Fund Accounting

A full ERP system designed by FundBalance, Inc..

About Fund Accounting

FundBalance offers a wide range of fund accounting solutions. The FundBalance Financial Suite is designed to be completely integrated and easy to use!

Accounts Payable

Speed – Flexibility – Integration

FBWin Accounts Payable is designed to efficiently process invoices and checks for organizations of any size.

Enter It Once!

The Accounts Payable and Purchase Order applications share vendor information. Accounts Payable recognizes purchase orders made in PO for full or partial payment. Invoice and vendor distribution can be validated. FBWin Accounts Payable links with FBWin General Ledger-- journal entries can be appended and posted.

Fast, Very Fast

FBWin applications are true Windows programs. They are faster and more flexible than DOS or early windows-based programs. This is because FBWin is designed specifically to run on Windows 2000 and XP workstations to take full advantage of the power that these operating systems provide. Watch your processes run quickly and efficiently.

FBWin takes advantage of the Windows operating system’s virtually unlimited access to memory. Invoices can have boundless items and transactions. Each invoice can support multiple funds and accounts. Unlimited vendor history may be maintained.

Vendor Ease

Invoice processing is fast and efficient…using FBWin. You can enter vendor information using point and click mouse support and pop-up, context-sensitive windows. You do not have to remember vendor codes, or even vendor names. Just type in part of the name or point and click in a look-up window. FBWin is so intuitive that it checks for duplicate invoices and inactive vendors on invoice entry. Over-drawn budget accounts are double-checked and the application can be set up to restrict the use of overdrawn accounts.

New Feature

FundBalance Accounts Payable now allows you to deduct taxes from Vendors. The detail will be printed on the Accounts Payable checks.

Set up recurring invoices for any vendor. You control the interval. The application automatically generates the invoice as needed.

A complete audit trail is the result of using FBWin products. The application manages your fiscal and calendar year-end processing. Year to date information is maintained automatically. The application tracks 1099 and non-1099 totals for each vendor and produces your 1099 forms on paper or disk.


Control your cash flow. By selecting invoices to pay, you determine the cut-off date for check processing. You can easily hold invoices by vendor, or by individual invoice. Easily process hand checks by entering a check number and date as you enter the invoice. The application does the rest, including reports and journal entries. You can track all of your checks with our built-in reconciliation features and check register.

Backup and Restore Feature…now an internal option in our applications. No need to exit the programs to use the Microsoft Backup/Restore feature.


Our standard reports meet most users’ reporting requirements. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you enough information for your council/board and auditor. You may print a user-specified range of pages, a certain page number or your entire report. You may even print multiple copies without running the report multiple times. Numerous reporting options are available by selecting from user-selected parameters. These include, but are not limited to: user-defined fields, sort options, date ranges and vendor names. FBWin even lets you define your own sort keys! All reports may be previewed on screen, or sent directly to a laser or dot matrix printer.

Check It Out!

On-Screen displays allow you to access and view information on your screen. All displays are on the same menu for easy access. Multiple displays can be open at the same time. Each display program has multiple sort options, so you can display your information exactly as you want to see it. Display options include: invoices by vendor, checks issued and open invoices (invoices not paid). All display programs have multiple look-ups and are secure so that data cannot be changed.

Business Licensing

Power Ease of Use - Speed - Automation

FBWin Business Licensing has what it takes to tackle the business licensing needs of virtually any city. Packed with many high-end features, Business Licensing is the most feature-rich, flexible and innovative business licensing application in its class!

Workflow-Centered Design!

Whether issuing a new business license or renewing an existing one, with BLWin the process is fast, easy and accurate. With a new workflow-centered design, version 2.0 speeds you through the process of issuing a new license in minutes.

Business Licensing 2.0 is engineered for maximum ease-of-use and adaptability to meet any business licensing requirements you may have.

When work began on version 2.0, our goal was to create the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, business licensing solution in its class. We think the first time you use BLWin 2.0 and experience the many innovative features, attention to detail, and ease of use that have been designed in, you’ll agree that we succeeded!

Powerful, Flexible License Processing

Use the License Types screen to create a ýtemplateý for the type of license you wish to issue. Specify inspection and approval requirements. Pick a duration. Assign applicable fees. You can even specify what gets printed on the license certificates. By using the templates created in the Licensing Types module, issuing a license can be as simple as picking a business, selecting a license type and clicking the Save button!

BLWin’s innovative design allows you to handle every task in the life cycle of a business license in one central location. Using the new License Manager, create, approve, issue or renew a license – all from a single screen. You can even enter payments or check the payment status of a license inside the License Manager.

BLWin 2.0 is flexible enough to accommodate either one-at-a-time processing or batch processing. The Print Licenses, Batch Approvals, and Batch Renewals programs make short work of printing, approving or renewing large groups of licenses. For precise control over the records you process, each employs the powerful new License Filter!

Whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand licenses to work with, you’ll find the license filter an indispensable tool! Using the filter, specify a certain license type, duration, or status; the record list is instantly updated to show only the licenses that match your filter choices.

Manage Your Business Data – Your Way!

