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A full ERP system designed by CAP Systems.

About CAPTAIN Fund Accounting

CAPTAIN is a true fund accounting software system for human/social service organizations funded by multiple funding sources under grants and contracts that may not have consistent fiscal periods or years. Under this type structure cost allocation is a critical fiscal management issue. CAPTAIN automates allocation of expenses and is particularly strong in the area of budgetary and expense control.

It is a networked on-line system with no limitations on the number of users or their location. It can support multiple corporations and manages each program as a separate business entity with its own complete chart of accounts and financials.

All of the modules are fully integrated so that data once entered flows to where it is needed. Up to the minute budgets and expenses queries are available on line at any time. The system can process in multiple accounting periods and keeps historical data virtually open ended. Year end closings are simple and efficient and a prior year may be kept open for as long as necessary without having an impact on current period processing. All data is validated on line at data entry.

Valid data is rejected at input time to ensure database integrity. Because the system is networked and multi user, the security features are of the highest level with multi levels of access security in place. Users only have access to authorized applications and functionality within an application. Our server platform uses an operating system that carries a US Department of Defense high level security classification. The system is complete and mature with a highly satisfied installed customer base nationwide.

Accounts Payable

This module has built in tools to automate cost allocation and to make voucher input easy and fast. Similar to the payroll, the emphasis is to make it easy to accurately charge expenses to the appropriate grant or contract and expedite the allocation of costs for expenses that routinely are cost shared over many grants. It is an accrual system that reflects each voucher as an expense as soon as it is entered but gives fiscal control to actually deciding when to make vendor payments.

Payables can be aged or selectively paid by a range of criteria such as due date, vendor, voucher range, date range, and others for tight fiscal control. The reporting is complete and robust. System security makes it easy to separate tasks in the payables department so that staff only have access to those functions for which they are authorized. The system is linked to the purchasing system so that open purchase orders are updated when vouchers are entered. The system produces checks, registers, and complete historical records. You can also process vouchers in overlapping accounting periods.

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable system is an open item system that tracks open receivables and produces a complete set of reports and audit trail including ageing. Some of the features include auto billing of recurring receivables and possible interfaces with programs you operate that may generate accounts receivable.

Budgets and Expenses

Strong budgetary control is vital to social/human service agencies. Overspent grants usually are not allowed so prevention is critical. All of the expense that is generated out of payroll and accounts payable plus miscellaneous journal entries get reflected in the Budgets and Expense System automatically. Budgets can be reviewed on line in real time or through very comprehensive reporting that essentially provides a complete statement of income and expense for every grant and for all grants summarized by the agency as a whole.

The online budgets allow authorized users to look a any line item and with the stroke of a key expand expense totals into the detail transactions that make up that total. The security system also controls who can have access to budgets and can restrict managers to only be able to view their own budgets.

Cost Allocation

Agencies can use any cost allocation methodology they want but many choose to apply for an indirect cost rate. If your agency uses such a plan, our system can reflect that plan in detail regardless of how complicated the plan or its basis. Once set up, the system automatically recovers costs from designated expense categories according to your approved plan formula.

Fixed Asset Inventory

Fixed assets that must be tracked over their usable life are maintained in the inventory system. The system records such data as purchase price, date, vendor, serial number, location, vendor part number, unit of measure, quantity, percentage of federal funds, funding source who paid, and other mandatory data.

General Ledger

All transaction originating in the other modules flow automatically to the General Ledger. The system produces a complete line of financial reporting from Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Statements or Income and Expense, and many specialized reports that support these main reports. These same reports that are produced for the agency as a whole are also produced for every grant and contract and you can combine similar grants and contracts into groups to produce the same reports for those groups for analysis purposes.

An optional feature allows you to have a snapshot of your General Ledger on a daily basis by requesting the system to do a full update each night and list the major control accounts each morning. Since all expense originates in either payroll and accounts payable, the only other input needed for a closing is to make any journal entries that may become necessary. Once you do this, your period is closed. You may re-open prior periods and re-run prior months and the system will re-run the appointed period and then all intervening periods to give you your up to date General Ledger.


Full function payroll with a strong focus on cost allocation in a multi funded environment in order to correctly charge payroll and derivative expenses across the full range of grants and contracts that fund the agency. It features free form deductions, virtually unlimited numbers of deductions, multiple pay rates, sick, and vacation time accrual, and a link to personnel information. It is run as a pay by exception and is extremely easy to use with a wide range of reports including federal and state reports, 941, and W2 and 1099s on magnetic media.

Personnel/Human Resources

The personnel related data is tightly linked to the payroll data but is related to non fiscal data and reporting. The system produces EEO and other statistical reports that are necessary to manage hiring and fringe benefits administration. The two systems work collaboratively so that personnel can begin the process of adding new employees and their non payroll information. This establishes the new employee but it is left to payroll to supply payroll and financial data to complete the employee records. System security is structured so that personnel can have access to those data elements that are related to hiring, reviews, statistical and demographic, and fringe benefits while shielding sensitive payroll and compensation data.


This system insures that expenses cannot be incurred unless funds are available because when a staff member initiates a purchase request, the system requires that they have funds available in any line items to be charged. If funds are available the amount is encumbered or committed so that the available funds are reduced by that amount. This process protects against overspent grants if used consistently.

When the goods are received, the purchase order number is used on the voucher and the expense distribution is taken from the purchase order thereby simplifying the vouchering process. Committed dollars are shown on all budget and expense reports and screens so that a user gets a full picture of the line items in every budget. The initial request does not become a purchase order until it is approved as such and then the system can print the order on line. Users who initiate purchase requests have complete visibility of their request every step of the way to cutting of a purchase order and receipt of goods.

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