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A full ERP system designed by Oracle.

About Peoplesoft Enterprise

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management Solutions (FMS) can help you gain visibility into business-critical information, strengthen financial discipline and governance best practices, and realize efficiencies by automating and standardizing key business processes.

CFO Portal

The CFO Portal is a personalized, financial management ýdashboardý that can be deployed on every manager’s desktop. It delivers real-time business insight and allows you to monitor results and key performance metrics, investigate opportunities or unexpected trends, and take action to ensure predictable results. Real-time information, analysis, and alerts are delivered through a secure browser interface.

Features & Benefits

  • Visibility into Enterprise-wide Results: The CFO Portal solution aggregates and organizes data from many different sources, providing a convenient financial management homepage to find the information you need. Data sources may include enterprise applications from PeopleSoft and other vendors, legacy systems, and external content such as subscriber services or market feeds.
  • Performance Insight for Agile Decision Making and Quick Action: With the CFO Portal, reports and business analyses are automatically generated and presented directly to you. Now you can spend your time reviewing performance instead of manually pulling together results and analysis.
  • Gateway to All Your Financial Management Applications: The CFO Portal solution integrates business processes so that you can view top-line strategic indicators and then drill into your transaction and analytic systems–like PeopleSoft General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, or Business Planning and Budgeting–to take action.


PeopleSoft eSettlements, a global electronic invoice presentation and payment (EIPP) solution, enables you to optimize the settlement process with electronic invoices and payments, matching, online approval and dispute resolution, and email notifications. You can streamline invoice processing and dispute resolution and take advantage of early payment discounts. In addition, by extending self-service and collaborative tools to your suppliers, you improve relations with them as well as reduce the number of disruptive inquiries.

Features & Benefits

  • Electronic Settlement Process: Reduce the time and effort to receive, approve, and pay invoices using automated, best-practice invoice and payment processes.
  • Rapid Approval and Dispute Resolution: Enable your suppliers to settle collection issues quickly with online tracking and dispute resolution.
  • Flexible Business and Global Structure: PeopleSoft eSettlements provides a flexible and collaborative environment for buyers and suppliers to access consistent information for managing the settlement process.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Leverage the value of your fixed asset inventory and minimize the cost of tracking physical assets. Use a flexible system that extends beyond adding, transferring, depreciating, and retiring. PeopleSoft Asset Management offers a fresh approach by delivering maximum financial control and system flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive financial and tax solutions: Ensure compliance with changing tax and accounting requirements.
  • Flexible depreciation: Set up and maintain an unlimited number of depreciation methods for each asset. Use the most advantageous depreciation method for your organization.
  • Sophisticated multi-currency processing: Value assets by using an unlimited number of currencies. Post realized and unrealized currency gains or losses to the general ledger.
  • Unsurpassed asset control: Store extensive physical asset information to maintain tight control over your assets throughout their life cycle.
  • Powerful asset, adjustment, and transfer functionality: Simplify asset entry and adjustment tasks with automated functionality and intuitive data entry pages.
  • Capital acquisition planning: Plan, budget, and track capital acquisitions. Establish capital appropriation plans, including a master plan, and manage them to asset acquisitions.
  • Insurance, licensing, and regulation management: Retain, analyze, and manage comprehensive coverage and location information of your assets as well as costs and insurance claims.
  • Extensive asset inventory tools: Reconcile inventory data collected from inventory collection instruments, including hand-held devices and discovery tools.