The enhanced Business Master screen provides fields for virtually every essential piece of business information. Entering this information has never been easier. Use the customization features to turn on or off any field or section of the Business Master to speed data-entry tasks!

Version 2.0 provides an unlimited number of user-defined fields, making a truly custom business database possible.

Versatility Is the Key

Business Licensing 2.0 can handle virtually any license fee structure. Using the intuitive Fee Codes screen, define fees using any combination of flat, per-unit, or step calculation methods.

Licenses with multiple fees are easy. When setting up a license, just select from the fee list you created; let the application do the calculations for you! Additionally, you can process late charges and penalties using any schedule you choose.

Handling fee changes is effortless. Simply adjust an amount in the Fee Codes screen; when licenses using that fee are renewed, their fees are updated automatically!

BLWin 2.0 produces worksheet-style Renewal Notices, invoices, and late statements – even cancellation notices.

Flexible Payment Processing

Business Licensing 2.0 is engineered to provide flexible payment processing. You can enter payments in three different ways: using the Receipt Manager, using the License Manager, or by importing receipts from FBWin Cash Receipts. Enter payments for individual licenses right in the License Manager. You can even instantly apply a late charge and view the payment status of the license. Business Licensing also integrates with FBWin Cash Receipts. Staff using the CRWin program can receipt business license payments. Afterwards, import those receipts into BLWin 2.0 and post them directly to the business’ accounts.

Reporting Power

Embedded inside version 2.0 is the industry-standard Crystal Reports, giving you unmatched reporting power and quality! Printing reports is fast and efficient with the brand new Report Manager. The Report Manager pulls all of the reports and controls into a single on-screen work area for improved efficiency and control. BLWin 2.0 comes standard with a number of pre-defined reports. Display, print or save a report to one of the more than 20 supported file formats. Since BLWin 2.0 uses ODBC technology, you can even create your own custom reports using your 3rd party report writer.

Complete Audit Trail

Complete business transaction history is kept for license changes, invoices, payments, penalty assessments and renewals. BLWin 2.0 can also create journal entries for automatic transfer to FBWin General Ledger.

Engineered using the latest development methods and technology, FBWin products are designed to be the most feature-rich and cost-effective software solutions in their class.

Capital Assets

FBWin Capital Assets is the GASB 34 compliant version of our prior release of Fixed Assets. GASB 34 requires that your organization report on the value of your infrastructure and fixed assets. FBWin Capital Assets encompasses both aspects of this requirement. FBWin Capital Assets is a full-featured and affordable, asset-tracking system designed to meet the needs of local governments and non-profit organizations. FBWin Capital Assets is part of your complete solution to your financial reporting needs, which include the GASB 34 reporting requirements.

A Powerful and Flexible Capital Assets Management System

FBWin Capital Assets is so powerful that it can maintain records for an unlimited number of assets. The only restriction on the number of records you can maintain is the amount of hard disk space on your computer.

FBWin Capital Assets is so flexible that it can be used as a stand-alone module, or integrated with FBWin General Ledger for complete financial reporting on depreciation and capitalization of your asset values.

GASB 34 Functions

We have added many new features to assist you in preparing your GASB 34 reports. Some of these new features include infrastructure tracking and depreciation tracking based on the standard and modified approaches. We also help you with many other GASB 34 related aspects. Capital Assets will allow you to track multiple funding sources back to their fund classifications and activity type. By linking FBWin Capital Assets to Tyler Technologies GASB 34 Reporter, you can import your asset value figures quickly and effortlessly during the adjustment stage of your financial reporting process.

Capital Assets includes many features to help you track your infrastructure assets as required by GASB 34. In addition to traditional depreciation, using the modified approach is now possible with Capital Assets. New features include recording condition assessments, minimum required condition levels and budgeted maintenance amounts.

FBWin Capital Assets includes enhanced features for recording capitalized assets. Now you can set default capitalization thresholds for your assets based on asset class. We’ve included the ability to distribute capitalization across multiple accounts, departments or funds.

About FBWin Capital Assets

Capital Assets is designed to handle all of your asset transactions: creating asset records, calculation and posting of depreciation, recording capitalization activity, creating journal entries and preparing several different reports, such as insurance, maintenance and financial reports for your annual audit.

FBWin Capital Assets produces the three GASB 34 schedules: Schedule By Source, Schedule By Function and Activity and Schedule of Changes By Function and Activity. Every task, from entering asset information to printing reports, is presented in an orderly and intuitive manner giving you quick and easy access to your asset information. FBWin Capital Assets incorporates user-friendly features, such as partial drill-down displays, look-up windows and online HTML help.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking

FBWin Capital Assets lets you enter as much or as little information as you want for each asset you are recording. Enter general asset information such as description, model number and serial number. Acquisition and insurance information can be entered just as easily as tracking original funding sources or adding user-defined fields. All of this information is entered on one master screen which is organized using a tab format that makes your information readily accessible.

