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Complete fund accounting for smaller non-profits & governmental agencies.

About eTEK Fundamentals

eTEK Fundamentals is designed to meet the specialized needs for fund accounting, cash management, payroll, utility billing, fund raising, donor management and other applications, typically found in small government organizations, churches and not-for-profits (NFPýs). Comprehensive reporting capabilities are built-in and designed to provide ýinformation at your fingertipsý so users remain in step with changing reporting regulations.

While eTEK Fundamentals is available for traditional in-house desktop and client/server implementations, it is focused primarily on providing full-feature fund accounting capabilities through its web-hosted version so smaller organizations can realize a level of security typically not found in smaller organizations.

Many small government and not-for-profit organizations simply cannot afford to maintain the level of IT infrastructure comparable to larger organizations regarding data security, user remote access flexibility, and fail-safe, automatic full system backup & recovery facilities. eTEKýs cloud-based Fundamentals is offered as a low-cost, web-hosted solution, sold as software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions. Hosted in an extensive network of co-location server farms, the web-hosting environment used by eTEK Fundamentals has completed the SAS70 Type II Audit, the highest level of security available for private co-location facilities. At least six different interlinked co-location facilities comprise the eTEK Fundamantals web-hosting backbone, thus providing an unparalleled level of security.

eTEK Fundamentals includes time-tested proven fund accounting functionality as implemented in close to 300 municipal government organizations (reference Enhanced Business Systems, Albany, New York). eTEK Fundamentals provides a modern Microsoft Office ýribboný-based graphical user interface (GUI), as found in all of eTEK’s current products. From a user’s perspective, eTEK Fundamentals ýlooks and feelsý just like current Microsoft Office desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Application modules, available in various optional combinations to meet specific organizational needs, include the following: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable (includes optional Utility Billing and Counter Sales ), Fixed Assets, Payroll, Cash Management (includes Cash Disbursements & Receipts; Bank Reconciliation), Purchase Orders, Budget Preparation, Allocations Management, Electronic Funds Transfer, Fund Raising & Donor Management, System Utilities (includes ability to configure unique user-level security settings), and On-Line Help (with built-in web video tutorials).

Accounts Payable

Fully integrated with G/L and all applicable vendor/supplier contact records maintained in the systemýfs included CRM (aka ýgPeople, Places & Thingsýh), A/P includes a broad range of capabilities summarized as follows:

  • Supports multiple cash accounts and multiple expense distribution of invoices, as well as multiple checking accounts.
  • New suppliers can be added during invoice and transactions entry with the ýgdrill downýh feature eliminating the need to back out and restart.
  • Invoices can be automatically or manually selected for payment.
  • Abstract of Vouchers reports that includes description of materials purchased.
  • Track year to date histories, supplier information, IRS 1099ýýs, recurring payables and comprehensive reporting.
  • Includes the ability to print ýgvouchersýh for sign off by respective suppliers or department heads.
  • Handwritten checks can be added at any time for any accounting period.
  • Check voiding and invoice voiding capability that produces a full audit trail for future reference.
  • List button feature available during invoice entry and handwritten check entry that maintains individual entries for review prior to payment.
  • Supplier invoice template feature that allows entering a series of expense accounts and can be automatically distributed based on invoice total and percentage assignments.
  • Optional ýgAutomatic Voucher Numberingýh of each supplier invoice.

Accounts Receivable

Fully integrated with G/L and all applicable customer records maintained in the systemýs included CRM (aka ýPeople, Places & Thingsý), A/R includes a broad range of capabilities summarized as follows:

  • Maintains complete customer information including YTD totals, payment history, current balance and last payment.
  • Supports multiple cash accounts and deposit options automatically or manually applied.
  • New customers can be added during invoice and transaction entry to eliminate unneeded steps.
  • Payments are automatically (or manually) assigned to outstanding invoices, with the system making the appropriate journal entries.
  • As with all other modules, accounts receivable uses the ýdrill-downý approach to access associated information such as customer payment history, for example.
  • Automatic postings to specific sales accounts and accounts receivable accounts based on the invoice date.
  • Upon payment, the respective bank account (cash account) with an off- setting entry to accounts receivable based on the deposit date.
  • System includes Water/Sewer Billing or Counter Sales, fully integrated with G/L.

Allocations Management

Allocation Management streamlines the indirect costing process, enabling you to maximize your cost recovery against funds/grants and/or contracts. It allows you to allocate expenses both directly and indirectly among funds, grants, cost centers, and departments based on percent of total, fixed or dynamic rates, or other user-defined criteria. A brief summary of capabilities is as follows:

  • Allocate and journalize overhead costs automatically, based on fund-specific indirect cost rates, percentage of total allowable expenses, and percentage of total payroll.
  • Compute percentage of total automatically for any group of accounts by year, month, or user-defined time period-crucial in allocating indirect cost pools.
  • Allocate indirect costs by percentage of labor hours, outcome-based statistics, or any other non-financial information.
  • Develop multistep or tiered allocations for full absorption allocations.

Budget Preparation

The system includes practical reports and tools to assist in organizational budget preparation, fully integrated to the general ledger module. Capabilities include the following attributes:

  • Export the respective municipalitiesý G/L numbers to a pre-designed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Use of a standard format for the budget preparation process that includes columns for Prior Year Budget, Current Year Budget, Tentative Budget and Adopted Budget.
  • Each fund totals by Appropriation, Revenue and Amount to be raised or (lowered).
  • System provides sample budget spreadsheet, and various other budget summaries and reports applicable to your use of the system.