General Ledger

General Ledger delivers an extensive financial management solution that goes beyond traditional ledger functions.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible accounting structure: Define how you want to capture and access your financial information based on your unique requirements. Go beyond traditional accounting information to include actuals, budgets, statistics, and forecasts to support the demands of your organization’s financial reporting. Global organizations can use multiple generally accepted accounting principles (GAAPs) with the same accounting system.
  • Comprehensive journal processing: Collect and control data efficiently. Import high-volume journals from spreadsheets. Create templates for recurring transactions. Record transactions within business units and between multiple independent business units. Accept accounting entries from other PeopleSoft applications. Summarize accounting data from PeopleSoft or third-party systems.
  • Hierarchical summarizations: Easily understand your reporting and processing relationships through intuitive, visual hierarchies. When your organization changes, simply update the trees and changes are dynamically reflected throughout the system.
  • Intuitive inquiry and reporting: Use standard accounting and control reports as well as easy-to-use tools that enable you to create any type of financial or management inquiry or report. Click through products or compare information between ledgers. Use reconciliation reports to review information that has been recorded and posted from other applications such as PeopleSoft Receivables, Billing, Payables, Purchasing, and Expenses.
  • Dynamic allocations: Automate allocating any type of information in your financial accounting system. Create rules to distribute amounts while maintaining database integrity and producing a complete audit trail.
  • Comprehensive consolidations: Consolidate and report the financial results of any number of related legal entities or operating units.
  • Sophisticated multi-currency functionality: Satisfy the most demanding global financial requirements.
  • Commitment control: Manage commitments and expenditures automatically by checking them against predefined, authorized budgets.

Internal Controls Enforcer

PeopleSoft Enterprise Internal Controls Enforcer is designed to automate and enforce internal controls required under Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley. Using next-generation monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, you can reduce the cost of complying with the new regulations and the risk of unforeseen changes in internal controls. PeopleSoft Enterprise Internal Controls Enforcer will work in conjunction with other PeopleSoft corporate governance solutions to make the entire compliance process repeatable and auditable, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Streamline documentation with process automation and a single document repository.
  • Easily map your organizational structures using a data model designed to support the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework.
  • Address long-term compliance monitoring with diagnostic capabilities for testing and continuously monitoring controls within PeopleSoft transaction systems.
  • Drive accountability deeper throughout the organization with real-time visibility into the performance of internal controls.


PeopleSoft Enterprise Payables is a business software application that enables you to efficiently manage disbursements while keeping strong controls over matching, approval processes, and payments.

Features & Benefits

  • Streamlined processing: From invoice to payment, Payables gives you the business software tools to easily manage transaction processing and maintain vendor relationships.
  • Extensive vendor maintenance: Payables tracks information vital to vendor management, so you can maintain control over your cash flow and promote good vendor relations.
  • Powerful inquiry and analytical capabilities: Payables delivers all of the business software reporting tools you need to achieve extensive visibility into performance and make informed decisions.
  • Flexible, user-defined system setup: Customize Payables to meet your unique business processes.

Planning & Budgeting

Today, with ever changing market conditions and the increasing velocity of business, budget preparers are under pressure to ensure that strategic plans and operational budgets remain aligned. Yet historically, the planning and budgeting process has been a highly iterative and resource-intensive effort that often yields results that are obsolete as soon as they are published.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated End-to-End Solution
  • Flexible Model Design
  • Flexible and Robust Formula Methodologies
  • Collaborative, Role-Based Process
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Dynamic Reporting and Analysis


Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Purchasing is the application for professional buyers that streamlines purchase order processing while strengthening policy compliance. PeopleSoft Purchasing enables customers to automate core transaction processing, manage policy exceptions, and electronically transact with suppliers. Freeing staff for high-value activities with complete procure-to-pay automation is essential to streamlining procurement processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Execute touchless buying with sourcing rules
  • Speed receiving and settlement with procure-to-pay integration
  • Centralize supplier information with vendor master, item master, and item/supplier relationships
  • Expand contract utilization with shareable agreements
  • Achieve and document global savings using flexible procurement models
  • Drive compliance with consistent, enterprise-wide policy enforcement


Receivables is often the largest asset on a company’s balance sheet and critical to its financial health. While extending credit to your customers helps boost sales, it also increases your cost of working capital and financial risk, especially in challenging economic times. PeopleSoft Receivables enables you to streamline your accounts receivable processes to accelerate collections, reduce credit risk, resolve exceptions quickly, and ultimately decrease your cost of working capital.

Features & Benefits

  • Credit and Collection Management: By integrating credit and collection management into the receivables process, PeopleSoft Receivables allows you to manage customer account balances consistently and automatically.
  • Deduction and Exception Processing: Handle exceptions quickly and cost effectively using deduction and dispute management.
  • Streamlined Processing: Increase efficiency by automating and streamlining transaction processing.
  • Global and Industry Support: Easily manage global transactions and international accounting requirements.

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