In-Program Displays

Once you have accumulated your asset information, you need to be able to retrieve it quickly and easily. In-program displays let you quickly access, view and print your asset information from one screen. You can view an asset’s descriptive information, history and activity – including location changes, repairs, condition changes, depreciation and more. Multiple look up options let you retrieve records based on information such as asset ID number, location code, or acquisition date. You can even create your own restrictions based on any field present in the asset master file. Once your records are accessed, your information can be sorted by column, or you can use the find text feature to pinpoint field information.

Open the history display to get details on each history line. Reports can be printed from the history display screen at the touch of a button.

Depreciation & Capitalization

FBWin Capital Assets offers seven methods of depreciation, including a ýno depreciationý option, to help you accurately reflect the use and value of each asset. The other six depreciation methods include: Straight Line, Activity, Declining Balance, Double-Declining Balance, Sum-of-Years Digits and the modified approach. Each asset can maintain its own depreciation schedule based on a frequency that you select. The depreciation schedule is user-driven and based on date. FBWin Capital Assets makes the appropriate journal entries to post to FBWin General Ledger. The depreciation process updates your assets’ salvage and book values making it simple for you to always know the true value of your assets.

Asset Disposal

When an asset is disposed of at the end of its useful life, you can record details about that disposal in the same place you entered the original asset information. Keep track of disposal information such as method of disposal, date of authorization and salvage value. This information remains available for audit purposes.

Summary/Detail Assets

Sometimes, an asset is made up of so many parts that it really should be handled as a group of smaller assets with multiple funding sources. FBWin Capital Assets gives you an easy way to track summary and detail assets by using our summary/detail feature. For example, record a police car as a summary asset. The engine, light bar, communication equipment and car body should be recorded as separate detail assets that are a part of the summary asset. Each detail asset can have its own funding source, a separate maintenance schedule and insurance records.

Bar Code Scanning

The bar code scanning option (sold separately) can be purchased to help you quickly take and maintain your asset inventory. Each asset is assigned a bar code. These barcodes are pre-printed on an adhesive label and placed on your asset. Set up is simple. Once you scan in the bar code tag, simply punch in the asset description, location code and department. This information is imported into FBWin Capital Assets where you can finish setting up your asset details. When taking inventory, simply scan the asset’s bar code using the hand help scanner. The original information that you store is stored within the hand held. Recorded any changes and import the information. When you have finished, the application automatically prints an exception report sorted by location. This report also lists the assets that were not scanned. You can easily determine which assets are missing or are new to a location.

Asset Transfers – Never Lose Track

When you transfer an asset from one location to another, record details about that transfer in the same place you entered the original asset information. Keep history that includes important changed to asset information, such as departments, locations, conditions and depreciation. Keep history records that display an assets’ condition change over time. We also offer robust maintenance tracking that makes it possible for you to keep history on repairs over time. Thanks to FBWin Capital Assets, you always know precisely where each asset is located and what the current value of that asset is.

Cash Receipts

Speed. Flexibility. Integration. FBWin Cash Receipts Is Designed to Meet the Receipting Needs of Municipalities of All Types and Sizes.

Cash Receipting Has Never Been This Easy!

FBWin Cash Receipts serves as a full featured cash register system or batch entry cash receipting system. Either way, your receipts are easy to enter, easy to modify and easy to report. Processing your cash receipts with FBWin helps you reduce errors and increase efficiency because you enter your transactions only once. Your receipts can be transferred to FBWin General Ledger.

Versatility Is the Key

FBWin Cash Receipts lets you set up as many cash registers and drawers as your organization needs. Each department or cashier may have their own drawer as the system tallies the receipts per drawer for quick reconciliation at the end of the day.

Printer support is available for each cash drawer, which can be either a 40 column receipt printer with validation slot, a normal printer without validation or no printer at all.

An optional bar code scanning feature is available. This allows you to take advantage of bar code technology and reduce the time it takes to enter a receipt. Hardware options include a scanning wand or laser gun.

Entering Cash Receipts

The receipt entry screen looks like a receipt form. You can enter more then one receipt item from a single customer and when you are finished, you press one key to start printing the receipt and tendering funds. If your customer wants to pay with a mix of cash and check, no problem! You may enter any number of tender types. The application calculates change and validates items.

Receipt Types

All receipt types are set up in advance to ease the flow of work. For every item sold or service rendered, you can define a receipt type. Some of the receipt items include: utility bills, tax bills, building permits, dog licenses, etc. The information defined for each receipt type includes the following:

Reference Identification. The Reference ID is used to identify each transaction and may be a customer number, property number, contract number, etc.

Data Export. Each receipt type can be automatically transferred to another file and destination of your choosing. This helps you interface Cash Receipts with any number of third party software programs such as building permits or donor tracking.

Validations. You can choose the default number of validation stamps, for checking and documents in advance.

General Ledger Distribution: Enter one debit and any number of credits to allocate a receipt type. You can enter a different bank account and description for each general ledger number. The description is optionally printed on the receipt.

General Ledger Distribution can be by percentage or a flat amount. If you charge a flat amount for a service, then you can allocate that amount among any number of general ledger numbers. If you charge a different amount, such as with a utility bill, then you can attach a percent figure to each general ledger number.

