A multi-module management system designed by Working Systems.

About LaborPower

LaborPower software was developed by Working Systems Inc. using specifications taken from actual Union Locals and provides complete solutions to Organized Labor requirements. Dues and Membership Tracking, Job Dispatch, Apprentice Training and Education, Grievance and Organizing–all are enhanced with optional, soon-to-be indispensable Internet modules.

Using ‘client-server’ technology, LaborPower® offers unparalleled speed, flexibility, data integrity and user-friendly ease of operation. Our optional Web modules are tightly integrated, completely secure and Locals have complete control deciding which on-line features are available to members.

LaborPower® Apprentice

Apprentice & Education provides record keeping for union apprenticeship and training school programs, facilitating apprenticeship programs as well as general education and training programs for union members.

Apprentice & Education manages the official process for applications to an apprenticeship program, beginning with an application request and continuing through the application and the rating process.


  • Request Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Applicant Record (for tracking rating, application materials)
  • Ratings (any number of tests, interviews, or other measures)
  • Scanning of Forms

Optional Internet module offers prospective applicants 24/7 access to Catalog , Registration , Application and Payment information; availability determined by school.

Apprentice & Education tracks apprentices through classes and changes in status, as well as providing a section for recording any number of classes, and has flexible systems for tracking attendance and grades.


  • Apprentice Form (Personal information, status/level/wage rates, work history, unlimited notes, classes and grades, attendance)
  • Employer Form (Multiple offices and contacts, notes, employee lists)
  • Classes List
  • Tracking of apprentice by group
  • Group changes of level

Apprentice & Education also offers tracking of general classes for any member, including registration, attendance, and grades.


  • Registration of apprentices or members
  • Class fees and refunds
  • Attendance and grading

Apprentice & Education offers two built-in Report Writers: One allowing easy, fast modification for simple reports and the other requiring a higher skill level for complex reports. Both offer complete flexibility with either our standard or your custom reports.

The totally flexible security settings are customized by your Administrator, which can allow or prevent access to menus, screens or even individual fields. Users can be authorized to use one or more of the three program sections.

Classes are arranged in sequences (sets of courses), class types (specific kinds of courses offered regularly) and actual classes. The class form has a class roster, a list of class times and days, an attendance list, and an evaluation tab.

Options for Grades and Evaluation: For any type of class, the users can set up any number of types of evaluation (tests, quizzes, etc) and any number of individual items. The scores can be weighted and averaged in several ways, and classes can use different user-created grading scales.

The totally flexible security settings are customized by your Administrator, which can allow or prevent access to menus, screens or even individual fields. Users can be authorized to use one or more of the three program sections.

LaborPower® Dues

LaborPower ® Dues easily imports external payment files provided by a contractor, bank or website. Our program tracks a variety of charges such as building funds, insurance and assessments, and even allows members to pay with installments.

You can create charges in advance of actual payment to speed up payment processing at busy window-style operations. Like to have your own special fields? LaborPower® creates Union Local-specific customizations in addition to a core program with standard dues and activity-reporting specifications.

Custom reports are created, saved and accessed effortlessly. Regardless of skill level, our drag-and-drop report writer stocks up a local’s toolbox with speedy bulk emailing, targeted mailing labels, mail merge and more. ‘Do-it-yourself’, or let us create your custom report–gathering and presenting vital information doesn’t get any easier.

LaborPower ® products employ client-server solutions proven to be speedy, extremely reliable, readily available and best of all: low-cost. The software employs a Firebird database (client-server, open-source and free). By using this technology, LaborPower ® Dues eliminates data corruption with no limitation on data volume that has been known to plague smaller database systems. The database server runs on Windows or Linux, storing data effortlessly and efficiently.

LaborPower ® Dues can look and feel different from union local to union local, even though product functionality is the same.

Additional Features:

  • Totally Flexible Security Settings can be completely customized by your administrator to allow or prevent access to menus, screens or even individual fields.
  • Auditing Capabilities to track data changes as well as the date/time of changes and the author.
  • Standardized Address & Bulk Mail Features utilize bar-coding to expedite the production of CASS certified bulk mailing and member address corrections necessary to receive postage discounts. Congressional and Legislative District Options are available.

LaborPower® Job Referral

Designed from specifications provided by IBEW 46, our LaborPower ® Job Referral software effortlessly manages all Dispatch demands, delivering efficient, affordable, reliable Client-Server solutions for any Union Local of any size. Flexible numbering system assigns registrants numbers according to your Union Local’s requirements. Highly customizable rules apply to all aspects of maintaining a Dispatch operation: Registration, Re-signing, Short-Call, Refusals/Checkmarks, Job Termination, etc. Bar-Coded Registration is standard, offering cards and scanning technology so applicants register, re-sign and check- in with no assistance. Employer Aliases allow a single employer to be listed with several different names. For an additional cost , we also offer an internet module, Web Sign-In : members have the potential to review their information, job history, resign/register, view jobs available for them, check other members working at same site. Members will be able to ‘Bid’ on jobs and Dispatch knows exactly who is interested in working, eliminating the need to call everyone. A Union Local’s administrator decides which on-line features will be made available to its members, so Union Locals have complete control. Web Sign-In offers speed and fail-safe security for login and password. Web Sign-In is tightly integrated with Job Referral – all the same records and information are stored as if part of the actual Job Referral program. Dispatch has never been smoother:

  • Select/Match Applicants to jobs based on regional availability, special skills or conditions.
  • Unlimited Books can be uniquely named and numbered.
  • Applicants can sign multiple Books.
  • Short Calls have complete flexibility to accommodate your Local’s particular specifications.

Reports are detailed and instantly available, offering: easily accessible employee listing for each contractor/worksite, custom Registration/Out-of-Work Lists, Applicant Work History, Applicant Registration History, EEOC Reports, Open Requests, Employer/Worksite, Travel/Introduction Letters. Auditing Trail records all changes to registration. Audit Trail records ‘who, what, why and when’ about each change to a registration: Referred, Dropped, Re-sign, Terminated, Short-call, etc.

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