Gnosis for Non-Profits

A church management software system designed by Connect4.

About Gnosis for Non-Profits

Gnosis for Nonprofits provides you with the donor database to maximize your fundraising reach, membership database to communicate and facilitate interactions with your constituents. Nonprofit website tools will enable you to publicize events and manage registrations as well as receive online donations. Would you like to energize fundraising or manage subscriptions? Gnosis does all of this and much more…

Gnosis for Nonprofits is an excellent choice to bring together all of your technology needs.This powerful system integrates your communications, donor database, membership database and nonprofit website with a rich layer of functionality delivering a completely integrated solution. What this means for you is less time managing technology and more time furthering your mission. Gnosis will replace as many as six other tools that you may currently use and will cost less!


Gnosis includes receivables for invoicing memberships, subscriptions, event bookings, hard pledges, resource bookings, facility rentals and any other purpose for which you need to track receivables from your constituents.

With integrated tools for adding on-line invoice review and payment by debit or credit card, Gnosis takes care of tracking receivables and making it easy for your constituents to manage their account and pay invoices online.

Both receivables and donations processing transactions funnel through an accounting batch management system that can be augmented with our optional Quickbooks accounting interface that supports automated posting to your Quickbooks system via an interface that gives you total control of the process.

Receipting, Banking and reconciliation is fully implemented within Gnosis both with and without the optional Quickbooks interface ensuring that you will invest less time managing accounting than you ever thought possible.

Communicating Your Message

Gnosis incorporates an integrated communications center that supports all types of communications with your constituents - via email, hardcopy, exports, mail merge, SMS text messages and more.

As the Communications Center is fully integrated into the Gnosis system, you are able to easily implement intelligent options such as emailing to valid email addresses and sending postal mail to all those not reached by email. Gnosis tracks delivery and open statistics so that you know at a glance how your communications are performing.

As an added bonus, with the inbuilt tools for mail merge and email generation, you no longer need to struggle with file uploads, downloads or opt-in/out with an external email sending service. All communications history is recorded in every constituent profile - including information on whether that constituent actually read the email that was sent (not available for all recipient email systems).

The power and freedom of Gnosis Communications Center also integrates with event management, daily, weekly and Monthly “message of the day” schedules, refer-a-friend, and forward-to-a-friend functionality. This adds a level of sophistication to any of your communications campaigns and outreach activities. Email marketing becomes a powerful ally in communicating with your constituents. Event marketing becomes a simple extension of your event management process.

Facility Rentals and Bookings

If your non-profit has a meeting or retreat center, or, other facilities that you make available on a rental basis to your constituents, Gnosis supports the rental and management of your facilities and all of the associated availability and booking processes.

Your rental resources are managed by Gnosis and made available to constituents to book based on any number of criteria and can even combined with event bookings.

Managing Constituent Information

Gnosis for Nonprofits manages all information about your constituents - be they potential donors, existing donors, volunteers, members, persons served, interested bystanders or any other type of relationship you wish to track.

Gnosis is easily configured and extended to incorporate all of your special data needs. Information about your constituents is brought into a single multi-tabbed view making all history and current information available to those authorized to view it.

Gnosis also manages relationship information between constituents and groups them into families and applicable organizations. This allows you to click-through the relationships in your database and implement sensible options such as choosing either household or personal mailings on a case-by-case basis.

On the web, Gnosis offers you the ability to engage your constituents on a personal level. Whether it be something basic like updating their contact information or communication preferences, or something specific like downloading their giving history on-line, Gnosis delivers with drag-n-drop simplicity.

Gnosis offers you the opportunity to consolidate information from your membership database, donor database, online email marketing service, and spreadsheets into a single, consistent, and powerful data source.

Managing Events

Gnosis for Nonprofits boasts an amazing inbuilt event management, online event registration, and calendar system. It supports events from the most simple “one time registration not required” variety all the way to complex multi-day, multi-track, multi-optional-session selection.

For the more complex event management, Gnosis also supports the optional allocation of returnable (i.e. headsets) or consumable (i.e. sandwiches) resources and supports pre-ordering and allocation of those resources for event registrants.