Receipt History

If keeping one, two, or more years of cash receipt history is important to you, you can select an option to keep historical data automatically. At any time, history reports can be selected, viewed on screen and printed. Later, historical data can be purged from the system on command.

Reports Made Easy!

Pre-defined reports come standard with the system, and will typically meet all of your needs. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you just enough information for your readers (see list below).

Some report customization is available by selecting from numerous parameters such as date range, receipt number and reference ID. You can select the sorting order on many reports.

The data export feature allows you to easily transfer information to most commercial spreadsheets and word processors. This will help you add your data to presentation material.

On-screen displays let you quickly access and view summary or detail information on your screen.


Multiple Tender Types. You can define an unlimited number of tender types such as checks, cash and charge cards to keep track of different forms of money your organization receives. Each tender type can be set up to open the cash drawer, validate an item and optionally print your own message in the check validation (For example, For Deposit Only to the Bank of…).

Multiple Bank Accounts. An unlimited number of banking institutions and accounts can be supported by the application. This helps you quickly produce bank deposit reports.

Cemetery Management

Sexton Cemetery Management is a comprehensive application designed to manage burial spaces for cemeteries of all sizes. It provides you with all the tools necessary for tracking your plots. You can manage owner and genealogical information, process burial records and generate reports with ease.

About Sexton" Cemetery Management

Sexton" Cemetery Management offers you a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, solution to your cemetery management process. It’s designed to streamline record keeping for cemeteries of all sizes. Sexton" does this by managing a limitless number of cemetery locations and spaces. This includes plots, niches, mausoleums, etc. Sexton" also tracks fields with information often requested by members of the community, and can be a valuable aid to individuals and groups involved in genealogical research. Reports can be quickly selected from a menu and run at any time. Sexton" users realize cost savings by spending less time manually searching for information and thereby improving risk management and increasing efficiency.

Everything from entering owner information to printing reports is presented in an orderly and intuitive manner, allowing users to easily access and rapidly process data. The application includes comprehensive on-line help to meet your instructional and reference needs.

All of our applications incorporate the latest user-friendly features, including drill-down menus, look-up windows, user-defined fields and mouse support.


Sexton" is so powerful that you can select the way you look up data with a single keystroke. Access information via name, date of birth, date of death, plot number, former name, owner ID and any of the user-defined fields. Multiple sort and search options ensure that users quickly find the records they need.

The system allows users to customize the format for their location ID numbers, giving quick and intuitive access to plot information. It can be designed to manage just one cemetery location or hundreds, with a virtually unlimited number of spaces in each cemetery location. This allows you to define a format of 11 to 65 characters that can be used to identify the location of each space.

Owner Information

FundBalance designed the Owner Information screen to manage as much data as you need. The application maintains owner names, addresses, telephone numbers, next of kin information, additional contacts and comment lines. You can easily reference plots by owner, and can identify how many plots a person owns.

Deceased Information

Basic information is kept for each burial, such as the deceased name, location ID, date of death, date of burial, burial permit number, etc. You can also record memorial information on each plot, such as who placed each memorial, the dates placed, the type of memorial, inscription, planting notes, special care instructions, wreaths, eternal flames, etc. You can also record details on the funeral home and the church handling the arrangements. You can keep track of as much or as little information as you want because you can conclude your data entry at any point on the screen.


Pre-defined reports come with the application and should meet all of your needs. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you the level of information that you need. The reports included with Sexton" Cemetery Management are as follows:

  • Burial Register
  • Deceased Listing
  • Cemetery Census Report
  • Ownership Report
  • Location Report
  • Cemetery Locations
  • Cemetery Sections
  • Cemetery Blocks
  • Funeral Homes
  • Church/Religion
  • Owner Report

Report options are available by selecting from numerous parameters, such as location ID range, date range, veterans list only, summary/detail version and much more. You also have your choice of sort order on all reports. You may export your reports to spreadsheet, database or word processing applications.


Microsoft Access 2000 must be installed on your computer in order to access the database in FundBalance Sexton" Cemetery Management.

Sales and Transfers

Daily plot sales and transfers can also be recorded in the system. This includes the purchase price, plan type and fees. You have plenty of room for additional notes on each transaction, too. You know at a glance which plots are reserved, vacant, occupied or unavailable.

Other Special Features

Identify veteran grave sites so you can mark them for flag or memorial placement.

Create a virtually unlimited number of user-defined fields to track information unique to your cemetery. These fields can also be used to look up deceased information, and to sort and select records for reports.

Create your own queries to gather information from any field in the database.

Link any attachment (such as a scanned copy of a death certificate) to a plot record for detailed information.


On-screen displays let you quickly access your information. Sexton" Cemetery Management gives you access to information in a wide variety of ways, and you will quickly appreciate the time savings. It’s easy to look up information by deceased name, owner name, location ID number, or one of several other methods.

GASB 34 Reporter

The First True GASB 34 Solution in the Industry!

GASB 34 Reporter combines sophisticated power with web-browser ease-of-use to provide the best and most affordable means of producing audit-ready GASB 34 reports!

