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A software system designed by PEM Software Systems.
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This company is no longer in operation. Per their website, “PEM Software Systems, Inc has been providing our customers software for close to 30 years and unfortunately we are no longer able to stay in business. We have tried to continue to provide our customers the best we could but we are no longer able to continue operations. We are having to close our doors after many years of providing our customers with the best software we could offer. We wish all of our loyal customers success in the years to come. We would like to let all our customers know that any existing software you have will continue to work and operate as it has and should work for years to come.”

The CAP © Software (Contractor’s Application for Payment) keeps track of contractors, architects, customers, previous applications, multiple companies and much more! The CAP© is a powerful program written specifically to handle your AIA* form completion needs and much more. The program manages your database for you, next applications, previous application changes and billing retainage are easily done.

The CAP© Software Completes all these AIA* Documents and Prints Our Generic Forms for the same purpose:

G702, G702/CMa, G703, (G703UnitPricing), G701, G701/CMA, G704, G706, G706A, G707, G709, G716, G736CMa, G737/CMA, G732, G810

G702/G703 Billing features:

  • All calculations are done for you
  • G702 automatically calculated
  • Create subtotals, Page breaks
  • No limits: lines, applications, etc.
  • All Prints Preview to Screen
  • Print our CAP forms as blanks to plain paper. Use the blank forms as worksheets.
  • Click one button for next application and all values are calculated and moved to previous for you. You just enter the current billing.
  • Manages Previous Applications for you. The CAP© has a complete Database for your Previous Applications, Print applications and/or restore to the previous
  • Application and make changes.
  • Retainage: Set by application or by 
  • Line Item, percentages or fixed amounts.
  • PEM Exclusive: Have you ever billed an amount but received less? The CAP has a Net Payment due option that shows what you’ve billed and been paid. No need to adjust previous applications anymore.
  • Current period Billing by 
  • Percentage or Dollar amounts.
  • Format Your Item numbers with any Characters and/or numbers.
  • Insert in Place, no need to renumber lines, the program will ask you what you want and do it for you.
  • User defined Group Subtotals, Page breaks, Insert lines in place, and line renumbering. Format Your Item numbers with any characters and/or numbers.
  • Copy all the data in an application or from specific lines within an application, no need to retype similar applications or lines.

Contract Features:

  • Input your information for all your contracts using an easy to follow format. Check your information without wasting forms: review your data on-screen or print out a plain paper copy of the data you input and check it over before printing on to an AIA Original*.
  • Create as many addendums (additional Information) as you need, for any or all of the contract articles.
  • Copy your Contract information to the same project or to other projects. No need to type it all in again for similar contract requirements.

Report Features:

  • Statements: Lists your application for payments and the payments/credits you receive and you can produce customer statements by date.
  • Billing Worksheets: an easy way to determine billing amounts you need to enter. * The worksheet prints line items not billed and gives you fill in the blanks for next billing amounts.
  • Billing Recap: show the billing activity of the projects in the system.
  • Balance to Finish: get a listing of all your projects with ‘Balance to Finish’.

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