Oracle PeopleSoft

A full ERP system designed by Oracle.

Product Overview

Oracle PeopleSoft is an integrated suite of applications designed for complex enterprise requirements. The main products are: Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Campus Solutions, and PeopleTools. Together, these tools enable efficient management of human resources, financial processes, and supply chain operations.

Each product offers a different focus. For instance, the performance management tools support goal setting, performance tracking, and succession planning. The HCM includes HR reporting and analytics.

Oracle has officially extended support for PeopleSoft products until 2034.


  • Oracle regularly extends support
  • New features regularly released


  • Support could end after 2034
  • Pricing information unavailable from the developer

Target Market

Large enterprises and organizations that require a comprehensive suite of applications to manage various aspects of their operations, such as HR, finances, and supply chain. It is particularly suited for organizations requiring a high degree of customization and complex reporting capabilities.

About Oracle PeopleSoft

Features and Benefits

  • CFO Portal: This financial management dashboard provides real-time business insights on a manager’s desktop. It facilitates monitoring of results and key metrics, enabling prompt action and trend analysis through a secure browser interface. It consolidates data from multiple sources for comprehensive financial oversight.
  • eSettlements: A global electronic invoice presentation and payment solution, eSettlements streamlines the settlement process. It features electronic invoicing and payments, online approval, dispute resolution, and automated invoice processing, enhancing efficiency and supplier relations.
  • Fixed Asset Accounting: Offers extensive control over fixed asset inventory. The system is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of assets, providing financial compliance, flexible depreciation methods, multi-currency processing, and comprehensive asset control.
  • General Ledger: This solution exceeds traditional ledger functions, offering flexible accounting structures, comprehensive journal processing, and intuitive reporting. It supports global financial requirements with sophisticated multi-currency functionality and budget management.
  • Internal Controls Enforcer: Designed to automate and enforce internal controls, this tool helps comply with regulatory requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley. It features process automation, a single document repository, and diagnostic capabilities for continuous monitoring.
  • Payables: This application manages disbursements with strong controls over processes and payments. Features include streamlined transaction processing, vendor management, analytical capabilities, and customizable system setup.
  • Planning and Budgeting: Addresses the challenges of aligning strategic plans with operational budgets. It offers an integrated solution with flexible model design, collaborative processes, and dynamic reporting.
  • Purchasing: Streamlines purchase order processing and enforces policy compliance. It automates procurement processes, manages supplier information, and documents savings with flexible procurement models.
  • Receivables: Optimizes accounts receivable processes to accelerate collections and reduce financial risk. Features include integrated credit and collection management, deduction and exception processing, and support for global transactions.

Product Overview

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