If you plan to produce a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), we have great news for you! The newly released Combining Statement Add-On Module creates your combining statements for you at the click of a button. Ask your Sales Representative for more information!

A New Reporting Standard

What is GASB 34? Statement 34 of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board is the new financial reporting model required for all governmental organizations and schools. Reported as being the most sweeping changes to financial reporting standards in the past 50 years, GASB 34 imposed fundamental changes to the financial reports governments and schools must produce.

Are You Ready for GASB 34?

All governmental and school organizations are required to comply with GASB 34 regulations. Failure to comply may result in qualified and non-compliant financial statements, which may affect your external bond rating.

Many have assumed that their auditor will handle their GASB 34 needs; however, those who have taken this route have discovered that leaving all the work to an auditor or outside CPA firm may be costly – and is not a complete solution.

Many organizations are learning that becoming GASB 34 compliant demands considerable changes to their capital assets management, accounting methods, and in some cases, their general ledger system. Most are realizing that their present software requires extensive upgrade at a significant cost – if it can be upgraded at all.

A Complete, Affordable Solution

FundBalance is the first software company in the country to introduce a complete GASB 34 reporting solution – GASB 34 Reporter!

While most software providers are scrambling to make their systems capable of handling just the data-management requirements of GASB 34, FundBalance already has a true GASB 34 solution!

Starting with the financial information from virtually any general ledger system (via a universal file import), GASB 34 Reporter can produce audit-ready GASB 34 reports!

GASB 34 Reporter is affordable. Most organizations will find that using GASB 34 Reporter drastically reduces the time needed to prepare their financial data, format their reports and produce these reports for their auditors. Most will find that GASB 34 Reporter pays for itself the very first year of use.

Auditable GASB 34 Reporting

Not only does GASB 34 Reporter produce the 10 new basic financial statements that are now a standard part of your organization’s financial reporting requirements, it also provides a complete audit trail for every financial number on the reports. That is, you and your auditor will know the exact derivation of each financial number printed on the 10 basic statements.

Flexibility, Power and Integration

GASB 34 Reporter was designed to work with other FundBalance applications as part of an integrated system or as a standalone product for those using a third-party software system.

FBWin General Ledger and Capital Assets users benefit from the seamless integration built into the FBWin product line. GASB 34 Reporter directly imports FBWin General Ledger and Capital Asset data, giving users a tremendous head start

The FundBalance import captures account data, allows you to designate component units and performs powerful analysis on your data – even applying the 5%-10% test to determine major funds. This is all done automatically! No other software product on the market today has this kind of power and integration.

GASB 34 Reporter is capable of importing data output from virtually any general ledger system. Using a new ýUniversal Importý feature, GASB 34 Reporter processes any standard ASCII comma-delimited output file that complies with our file layout.

A Proven Leader

FundBalance has provided financial solutions to government and non-profit agencies for over 18 years. With more then 700 customers in 32 states, we have the experience and knowledge it takes to produce a true GASB 34 reporting solution.

Extensive research and design went into developing the application architecture, logic, and user-interface for GASB 34 Reporter. When FundBalance CEO, Andy Arizala II, first conceived GASB 34 Reporter, he assembled a team of experts to produce the first software application to truly address GASB 34 compliance needs.

The product development team included leaders in the field, such as Paul Glick, nationally known GASB 34 implementation expert, fund accounting experts and top-level programmers. The GASB 34 team also included customer support professionals, software quality assurance specialists, skilled technical writers and software trainers.

The result is an application that has the technical sophistication to tackle the complexities of GASB 34 reporting, and the ease-of-use of a web-browser!

Key Features

  • Produces all basic GASB 34 reports – including Statement of Cash Flows
  • Fully Integrates with FBWin General Ledger and FBWin Capital Assets
  • Universal Import – accepts trial balance data from virtually any 3rd party general ledger system
  • Import component-unit data or add it manually
  • Familiar browser-style user-interface
  • Interview approach steps you though the preparation and reporting processes
  • Adjustment Wizard guides you thru reconciling modified to full accrual
  • Comprehensive online help system
  • Integrated Crystal Reports reporting engine
  • Export reports to Excel or PDF
  • Multi-user support
  • High-Performance ODBC database system
  • Available for Pervasive SQL 2000i or Microsoft SQL Server database

Call to Schedule an In-Person or Web-Ex Demo!

General Ledger

Speed. Flexibility. Integration.

FBWin General Ledger is designed to handle the fund accounting requirements of local government and non-profit entities. It is the hub of the FBWin integrated financial system. You are assured of the highest degree of reliability and accountability because General Ledger is based on sound accounting procedures and has undergone many reviews and audits by CPA’s and state auditors.

Flexible Chart of Accounts.

A critical element of any general ledger application is the chart of accounts structure. FBWin lets you define an unlimited number of funds, departments and accounts. The best part is that you determine the exact length and format during installation. This flexibility accommodates most charts of accounts, and conforms to GAAFR and GASB standards. Also, there is a separate coding system used to identify fund categories, fund types, and account classifications. These function codes are key components for GASB 34 compliance.

