A multi-module management system designed by Better Programs for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About TURBO-Lease

TURBO-Lease is a lease accounting program capable of processing all types of equipment and vehicle lease portfolios. Designed for use on Microsoft Windows, it is easy to use, yet its power, flexibility, and completeness surpass those costing many times its price.

TURBO-Lease offers complete receivable administration including billing, ACH processing and aging of lease payments, late charges, property taxes, insurance charges, and sales and use taxes.

Video Overview

Monthly accounting reports provide accurate totals of cash receipts, account balances, FASB 13 income, initial direct costs, residual income, and equipment depreciation including alternative minimum tax. Management reports provide summaries of business activity, lease expirations, residuals due, insurance expirations, location and ranking. The system handles complex irregular payment structures such as skip, step, variable, quarterly, and annual. An Excel/Lotus 123 interface and report writer provide valuable flexibility to data analysis.

Other features include, delinquency reporting and a collection module to schedule and track collection activity; forecasting including income, depreciation and discounted cash flows of payments and residuals; payoffs; on-line viewing of payments, charges and past due payments.

Complementing TURBO-Lease are easily added modules for loan accounting, asset tracking, note tracking and an interface to popular general ledger packages. Interfaces are available to front office automation systems, sales tax rate services, property tax and insurance processing.


TURBO-Lease lets you chose how to notify the lessee of their obligation. Print Invoices, Statements and or Payment Books. Multiple forms are supported. Forms include: Color shaded multi-part with tear away coupon, Self Mailer, bordered laser form, or use your letterhead. With TURBO-Lease, you select the invoicing method and invoicing form.

Lease and Payment Entry

Lease and Payment entry should be easy, with TURBO-Lease it is. One screen is used to enter all information related to a lease. From this same screen you can view the payment history, the payment schedule, the payments due, add assets and even calculate a payoff. All payments received are also entered into one screen. Simply select which payment is to be paid with a click of the mouse. The system can handle many payments types. For example, monthly payments, advance payments, residual payments, security deposit payments, charge payments and even non cash payments. With TURBO-Lease, the entry of leases and payments are easy.

Organized Collections

TURBO-Lease has a collections contact manager. Simply specify an aging category and the system will search through your lease portfolio and identify delinquent leases. The lease number, lease name, contact and phone number are displayed, so you can make the phone call. While you are on the phone with the lessee, there is a place to make notes and all their payment history and lease information is a click away. Other users can view your comments to eliminate duplicate calls and lost notes. Get your collections under control with TURBO-Lease.


Meet your reporting goals. TURBO-Lease provides over 60 standard reports. Send these reports to the screen, paper, or to a file. Each report calculates as it reports. This allows you to print reports using different methods for comparison. All reports can be run for past, present or future. Print reports into the future to forecast. Print reports into the past for historical record. Sequence report data your way. Four fields named by the user can be a basis for reporting sequence. You may use any name by which you need leases grouped, such as; bank, vendor, salesperson, note, equipment type, etc. The above features add reporting flexibility to TURBO-Lease, that no other system offers.


  • Unlimited Lease Capcity: $12,500
  • Pay as you go: $25/lease

Product Overview

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