JDA Demand Classification

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A web-based software system designed by JDA Software Group for retail trade companies.

About JDA Demand Classification

Leading companies with large product portfolio’s, multiple sales channels and varying customers, need highly accurate and specific forecasts. Particularly with extended supply chains reaching back to Asia.

JDA Demand Classification Application helps companies better prepare for future company demand thus maximizing sales and increasing customer service. By leveraging advanced statistical analysis techniques, the demand solution provides capabilities that analyze your product’s selling behavior and its individual demand pattern. It then applies the appropriate algorithm and automatically optimizes the parameter settings based on the product’s demand behavior. This helps create the automated baseline forecast that is the important starting point for creating the consensus demand plan.

Key Features:

  • Simplified user interaction. Features task-oriented interfaces and intelligent techniques.
  • Generates forecasts. Cleanses historical data to ensure that a true picture of prior year’s performance is taken into account.
  • Applies a Threshold method planning technique. Informs the planner how much product should be sold each period to hit a future inventory target.
  • Offers multiple algorithms. In particular, the Enhanced Holt-Winters (EHW) which is the most useful with seasonal and trend changing components and the Lewandowski which is unique to JDA.
  • Provides Performance Analysis. Customers will have immediate visibility to forecasts from within the Demand Planning application.

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