Easy Budget!

Budget preparation is fast and efficient. Budget worksheets are available at any time, and can track up to three levels of approval (department request, manager request and final board approved). Users can calculate initial budget requests, based on one of the six different historical figures such as last year’s actual and last year’s budget. To these figures you can even apply a ýWhat Ifý multiplier to fine tune the numbers even further. We provide additional flexibility by letting you apply this calculation to any range of funds, departments and accounts. Budget worksheets are printed with YTD actual, current budget, previous budget, and blank columns to write in next year’s request. Final budgets are automatically moved into current year at year-end close.

A monthly budgeting feature lets you match budget needs with actual cash flows. Specialized reports monitor accounts and departments at all times on demand.

Budget amendments can be made at any time through the journal entry process. The system maintains a detailed audit trail of all transactions.

Journal Entries and More!

FBWin General Ledger easily handles compound journal entries, allowing you to enter multiple debits and multiple credits for each journal entry. A running total for debit and credit entries lets you know where you stand at all times; a warning message appears if debits and credits do not balance within a fund before you save the transaction.

Recurring journal entries automate your data entry. Set up a template for entries that occur on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

An integrated project tracking feature allows you to manage transactions for capital improvements and grants on both year-to-date and life-to-date basis.

Multiple open accounting periods allow you to post transactions to prior months or the previous year while continuing with your current activity.

On-screen displays let you quickly access and view summary or detail transaction history for an account. This includes budget, YTD actual and balance information. View summary information for an entire department to monitor the big picture. You can even restrict user access to the department level.


Pre-defined report formats come standard with the application, and typically these will meet most of your requirements. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you enough information for your organization.

Reports are available by selecting from numerous options such as date range, range of funds, range of departments, or a range of accounts. You can also choose to total by fund type, function code, or account class. Choose from these and many more report options.


FBWin Payroll is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, software package designed to manage the payroll data of any government non-profit organization, regardless of size. It easily accommodates payroll requirements for all states, and can be used with other FundBalance applications to effortlessly reconcile paychecks, create journal entries to post to General Ledger and generate reports.

About FundBalance Payroll

FBWin Payroll is a comprehensive, easy-to-learn-and-use application that can streamline your current payroll process.

Simply enter your employee data, including standard hours worked, wages earned, deductions, taxes and costs. Set this up just one time. Each payroll period thereafter, just enter the exceptions to your original data, such as sick time or vacation hours taken. FBWin Payroll will do the rest. It will generate time sheets, the payroll register, paychecks, remittance checks, reports and the associated journal entries, which can be appended directly to FBWin General Ledger.

Payroll incorporates pull-down menus, look-up windows, on-line help and mouse support so it’s so easy to learn and use. All of the programs are listed on the menus in the order you will use them, so you’ll always know which program to run next. The system is fully documented.

Power and Flexibility Meet All of Your Payroll Requirements

Payroll’s flexibility lets you tailor the system to your needs. You can modify the system to accommodate the following:

  • Direct Deposits
  • Support for laser and dot matrix checks
  • Debit and credit accounts
  • Any number of payroll cycles per year
  • Retirement plans
  • Multiple general ledger number distributions per employee
  • Personnel information (such as disciplinary action, job-related accidents, and anniversaries)
  • User-defined data fields

Never worry about overloading Payroll with data. It can handle an unlimited number of taxes, deductions and costs. Only your computer’s memory and hard disk space limit the amount of data that can be stored by the application. Specifically, Payroll accommodates the following:

Taxes-Four taxes (Social Security, Medicare, Earned Income Credit and Federal) come with the application. You can set up and assign as many others as you like.

Earnings-The application comes with 4 predefined codes (Regular hours, 1.5 OT, Sick and Vacation). Users may create as many additional codes as needed. Each earnings code is available for use by each employee. Earnings can be assigned a multiplier, added to gross or net wages and can be taxed or not, as necessary.

Deductions-You can set up and assign as many deductions as you like. Deductions can be taken in any pay period, can be taxed or not, and can be accumulated using any of 8 calculation methods.

Employer Costs-You can set up and assign as many employer costs as you like. Employer costs can be taken in any pay period, can be taxed or not and can be accumulated using any of 7 calculation methods.

Leave Hours-You can set up and assign as many leave hour codes as you like. Leave hours can be accrued using various methods and can be limited or carried over to the next year as your organization dictates.

Miscellaneous Codes-Instead of using miscellaneous deductions and cost codes, now you can create and define an unlimited amount of codes.

Simplify Your Payroll Processing

Payroll simplifies your payroll processing. Once your initial data has been entered into the system, processing each payroll cycle is easy. You’ll just enter any exceptions to employee’s normal hours and wages (e.g., sick time or vacation time). The Payroll system will calculate payroll, print payroll checks and create journal entries. A direct deposit feature is available for employees opting to have paychecks deposited directly to their accounts. You can print test forms of dot matrix checks as often as necessary to properly align them on your printer without having to worry about double-posting journal entries. And, of course, if you’re using a laser printer- aligning checks is easy! You can opt to have remittance checks printed for taxes, deductions and employer costs. Voiding checks can be done in one quick step; all period-to-date totals and journal entries will be adjusted for you automatically.

