A order entry application designed by Xactware Solutions for construction companies.

About XactRemodel

XactRemodel is your complete solution for generating remodeling projects and accompanying estimates. This product provides you with the ability to draw a remodel as a floor plan or in 3D. These drawings can be used as a sales tool, giving your potential clients a visualization of what they’d be paying for. This allows you to better showcase your services and abilities; and receive customer feedback which in turn allows you to make adjustments. Sketch tools in XactRemodel allow you to easily sketch a series of detailed rooms in minutes. This product also allows you to easily change the language of drawings and estimates from English to Spanish, with one click of the mouse.

Estimating with XactRemodel is converted from a typically complicated and cumbersome process, to a mostly automated and efficient process. Estimates can be constructed from drawings as you add parts to the remodel job. Estimates can then be saved as a template for later use; allowing you to quickly change dimensions or products in the remodel. All changes to templates are recognized by XactRemodel, at which point the software automatically adjusts the estimated cost. Additionally, you also quickly copy all or part of a prior estimate to a new estimate or create assemblies. The existence of one click wizards within XactRemodel allow you to add items like plumbing, HVAC, and electrical equipment to your estimates with one click. These additions then prompt the software to re-calculate the estimate, giving you an accurate price with minimal effort. Finally, XactRemodel gives you the ability to add markup percentages to estimates, therefore locking in a profit for your organization.

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