Goldenseal is project scheduling software that automatically calculates the start date for each item in an estimate. It calculates the duration of each item by getting the total labor hours from the Assembly, adjusted for the crew size. You can assign different working hours to the project and see how that affects the completion date.

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Submitted on October 28th, 2019 by keith scipio from montgomery associates

my problem with the software is support is lacking

The Good…

its cheap

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your suport