Payroll Is Easy to Learn and Use and Is Fully Supported

Payroll is fully documented, with complete instructions on how to install, customize and use the application. In addition, training is available at our office or yours, and we are always available to answer your questions on our toll-free technical support line.

Reporting Is Easy With Payroll

Payroll offers more then 40 standard reports to meet your needs. These reports let you select the range of data to print. You can even change the order in which data appears on the report using a single keystroke. All reports can be saved in Microsoft Word, rich text or HTML format.

Purchase Order

Speed. Flexibility. Integration. FBWin Purchase Order Is Designed to Manage the Purchasing Process of Any Size Organization.


FBWin Purchase Order will ease the management of your purchasing department, and help you quickly produce accurate financial reports. The application works closely with FBWin General Ledger and Accounts Payable to automatically encumber and unencumbered funds as you pay invoices.

Easy Entry!

FBWin Purchase Order makes entering purchase orders as easy as possible. The Enter Purchase Orders program was designed to look like a purchase order form. You simply enter the vendor’s name or number, and up comes the ordering address and purchasing terms. Other information includes the payment terms, due dates, and shipping terms. You have the ability to use temporary vendors or quickly set up a permanent vendor ýon-the-fly.ý Vendor data you input is seamlessly shared with FBWin Accounts Payable. With the built-in departmental security features, you can restrict user access to allow each department to enter purchase orders separately. You may also enter details such as required date, expiration date, purchase order type (blanket, confirming or regular), shipping address, and a summary description. You can enter as many items and lines of description on your purchase orders as you want. The quantity, item, unit price, and general ledger allocation are brought up automatically from the vendor master to save data entry.

Checks and Balances.

Your purchase orders will be accurate before they are processed. The application constantly double-checks your input for data integrity. Inactive vendors, duplicate purchase orders, and overdrawn budget accounts are double-checked by the application. The application will optionally restrict the use of overdrawn accounts without authorization. Each purchase order can support multiple general ledger funds and accounts. If you have FBWin Accounts Payable, authorized purchase order information is transferred to FBWin Accounts Payable. While you are in FBWin Accounts Payable, enter the purchase order number, and the application takes care of the rest.

Vendor Ease

We designed the vendor information screen to contain as much information as possible. The application holds the vendor ordering address, remittance address, status (active or inactive), vendor type and minority code. You may enter standard default terms for calculating discounts, net payments, and the standard shipping terms. The vendor file is shared with FBWin Accounts Payable so you won’t need to enter the information twice.

Display Away!

FBWin has on-screen displays that allow you to access and view information on the screen. All displays are on the same menu for ease of use. Multiple displays can be active at the same time. Each display program has multiple sort options so you can look up information the way you want to. Display options include: PO by vendor, PO/invoice history and product codes. All displays are secure so that data may not be changed.



FBWin TimeSheet assists payroll personnel, managers and employees in tracking and reporting work hours, assigned tasks and attendance for any size organization.

FBWin TimeSheet has powerful time management and reporting capabilities, yet it’s remarkably easy to install and implement. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to access the information you need.

TimeSheet’s security capabilities are flexible and easy to set up. TimeSheet supports multiple levels of access to various areas in the application. Employees can enter their hours and print weekly timesheets. Managers can produce departmental reports and manage their employee tasks. Restrict the system maintenance areas to department heads or payroll administrators.


Use the Preferences program to set the start of your workweek, synchronize TimeSheet with FBWin Payroll and configure TimeSheet to export hours to ADP.

FBWin Payroll Integration

Import employee information and general ledger distribution from FBWin Payroll and then export employees’ hours and general ledger distribution back into FBWin Payroll for automatic payroll processing. Employee information, including hours and general ledger distribution, can also be exported to ADP.

Group Your Tasks

Use Task Groups to define the broad categories of work performed at your organization. There are several ways to set up task groups. For example, create task groups to correspond to your project names, or classify similar kinds of work into task groups.

Create specific tasks for which you need to track hours or percentage allocation. Examples of tasks include meetings, project management or maintenance work. You can even create tasks to track sick time, vacation time and holidays. Track your labor costs by project quickly and efficiently.

Once tasks and task groups have been created, managing them and assigning them to employees is simple. Department heads will find it easy to restrict their employees’ task list to only the tasks fulfilled by their department. Once tasks have been created, you can assign them as recurring tasks to individual employees. A person’s recurring tasks appear automatically on the hours input screen every time they launch the application for easy data entry.

Department Management

The Departments module allows you to set up department groups for all of your employees. If you link FBWin TimeSheet to FBWin Payroll, all of your payroll departments are transferred to TimeSheet automatically!

Departments can have specific tasks assigned to them; if so, employees can enter hours only for the tasks that are assigned to their department.