Cash Management

The Cash Management module includes the following capabilities and features:

  • Complete cash disbursements & receipts provides a detailed look at supplier payments, payroll general ledger number postings and a comprehensive cash receipts overview.
  • Fully integrated to the General Ledger, the Receipts aspect of this module is based on journal entries and will automatically track revenue postings for any given date range for all funds, or for a specific fund.
  • Adding to the array of financial reports found in the system, Disbursements reporting offers additional analysis of specific payments based on accounts payable postings or payroll payments.
  • Reports found in this module can be sorted by date range, for all funds or for a specific fund. Further sorting is allowed for payee or by general ledger number.
  • A complete bank reconciliation program is included in this module with no limits on the number of different bank accounts that can be maintained in the system. Practical reports such as an un-cleared checks report are built-in.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Your system can be setup to allow for electronic funds transfer (EFT) capabilities to allow you to utilize one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Allow you to make EFT payments to your A/P vendors or suppliers.
  • Receive payments from your ýcustomersý or donors via EFT facilities, including popular credit cards.
  • Establish automated periodic payments using EFT into or out of your organization.

Fixed Assets

System includes a fixed assets and depreciation program that is easy to use and truly affordable! Features include:

  • Straight line depreciation in accordance with Capital Asset requirements that automatically depreciates individual assets. (Other depreciation methods are available).
  • User defined locations and groups.
  • Wide-range of built-in reports: Current Value / Depreciation Report, Retired / Disposed Report, Status or Valuation by Item, Status or Valuation by Group, Status or Valuation by Location, Status or Valuation by Supplier
  • Reports ýdepreciated valueý of respective assets that can be used to reduce premiums paid to insurance companies!

Fund Raising & Donor Management

The Fund Raising and Donor Management module provide a range of basic capabilities summarized as follows:

  • Uses systemýs master CRM contact records (aka ýpeople, places and thingsý)
  • Organizes and tracks donor gifts, pledges and membership dues
  • Generates automatic acknowledgements, letters, pledge payments and renewal reminders
  • Can synchronize contacts with appointments in Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to create custom reports; provides ability to export to Excel and Word
  • Ability to generate mass emails/campaign solicitations
  • Maintains complete donor lists and donor history
  • Integrates with the accounting modules so that gifts received are posted as sales receipts; pledges can be posted as invoices

General Ledger

G/L is the heart of the system and accumulates information from all the various subsidiary accounting modules, structured the way your organization desires with your account numbers, funds, object of expenditures, and detail so that you always have a truly meaningful financial picture.

  • Budget tracking features allow for automatic budget reporting and maintenance.
  • Transactions may be posted individually on a real-time basis, or by batches.
  • Entries can be added any time prior to posting, even after posting!
  • Entries to a closed period are allowed.
  • System provides for unlimited funds, journals, budgets, account segments and fiscal periods with clear audit trails established automatically.
  • Account structure for fund accounting has met the standards required by the Uniform System of Accounts for New York State, and other such organizations in the U.S.
  • Safe post feature will not accept out of balance entries, avoiding costly mistakes!
  • System is designed to be ýdate sensitiveý which means that transactions can be posted to past, present and future accounting periods.
  • There is no complex or difficult procedure for closing the general ledger at the end of a fiscal period or at the end of a fiscal year.
  • Accounting periods may be left opened, if desired, and still allow proper financial reporting! Running a trail balance for a given fiscal period will provide the closing option. If elected, the system will do all the necessary processing to automatically close the respective period.
  • You are not limited by forced procedures and ýold systemý rules. You are in control!
  • An extensive set of financial reports are built-in.


System includes a comprehensive, easy to use, Payroll System, offering Direct Deposit and many other features summarized as follows:

  • Maintains complete employee information including pay rate, filing status, totals for earnings, deductions and taxes.
  • Includes retirement reporting and all Federal and State Quarterly reports.
  • Allows for overtime, holiday pay, employee advances, and base pay.
  • Generates payroll checks with summarized stubs on laser printers using multi-purpose check stock.
  • Track employee compensation, sick time, vacation and user defined payroll information.
  • Multiple employee pay rates and multiple fund designation in one employee record.
  • Supports deductions for pension plans, deferred compensation, credit union, loan repayment and many others.
  • Pay periods can be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.
  • Includes direct deposit capability.
  • Features the ability to undo a current payroll and start over without affecting any employee records!
  • Fully integrated with general ledger.

Purchase Orders

The system includes a complete purchase order system with capabilities summarized as follows:

  • You to efficiently generate and manage all purchasing records with powerful single-form ordering, receiving and invoicing functions.
  • Different levels of authority can be established and used for entering, editing, and eventually approving purchase orders ý only approved purchase orders can be processed.
  • Receipt confirmation controlýanalyze variances, open orders, complete orders, cancellations, partial receipts and non-approved orders using ýdrill-downý inquiry capability.
  • Allows relevant fund based reporting options such as encumbrance reports.
  • Includes the capability to automatically create an accounts payable invoice once the purchase order is committed.

System Utilities

System provides a broad range of capabilities for setting security/user access permissions as desired so that only the users you want have access to specific data entry forms, queries and/or reports as approved for their use in your organization. System includes flexible archiving capabilities as well as frequently used utilities for printing lists and mailing labels. Centralized tax rate specs and financial utilities are provided to minimize errors and ease updating procedures.

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