An accounting software system designed by Logic Works.

About webERP

webERP aims to provide a company with all the tools it needs to manage multi-currency debtors, multi-location stocks, multi-currency creditors as well as it’s bank accounts and general accounting needs. Also to provide the infrastructure to record sales orders with flexible pricing options, kit-sets and assemblies. Also, to maintain and print purchase orders from a supplier purchasing prices database and record goods received, tracking and tracing amounts charged in multi-currency and the final variances from standard cost. All functions are integrated to ensure that only the minimum of input is required.

What is perhaps different to many systems is that it makes use entirely of internet technologies to allow for massive scalability. It requires only a minimal bandwidth network connection to the hosting server, a web browser and Acrobat reader. The system has been designed to be run only as a web application using the open source PHP scripting language.

Any machine that can run a web browser can act as a client to this system since there is no reliance on java or other proprietary scripting languages. The system produces plain and simple HTML, which can be readily interpreted by any browser.

Since PHP has native interfaces to many relational database servers and can be used as a module in line with apache, its performance is exceptional. Used on a LAN even with large databases response times should be dramatically better than traditional ODBC based, client server systems.

webERP forte is in distribution and wholesaling.

Don’t choose webERP because it is open-source. Choose open-source for:

  • Support
  • Functionality
  • Performance

Accounts Payable

The total of all lines of goods received being invoiced are accumulated. If the GL link to creditors is active then the order lines and the GL lines are accumulated together to get the total currency amount of the invoice. If the link is not active the currency amount must be entered manually, but the amount must be more than the goods received being invoiced.

Accounts Receivable

Since cash comes in for a number of reasons , the most common of which is the payment of invoices , the receipt form allows for entry of GL items as well as customer receipts. The total of which may need to be collated for banking. The allocation of receipts is a separate process completely see below. The script for receipts creates a class to hold all the information about the receipt before it is all accecpted. Only then is the database updated with the necessary records to record the receipt and general ledger impact if the debtors link is active.

Product Overview

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