Rate Codes

Using Rate Codes, you can define all of the earnings types that will be applicable to your employees. Examples include: regular, overtime, sick, and holiday pay. When interfaced to FBWin Payroll, all of your rate codes are transferred to TimeSheet automatically. FBWin TimeSheet allows you to specify ADP rate codes in addition to FBWin Payroll earnings codes.

Rate Codes give you the capability to set rules for how many hours employees can enter for any given rate code before manager approval is required.


Using the Employees module, you can enter all hourly or salaried employees, specify their department assignments, set their default rate code, and assign recurring tasks. TimeSheet allows you to set a primary department for each employee, plus as many secondary departments as needed. Additionally, you can set each user’s security level, login ID and the method you’ll use for distributing their time. TimeSheet supports breaking time down by percentages or hours.

If linked to FBWin Payroll, all of your employees are loaded into the Timesheet database-automatically!

Export Hours

FBWin Payroll will automatically accept hours and employee information exported directly from TimeSheet. You can easily export employee hours using TimeSheet’s flexible export capabilities. TimeSheet can export hours in several different file formats including ADP, standard comma delimited and XML.

Report Output

All reports may be sorted and restricted by date with additional sort options. TimeSheet reports can be output to a wide variety of laser printers, and report files can be saved in a number of file formats for use in word processors, spreadsheets or to be distributed as Web pages.


A variety of reports are available in TimeSheet, including standard employee timesheet reports, departmental reports, and maintenance reports.

Managers and department heads can track hours used across an entire department or multiple departments.

The standard TimeSheet report is powerful, fast and flexible. Individual employees can print their weekly timesheets, or managers can print out timesheets for all employees in their department.

The Task Allocation Report makes it possible to track resource allocation to various tasks or task groups. This report is a fantastic tool for managing how resources are allocated across particular tasks, task groups, or projects.

The Rate Code Hourly Report is a great management tool, useful for budgeting and job costing. This report prints a breakdown of all earnings type totals for tasks, hours and employees using those earnings.

Standard FBWin TimeSheet Reports Include:

  • Departmental Timesheet
  • Maintenance
  • Timesheet
  • Task Allocation
  • Rate Code Hourly

Utility Billing

Speed - Power - Flexibility - Integration

With a host of features to handle virtually any billable service, FBWin Utility Billing is the most complete and easy-to-use utility billing application available for small governments.

Intelligent Design & Advanced Features

FBWin Utility Billing is organized logically for efficient bill processing. Everything from entering meter reads through bill printing to receipting payment is presented in a clear, step-by-step manner. Behind FBWin Utility Billing’s easy-to-use interface is an application with the power and features to handle your most demanding utility billing needs.

Easy Account Maintenance

FBWin Utility Billing’s unique Location ID record identification system ensures that every location-occupant combination is stored and managed individually. The Location ID feature makes it possible to manage each account with accuracy and control.

When working in the Utility Master screen, it is also possible to sort and find accounts by account number, meter read sequence number, social security number or one of 10 available user-defined fields!

Accounts can be arranged into sections that correspond to read routes, special rate zones or geographical regions. You can then group one or more sections into cycles for fast batch-billing processes. FBWin Utility Billing allows you to run processes, print reports and apply processing restrictions using these account groupings.

FBWin Utility Billing is designed to handle a wide range of metered services including water, sewer, electric, demand and gas. Utility Billing also handles fees and charges for non-metered services such as activation charges, refuse pickup, service fees, flat-rate items and more!

FBWin Utility Billing allows for an unlimited number of billing items and fee structures. Define general ledger distribution, penalties, late-charges or interest on any item. Assign virtually any combination of billing items and rate codes to customers.

For metered services, FBWin Utility Billing makes entering reads quick and easy. Using read sequence numbers for each account, you can quickly enter meter reads in the same order as they are listed in your meter book. The application automatically calls up each account in order as you enter your reads. Meter changes, rollovers, final bills and new customers are easily handled during your billing cycle.

For even faster bill processing, automatically import your meter reads using one of the optional auto-meter interfaces FundBalance offers. FundBalance has import-export interfaces for virtually every top auto-meter product on the market.

Fast Payment Processing

FBWin Utility Billing provides an amazing amount of power and flexibility for handling bill payment processing. FBWin Utility Billing has advance capabilities for handling partial payments, overpayments and distributing credit balances to new charges.

FBWin Utility Billing provides several methods of managing bill payments. Enter individual receipts quickly by simply calling up the account number. Use an optional bar code scan system to scan bills for payment. For efficient batch processing, import receipts in batches from FBWin Cash Receipts. Plus, FBWin Utility Billing now supports automatic draft payments!

Integration & Scalability

FBWin Utility Billing can function as either a stand-alone application or in conjunction with FBWin Cash Receipts and FBWin General Ledger. Receipt utility payments using FBWin Cash Receipts, and then import those receipts into FBWin Utility Billing. FBWin Utility Billing creates journal entries for export to FBWin General Ledger. Using FBWin Utility Billing as part of an integrated system increases your productivity and reduces the costs of duplicated work and errors.

You can run FBWin Utility Billing on a single workstation, a small peer-to-peer network or on a large LAN or WAN. Contact us for our recommended configurations.

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