SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits

An accounting software system designed by SafeChoice for non-profit organizations.

About SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits

SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits is designed exclusively for Non-Profits.

SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits is available in two versions based on the number of users needed and transaction volume. These two versions provide an extremely versatile growth path.

The Five user version has a Microsoft Access database at its heart.

Also available is an unlimited number of users with a Microsoft SQL database for very robust performance.

Here at SafeChoice Inc., we put your Software Solution and support first. Please contact us, we are always available to discuss options to better serve you and your goals.

Accounting and General Ledger

Some of the key features included in the Accounting and General Ledger section of SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits are as follows:

  • Cash or Accrual Accounting
  • Visual General Ledger Account Analysis
  • Transaction and General Ledger Drill Down Features
  • Prior Period / Budget Comparison for each Fund
  • Auto Splitting, Cash Basis Posting on Payments
  • Designated Funding With the Ability to assign Sub Account with custom fund description
  • Simple General Journal Entry
  • Flexible Financial Period Definition
  • Retains History of GL Transaction for Closed Years
  • Performs Complete Financial Closings
  • Keep Last Year Open for as long as necessary for Final Audits and Adjusting Entries
  • Flexibility to Post or Un-post Transactions
  • Comparative Revenue, Expense, & Expenditure Statement
  • Ability to Consolidate Reporting
  • Powerful General Ledger & Transaction Reporting
  • Detail GL Report with Running Balance & Reports, Reports, Reports

Banking and Checking

Some of the key features included in the Banking and Checking Management section of SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits are:

  • Accommodates Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Tracks Next Check Number for Manual, Computer, and Other
  • Fast Recurring Check Creation Functions
  • Control Check Printing Format
  • MICR Check Printing to Print Entire Check Form
  • Accommodates Large Check Stub Details
  • Check Duplicate Feature to Create New Check Records
  • Easy & Fast Bank Reconciliation Features
  • Unique Cleared Transactions Report Quickly Finds Mistakes
  • Vendor Tracking with 1099 Form Printing
  • Bank Deposit Screen Mimics Actual Bank Deposit Slip Form
  • Detail Deposit Slip Screen Easily Creates Deposit Total Amount
  • Bank Adjustments Accommodate Electronic & Non-Check Entries
  • Multiple Check Register Reports List Checks in Variety of Ways
  • Clean Deposit Register and Detailed Receipt Register Reports
  • Bank Account Activity Reports All Detail With Running Balance

Employee and Payroll Management

Some of the key features included in the Employee and Payroll management section of SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits are:

  • Automatic Splitting for EACH Employee’s Payroll and EMPLOYER’s Expense
  • Employee Payroll Direct Deposit into Multiple ACH Approved Accounts
  • Calculates, Creates, Posts & Prints Payroll Checks
  • Includes all Federal, State & Local Tax Calculation Methods
  • Provides State & Local Tax Report Information
  • Tracks & Prints W2, W3, 941 Reports
  • Provides Payroll Management for unlimited Active Employees
  • Calculates Unlimited Deductions and Benefits

Receivables and Customer Management

Some of the key features included in the Receivables and Customer Management section of SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits are:

  • Complete Accounts Receivable System Reports for Cash Basis, Posting for Accrual Basis
  • Visual Receipts Screen Offers Drill Down to Individual Invoice and Payment Information
  • Visual A/R Screen Shows Paid Invoices, Unpaid Invoices, or Both
  • Powerful Statement Printing Includes: Open Item or Balance Forward Formats
  • Select Open Item or Balance Forward by Customer
  • Create & Print Custom Reminder Messages on Statements
  • Allows Individual Customer Selection for Statement Printing
  • Apply Customer Payments Automatically or Manually to Invoices
  • Accepts ACH On line or debit payments
  • Track & Apply Customer Credit Balance to Invoices
  • Can reprint the previous Statement for one or more customers
  • Automatically Calculates & Tracks Early Payment Discount Terms
  • Handles Customer Payments by Credit Card
  • Payment Register Shows all Customer Payments for Any Date Range
  • Automatic NSF Feature Creates Payment Reversal & Charge to Customer
  • Calculates Finance Charge on Past Due Accounts
  • Pick & Choose Invoices or Customers for Finance Charges
  • Define Customer Credit Limit
  • Tracks Customer Payment History with Drill Down Review of Invoice Information

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