A full ERP system designed by LCI Solutions.


BIZVIEWS is designed for small to medium companies that want a software product with a wealth of features but do not want to spend an exorbitant price for software.

BIZVIEWS is extremely flexible and can be used in most product oriented companies.

The SET-UP module provides the means to make the software customized to your look and feel. This includes putting your logo on most forms.

The Sales Module is designed to handle order taking with ease. ýTemplatesý allows you to quickly add sets of items onto the order. ýFeatures and Optionsý allow you the ability to customize an item for sale.

Inventory and Purchasing modules are designed to automate these functions as much as practical and provide the level of inventory control that you require.

The RENTAL module is used for those companies that rent products to their customers. It includes the ability to schedule drivers.

The program includes a complete accounting module which includes accounts payable, receivable, general ledger and bank account management. There is even a commissions module included.

QUICKBOOKS LINK is a new module added for those customers that want to retain their present use of QuickBooks and want to link to it for invoices, purchase orders, etc.

Accounts Payable

The Payables application is part of an integrated purchasing-inventory system. It is used to add, maintain, and control payable invoices. This application is designed to allow on-line, real-time entry of inventory and expenses, and supports multiple General Ledger account distributions for each invoice. Audit trail reports document all payable activity from the time the invoice is entered through selection of payment, actual payment and reconciliation.


  • Allows automatic creation of Payables vouchers from purchase orders.
  • Provides for an unlimited number of distribution-for-disbursement accounts. Option available to defer distribution during payables invoice entry or delay until bill arrives.
  • Assigns default distribution accounts to vendor.
  • Permits vouchers and disbursements to be made at the time of purchase order receipt (for use in smaller companies).
  • Permits a new or temporary vendor to be added on the fly.
  • Provides for unlimited user-definable recurring invoices, facilitating quick entry for recurring bills.Provides for unlimited user-definable recurring invoices, facilitating quick entry for recurring bills.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable program manages money (ýreceivablesý) coming into your business. The program processes payments, logs all amounts and activities, and produces Monthly Statement, Aging, and other reports. Credit for customers can be established and maintained within this module.


  • Tracks all receivables.
  • Tracks all deposits and open credits of customers. These can be applied against any invoice.
  • Reviews customer credit history.
  • Provides capability to put customers on credit hold.
  • Provides capability to post payments automatically from the oldest to newest, or to optionally apply payments against individual invoices manually.
  • Permits user to add, adjust, or delete receivables.
  • Allows new customers to be added on the fly when creating new receivables.
  • Allows finance charges to be calculated and added to statements based upon individual customer terms.
  • Allows finance charges to be waived in part or in full for any given customer.
  • Permits comments to be added to each invoice at the time of payment.
  • Provides quick lookup/review of customer account balances and activity.

General Ledger

The General Ledger enables you to keep the books for your company. It consists, primarily, of a chart of accounts that provide the financial structure upon which your business transactions are categorized. Journal entries of transactions from various modules are posted to the general ledger and the books are kept in balance by means of double-entry bookkeeping.

The General Ledger allows you to print a variety of reports to determine changes in the financial position of your company throughout the year. Among these reports are general ledger listings of balances and activities, trial balances, income statements, and balance sheets.


  • Provides rolling month-end balances for 36 months.
  • Post to any prior period within 36 months and updates are automatically made to Retained Earnings and closing accounts (if adjustments are made to previous year).
  • Allows departmentalized accounting with user-definable department codes/separator.
  • Allows automatic creation of departmental accounts when master account is created (upon user-confirmation).
  • Partnership distribution allows unlimited number of partners/distribution percentages.
  • Permits user-definable Journal Entry Code definitions.
  • User-definable Balance Sheet and Income Statements built into the Chart of Accounts.
  • Alphanumeric account number allows maximum flexibility in account assignment.
  • Provides eight subtotal levels within Chart of Accounts.
  • Allocates annual budget to individual months by dollar amount or percentage.
  • Allows quick budget updates for the new year. Applies to single account or groups of accounts based upon: type/account number range, dollar amount, or percentage increase/decrease.


The Inventory Module (also known as the Materials Desk) is part of the foundation upon which BizViews is built. Inventory is an asset to a company, and as such, needs to be maintained and controlled. Too much inventory can be a drain on a company’s resources and too little inventory could result in missed shipments and unhappy customers.


  • Allows stock items to be added, changed, transferred or deleted from warehouses (or catalogs).
  • Permits up to 999 warehouses or catalogs to be set up.
  • Can set up item as invoice type ýSingle,ý ýRecurring.ý Or ýPro-rated.ý
  • Most field names can be changed to fit you business.
  • UPC codes can be entered for bar coding purposes.
  • An ýassetý class can be set up for each item.


Point of Sale has most of the features of the Sales Order screen except that it allows even quicker, more simplified entry of items and rapid processing of orders. The features listed are additional to the Sales Order screen.


  • Allows instant item search by item number, description, or manufacturer’s part number.
  • Displays inventory information for selected item and identifies item as one to be sold.
  • Provides buttons for quick method-of-payment selection
  • Allows invoices to be quickly printed and immediately clears screen for next payment.


The BizViews Purchasing Module helps you to better control the purchasing process. By providing on-line real-time access to inventory and accounts receivable data, BizViews will assist you in managing your corporate assets and making intelligent, informed purchasing decisions. Take control of the purchasing process and improve vendor relationships with BizViews Purchasing Module.


  • Allows you to add, change and delete standard purchase orders.
  • Permits unlimited notes to be attached to any line item, including repetitious specifications.
  • Quickly creates purchase orders straight from sales order requirements.
  • Provides purchasing hard copy report. Based upon sales order requirements, this report displays items that need to be purchased.

QUICKBOOKS LINK. For those that choose to retain Quickbooks as their accounting system, this link allows the transference of data between the applications. It is also used to transfer customers and invoice history to Bizviews.


Shipping is the physical act of completing a sales order and transferring product from your company warehouse to that of your customer. The invoice reflects this transaction on paper. The shipping screen is designed to make the shipping process as simple as possible.


  • Easily identifies orders that are ready to ship (those for which inventory has been previously allocated and stock is available).
  • Allows orders to be shipped in an emergency, overriding all stock allocations.
  • Allows lots to be allocated to sales orders at shipping time.
  • Allocates orders at shipping time.
  • Permits whole orders or individual lines to be shipped at once with a press of a button.
  • Permits items to be shipped when stock quantity is negative (occurs when receipt on a purchase order has not yet been posted).

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