Online event registration and event marketing information may also be targeted to certain demographic or membership-based groups. You may filter events to have different calendars appear on different pages of your website. Complex arrangements of displaying public events to the general public and member-restricted events to members only are easy to achieve with Gnosis.

Gnosis seamlessly shares event management information for use in your event marketing and communications activity including email marketing and website promotional campaigns.

Encourage online event registration by using “one-click-to-register” functionality available via Gnosis event marketing emails.

Managing Fundraising & Donations

Gnosis for Nonprofits focuses as much on donor management as you do with a significant range of functionality for both recording donations and tracking opportunities.

If your organization is on the lookout for grants or cultivating major donor relationships, Gnosis helps you identify fundraising opportunities via its donor database reporting and categorization tools. Each prospect discovered can be managed via the Gnosis donor management functions, which tracks each opportunity being pursued and reports on progress against goals.

On the accounting end of the donor process, Gnosis provides an array of donation processing functionality including bulk check scanning directly into the donor database, managing direct debit/credit card giving programs, on-line pledge solicitation and donation processing via your website, and more.

Finally, on the tail end of the donation process, Gnosis for Nonprofits provides an impressive array of donor acknowledgment options.

With Gnosis for Nonprofits, the entire donor management process is supported with efficient and effective tools.

Managing Membership and Subscriptions

Managing your membership database has never been easier.

Gnosis for Nonprofits includes a subscription management system that provides exceptional versatility for membership management and all other types of subscription or periodic-based activities. This means that your membership database is always up to date and the overall challenge of membership management is made significantly easier.

Fully integrated on-line tools allow your constituents to subscribe, renew, upgrade and pay for subscription services or memberships directly via your web site pages. Automated recurring debit/credit card billing for subscriptions supports set-and-forget subscriptions that help you to secure an ongoing regular revenue stream for memberships, subscriptions, pledges, and services.

Subscription services may also be linked to restricted web page areas or downloadable resources, allowing you to make certain content only available to selected subscribers.

Membership management is further enhanced by automatically generating all your membership and subscription-related documentation, member cards, statements, and welcome packets for either email or hardcopy delivery.

Online Surveys and Feedback

Gnosis includes the ability to collect data from your constituents via survey and feedback forms on your website. Build your survey or feedback form in Gnosis and invite survey completion via an email campaign, or, add a link on your member’s home page to complete a survey.

Gnosis supports the collection of data for registered constituents and logs responses against each constituent’s profile. For analysis, Gnosis includes aggregation and export tools to analyze aggregated data using spreadsheets and pivot tables.

For simple preference setting applications, Gnosis also allows you to place selected constituent profile data on secured web pages, enabling your visitors to set preferences and options directly in their profile.

Physical and Digital Distribution

As part of the process for managing memberships or subscriptions, Gnosis supports the distribution of periodicals or other physical or digital media.

Gnosis manages the circulation of an unlimited number of physical and digital publications, provides digital download access to authorized constituents via your web site, and manages the printing of packing slips and physical distribution.

Where security and and intellectual property protection is required, Gnosis also offers an optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that limits distribution and printing of digital media to approved persons in approved situations.

Web Content Management

Make your web site come live with current content and relevant functionality by implementing the Gnosis Web Content Management option by Kentico.

Kentico’s widely acclaimed Content Management System (CMS) adds a rich, fully integrated set of website management tools that support you in easily managing your website without needing any web trained personnel on staff.

Do you want additional functionality on your web site such as forums, e-commerce store, blogs, wiki’s or other advanced functionality? No problem with Kentico CMS - and it’s fully integrated with your Gnosis database so you can add Gnosis components like on-line event registration, event calendars and more directly onto your web site pages with point and click ease.

If you want to build and maintain a vibrant web presence where content is automatically aged and removed when stale while new content is directly added by departmental content owners under the supervision of a rigorously enforced approval and publishing process, Gnosis CMS option is a must-have add-on.

If you are interested in taking an “in-depth overview” look at what the Gnosis CMS by Kentico can do to enhance your web site effectiveness, we have a 20 minute flash presentation that takes you through the CMS in action, touching on most of the major feature areas.

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